A single-player modification of Star Wars Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast. With gratitude to the OpenJK mod developers and the JKO & JKA communities, this effort on my behalf would not of been possible. The mod is an attempt at refining the already exceptional JEDI SIMULATOR created by the talented people (at the time of making) of Raven Software. I hope with the added 'immersive' additions implemented, that you enjoy this mod as much as I had in making it!

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This mod includes contributions from the Open Jedi Project (OJP), JKEnhanced Team (JKET), SerenitySabersystems SDK (SSsSDK), some DECENT members of the JKHub.org community and last but not least and most importantly.. The OpenJK (OJK) creators/maintainers group. A list of code edits that I've ported and enhanced upon are as follows:

  • AJL's SFX Lightsabers and assets (OJP, JKET, JR)
  • Camera Menu (therfiles, JR)
  • Force Fall (OJP, Serenity937, JR)
  • Force Repulse (SaberBlade83, JR)
  • Force Stasis (JKET, JR)
  • Force Lightning Block (SSsSDK, JR)
  • Force Push/Knockdown sentry turrets (JKET)
  • Lightsaber resistant Cortosis armour (MGummelt, JR)
  • Trueview (OJP, JKET, JR)
  • Overall engine enhancements/bug fixes (OJK, JR)

I've also coded in these additions:

  • Ataru acrobatics unlocked by force progression in jump/levitation (Lightsaber equipped only)
  • Blocking button that when used in tandem with use force, allows secondary force powers
  • Corpse removal time from Academy
  • Force Focus power that enables 'Bullet-time', without a 360 degree camera pan
  • Force Heal rank 3, will now instantly recover health equal to the amount of force you've got
  • In-game player model/skin change menu
  • Cortosis/Shadow armour outfit
  • Darkside outfit (Kualan, JR)
  • Flight outfit
  • Mercenary outfit (Infinity Blade, JR)
  • Stormtrooper armour outfit (DT85, JR)
  • T.I.E Pilot outfit
  • Unlimited Force via cvar
  • Whilst holding down the block button with Lightsaber drawn, will drop into an defensive guard stance

Along side these edits are the menu aesthetics and expanded option menus:

  • Custom resolutions (Native support)
  • Adjusting movement speeds
  • Setting severity of model dismemberment
  • An NPC spawner
  • Lightsaber colour chooser
  • A crystal which allows unlimited force
  • Powers menu where you can customize you're force power ranks
  • A Sith Holocron that grants some cheat codes i.e, undying, setforceall, a Lightsaber and level selection screen (To access them, you'll have to explore the Holocron).

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Will this mod ever be released

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I know there were some... problems during development a few months back, and that seemingly caused a major setback.

I was just wondering if the mod is still going to come out some day. I understand that it's not easy to develop something like this, but... well, I would hate to see this mod die during development, just like many other promising mods :^(

Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes

Any info on when a release could happen, if intended?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

If this comes out I'm gonna go replay JKII

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Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Not dead at all!

The author has been actively answering people's queries only a couple of months ago.

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Just FYI, Reshade just got a massive update to 4.0

They haven't optimized for OpenGL just yet, but it won't be long until you have a multitude of more graphical options should you so choose to use them. (Plus they say the shaders work much faster, so Reshade lag could be a thing of the past. :) )

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JediRedemption Creator

Amended shaders for the new ReShade update, some effects like the reflectivebumpmapping.fx aren't as good as before but, at least its looking good again.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

That sounds like good news! ;)

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please do not let the difficulties upset you and your vision. There are many of us who believe firmly that you are going to deliver a wonderful modification for what I and many others believe to be the best Star Wars game ever made.

Keep up the great work!

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