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Legacy OEM+ 1.0 notes

What you get with this mod-

-all ships are balanced, based on their price
-all unused hardpoints on the ship models have been exposed, and fully utilized.
-all ships will play much differently; most will have completely new armaments.
-the pace of the gameplay and weapon physics, speed, and size are all greatly changed and improved
-many stock unused weapons sprites now used, along with sprites from TEM 1.0
-freecam, save, all mission select, and a new skirmish menu with custom prices specially tailored for this mod
-Fully functional campaign with many different ships in different places and no money lost in ship trade-ins
-no shield bleed, all ships last longer in combat, most config file values changed
-the best ship vs ship gameplay experience available

go ahead and see for yourself!

Legacy OEM+ 2.0 notes

What you get with this mod-

-all the features of the original release with bug fixes, improved balance, improved weapon physics, and an improved skirmish environment.

The big new feature is the "new races", that will be quite familiar to you. i have effectively added sub eras to the game,
an early and late era to the 23nd and 24rd century. so basically you can choose the "tos" era, "tmp" era, "pre tng" era and "tng/ds9/voy" era.
it works like this, in addition to fed, kling, rom and borg races, there are now also
fed-early, fed-late, kling-early, kling-late, rom-early, rom-late which allows you to play much more specific selections of ships.
this helps unclutter some races and gave me room to make more refits of things like birds of prey, mirandas, etc...
there was no real reason to divide up the ent era ships, or the borg so don't look for early or late ent era ships or borg.

exclusive for the tos era, i have made all of turell's subverted klingon ships playable with there own race and everything.
that race will be empty in the ent and tng era because turell didn't have here own personal navy back then and she had moved on to authentic borg
ships in the latter years. that was a pain in the ass to set up, most of those ships had completely different hardpoints from their klingon counterparts,
alot of which had no rear facing hardpoints! i didn't let that stop me though, rest ushered those ships have all their bases covered.

i also did allot of other tweaking like with the weapon files too, like all the beam weapons have been shrunk down quite a bit.
on the shows, especially enterprise, beam were really narrow and i have adjusted things accordingly. also the speed of pulse shots has been made
more uniform, through the eras some pulses slowed down instead of speeding up. im just talking about the movement speed, not firing rate.
and the most noticeable tweak has got to be the movement speed of the torps. they move more than twice as fast now and it fits the speed of
battles in my mod much better than before. and of course i couldn't help myself, i had to re-examine some ship balance. i found and corrected several
"outdated" ship stats, mostly with the borg, so now the balance is better than ever.


This mod has been tested on an unpatched clean install and is not compatible with other mods. its not an add-on to the original legacy OEM +,
its a full standalone version. it will need its own install. if you already have a legacy OEM + install on your computer,
you should be able to install this update over it. if you encounter a problem, delete that install and put this on a fresh install.

what you can add to this mod- any retexture, some custom ships I provided odf files for is a separate folder, you could patch it if you want,
but patch the install before putting this mod on it


Special thanks to cungi for the tmp constitution,
yopyop for his centaur, excelsior, Lakota, and Miranda retextures,
ganondorf2002 for his tng constitution
Trickster for the components of the community mod i'm using
gal for the skirmish menu
P$ycho for some weapon sprites
Cmdr. Lawrence for the nx refit textures
Miri's HOT!!! for the explosions
Cungi for creating those new races and tjoz for making an excellent new race select "drop down"

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RSS Articles

the return of OEM+, version 2.5 coming soon! since the last release long ago i have been working on and off on its
successor. the style of the combat in the last version was merely what
was easy to set up and balance before. now i have reinvented the mod to
show off an as cannon as possible experience and feel to the game play.
soon i will be uploading a bunch of vids to show off the progress. more
news and pics coming soon!

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Star Trek: Legacy OEM+

Star Trek: Legacy OEM+

Full Version

This is an enhancement of the vanilla game. Changes include rebalanced ships, added armaments, game pace increase, physics enhancements and more.

Legacy OEM+2.0 compressed file

Full Version

******************** Nickname: DontDrunkImShoot/Fangoriously Email: tomfangoriouslyATgmailDOTcom Main page: ******************** ...

OEM+2.0 executable installer

Full Version

******************** Nickname: DontDrunkImShoot/Fangoriously Email: tomfangoriouslyATgmailDOTcom Main page: ******************** ...

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