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In DOOM, you play one of four off-duty soldiers suddenly thrown into the middle of an interdimensional war! Stationed at a scientific research facility, your days are filled with tedium and paperwork. Today is a bit different. Wave after wave of demonic creatures are spreading through the base, killing or possessing everyone in sight. As you stand knee-deep in the dead, your duty seems clear-you must eradicate the enemy and find out where they're coming from. When you find out the
truth, your sense of reality may be shattered!

The game takes up to four players through a futuristic world, where they may cooperate or compete to beat the invading creatures. It boasts a much more active environment than Id's previous effort, Wolfenstein 3-D, while retaining the pulse-pounding action and excitement. DOOM features a fantastic fully texture-mapped environment, a host of technical tour de forces to surprise the eyes, multiple player option, and smooth gameplay on any 386 or better.

Id has added the ability to have animated messages on the walls, information terminals, access stations, and more. The environment can act on you, and you can act on the environment. If you shoot the walls, they get damaged, and stay damaged. Not only does this add realism, but provides a crude method for marking your path, like violent bread crumbs.

Another touch adding realism is light diminishing. With distance, your surroundings become enshrouded in darkness. This makes areas seem huge and intensifies the experience. Light sourcing allows lamps and lights to illuminate hallways, explosions to light up areas, and strobe lights to briefly reveal things near them. These two features will make the game frighteningly real.

Wolfenstein's walls were always at ninety degrees to each other, and were always eight feet thick. DOOM's walls can be at any angle, and be of any thickness. Walls can have see-through areas, change shape, and animate. This allows more natural construction of levels. If you can draw it on paper, you can see it in the game. Floors and ceilings can also be of any height, allowing for stairs, poles, altars, plus low hallways and high caves, allowing a great variety for rooms and halls.

DOOM not only achieves smooth, seamless gameplay with a high framerate and smooth control on the user end, but with the addition of outdoor areas. In DOOM, you can go in and out of buildings, look into other rooms through windows, and even traverse the entire overworld on foot or via monorail through an advanced, never-before seen hub system!

John Carmack, Id's Technical Director, is very excited about DOOM: Wolfenstein is primitive compared to DOOM. We're doing DOOM the right way this time. I've had some very good insights and optimizations that will make the DOOM engine perform at a great frame rate. The game runs fine on a 386sx, and on a 486/33, we're talking 35 frames per second, fully texture-mapped at normal detail, for a large area of the screen. That's the fastest texture-mapping around-period.

Texture mapping, for those not following the game magazines, is a technique that allows the program to place fully-drawn art on the walls of a 3-D maze. Combined with other techniques, texture mapping looked realistic enough in Wolfenstein 3-D that people wrote Id complaining of motion sickness. In DOOM, the environment is going to look even more realistic. Please make the necessary preparations.

The first episode of DOOM will be shareware. When you register, you'll receive the next five episodes, which feature a journey into another dimension, filled to its hellish horizon with fire and flesh. Wage war against the infernal onslaught with machine guns, missile launchers, and mysterious supernatural weapons. Decide the fate of two universes as you battle to survive! Succeed and you will be humanity's heroes; fail and you will spell its doom.

Our Team:

Hugo Farias: Programming, Mapping, Graphics, Project Director
Jeffrey Shark: Style direction, Quality Control, Mapping
Job: Mapping
Daniel Langegger: Mapping
Captain Toenail: Mapping
Fernito: Mapping
Pottus: Mapping
Leo Hendricks: Music

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Hello everybody!

Bringing to you a new project!

Doom: Evil Unleashed

This is a big project, so we are in searching of anyone who could help us.
Most important now are mappers, and artists, this is due to the high scale of the project.
If you want to help, just send me a PM.

Or if you want more detalis visit the forum thread:

The project is not mine, i receive permission from the author to post it here.

Current workers:

  • Hugo Farias (Planning, design direction, mapping, DECORATE coding, ACS scripting, spriting, GFX. )
  • Jeffrey Shark (Map quality control, style supervision, mapping)
  • Daniel Langegger (Mapping)
  • Leo Hendricks (Music)
  • Job (Mapping)
  • Captain Toenail (Mapping)
  • Fernito (Mapping)
  • Pottus (Mapping)

Hope you could help us, please leave a comment!


Attention this is a complete correct list of the levels that will be in episode one.

Episode 1 : "Evil Unleashed" or "All Hell Breaks Loose"

  • - U1M1: Hangar 2
  • - U1M2: Supply Depot 2
  • - U1M3: Waste Processing
  • - U1M4: Officers' Quarters
  • - U1M5: Communications Tower
  • - U1M6: Recreation and Training Facilities
  • - U1M7: Enlisted Quarters
  • - U1M8: Power Plant
  • - U1M9: Laboratory
  • - U1M10: Observatory (Secret level)
  • - U1M11: Supply Depot 1\Hangar 1
  • - U1M12: Anomaly
  • - U1M13: Control Center


Also known as: This mod isn't dead(yet)!


