Welcome to Star Trek Total Conversation For Freespace 2 Open. With no new Star Trek game likely to be released any time soon it was decided to save the community it needed a new game so STC was born. STC will be a totally free game using the FS2_Open engine to power the game. This game is being made by fans of Star Trek who want to release a quality game, unlike some of the of the Star Trek game in the past which sole purpose was to make money and have been a let down to the community. We understand companies need to make money, but we don’t believe that using the word Star Trek in the game name is an excuse to produce a game which if it was not for Star Trek fan would never sell.

We hope to release a demo by Easter (but no promises) and the full game before summer

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Closing The Project Down.


Star Trek Totally Conversion - AKA Hostile Borders will be coming to an end.

When we started this project we said we would not release anything if we where not pleased and happy with the results.

The problem we are facing was that anything larger than a defiant or bird of prey just did not fly right when controlled by the AI (the way it flew did not factor any other weapons except front and rear ones). Dug and Mike have spent countless hours trying to alter the source code to fix this, but to no avail. They are now both in the 3rd year of university and need to concentrate on their final project. So with no one to take over from them (even if we had would be a long shot that AI problem could be fixed).

This project has not been a complete loss; we all learnt a lot about freespace 2 open source engine and had some great game flying defiant and birds of prey.

Further more few of us are talking about making a another game and using what we learnt from this project.

I would like to take the chance to thank everyone who helped and supported us.


New Ship Added To The Game


New Ships Added A total of 9 ships have been added to the game so far, though their settings are yet to be finalised. Federation Shuttle Bird Of Prey...

Latest News From Hostile Borders

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Some Good News and Bad News After long debate we have finally chosen a name that all the team agree on, the STC project game will be called Hostile Borders...

Demo Delayed


We have decided to put but the demo until April, unfortunately the person who was going to be one of our leader programmers has been transferred to another...

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power543 - - 136 comments

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Ktistai228 - - 9 comments

Did you check BP:WIH's capital ship battles. I mean that small thingy where you Fly a capship? Why don't you try building on that? And just making the AI on the other ships fly like normal capships?

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GregoreSamsa - - 4 comments

at last some mode for trek fans. but is it realy dead?

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Mobius89 - - 438 comments

The project is on hold, it's not dead.

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Nathanius - - 2,305 comments

Is there a way they can simply add in the existing ships? I'm sure as an add in to Freespace 2 what's been done would still be wildly appreciated.

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Marcovbbb - - 3 comments

Put in the Narada from Star Trek XI. It would dwarf even the Sathanas...10 kilometers long...

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tnathan475 - - 395 comments

Always wanted to see a startrek fs2 mod, hope that someday ill see one!

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Mircea85 - - 13 comments

Dead? Ihope not!!!

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Chetech - - 223 comments

Damn it this mod is Dead!

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