  • Bayonet: A knife attached to the end of the Assault Rifle for use in melee combat. Damage varies depending on player character.
  • Chainsaw: Classic, rapid-firing melee weapon from Doom.
  • Assault Rifle: The assault rifle is the default weapon the player starts with. Deals damage similar to the pistol, however it's firing speed and accuracy depend on the player character.
  • Shotgun: Traditional Doom weapon. Accuracy depends on player character.
  • Super Shotgun: Secret weapon of episode 1. There are only 2 of these hidden on the entire episode. Firing speed depends on player character.
  • Machinegun: Rapid hitscan weapon. Accuracy depends on player character.
  • Rocket Launcher: Three-barreled version of the normal Rocket Launcher. Reloading speed depends on player character.


Modified powerups from doom:

  • Invulnerability Flask: Makes the player inmune to all damage and tints the screen with a bright blue colormap. Lasts for 30 seconds.
  • Shadow Cloak: Makes the player invisible and tints the screen with an inverse monochrome colormap. Lasts for 60 seconds.
  • Berserk Pack: Causes the Bayonet to deal deal ten times more damage than usual, makes the player run twice as fast and gives regeneration abilities for 60 seconds.

New powerups (From the doom bible):

  • Chaos Field Generator: Causes monsters within a radius of 256 map units to start infighting and mostly ignore the player. Monsters within the area of effect do not become friendly; the player simply becomes their least concern. Lasts for 45 seconds.
  • Vampiric Jar: Causes the Bayonet and Chainsaw to drain life from enemies, recovering the player with half of the damage inflicted. Lasts for 45 seconds. Deatmatch-only powerup.
  • Infrared Scanner: Causes the automap to display all the enemies, and items. A Computer Area Map is required for it to have effect. Lasts for 60 seconds.

Playable Characters:

  • Lorelei Chen:
    1. Best weapon: Assault Rifle, Machinegun.
    2. Advantages: Has a faster running speed than the average. Her weapons of choice have their accuracy greatly improved, and remain extremely accurate regardless of distance.
    3. Disadvantages: She has only 90 hit points and is unable to run once her health has dropped below 20.
  • John "Petro" Pietrovich:
    1. Best weapon: Shotgun, Super Shotgun.
    2. Advantages: When he fires the Shotgun, there is no vertical spread (like in traditional Doom). Also, the Super Shotgun fires one barrel at a time, greatly improving its fire-rate.
    3. Disadvantages: He is not used to the Rocket Launcher, making it take a longer reload time. It also pushes him back.
  • Dimitri Paramo:
    1. Best weapon: Rocket Launcher.
    2. Advantages: He has 120 hit points, opposed to the usual 100. Also, some weapons have an extra effect when firing, like the Rocket Launcher firing homing rockets.
    3. Disadvantages: He is the slowest of all Player characters, and also has a wider radio. This makes it really hard for him to dodge attacks.
  • Thi Barrett:
    1. Best weapons: Bayonet.
    2. Advantages: Her bayonet deals about five times as much damage as the others. She is also the fastest player character, and has a thinner radio. This makes it easy for her to dodge enemy attacks.
    3. Disadvantages: She has only 80 Hit Points.

IF you want to help, don't doubt about commenting or sending us a message

UPDATE: Building Character

We're pleased to announce that... some good news are coming. Some of you may already know, as it accidentally slipped through. You can expect us to make a lot of announcements in the (really, really) near future *wink*

Stay Tuned!

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Cygnis from guncaster (DOOM)

Cygnis from guncaster (DOOM)

Players Skin 2 comments

you can play as an anthropomorphic dragon (more specifically the one from guncaster)

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Project looks nice, stil alive?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

No. It's basically dead. They haven't posted any updates since like 2012.

Check out "DOOM: The Tei-Tenga Incident" if you want to see something similar. It's been really slow, but the first episode just got finished/patched.

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Whoa Are You Reviving The Beta Build Of Doom

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Wow, wasn't expecting this to come back from the dead.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.


If it's dead, no one knows. If it's dead, there's The Tei-Tenga incident. If it's dead, Tei-Tenga Incident has no rival. If it's alive, may the best mod win.

(I'm rooting for Tei-Tenga)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

Checking the ZDoom thread and the Tumbler FAQ, it seems like it's not dead, but it also seems like there won't be any significant news for a long time. The last mildly informative post on the ZDoom thread by the dev was almost a year ago, and the FAQ says that this is currently a two man team. It also seems like after all these years there may only be a map or two done, as the FAQ states they'd release a demo when they have three playable maps. As of this typing, there is no demo. The overall status of Doom: Evil Unleashed looks bleak, but it hasn't officially been killed yet, so...that's something, I guess.

My best guess is that this never gets finished. The staff seems too small and uninterested, which happens sometimes with huge mod projects. The whole thing has a "done when it's done" mentality, and projects like that can just languish in development hell. Duke Nukem Forever always said it'd be "done when it's done" and look how long that took. The end product didn't turn out so good either, to say the least.

The Tei-Tenga Incident, however, still gets supported and it seems like the one Doom Bible project that will actually be finished. Hell, you can actually play the latest beta right now, which dropped back in December, and an update for it is already in the works!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

As someone who is also working on a doom bible mod, i am looking forward to seeing the doom eu teams take on this...... whenever they get anything out.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Lancer1408 Creator

Still not kill!

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