Pack of brand new textures, grass, models and effects in high resolution for Call of Pripyat and Call of Chernobyl based mods

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Exclusive monthly report of what was not made! In this Episode...

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Hello again and welcome in another show of "Not really that interesting rambling about mod with no real informations worth reading, But I have 10min to spare to write that!"

In this episode:

"Literally nothing useful to read... and also mod is suspended for next month or two"

So... I did some math, I did even some playing! Yes, its actually big deal because I will be honest with you all, I didnt actually played Stalker for long time and my testing of mod for previous versions was for most of time litearlly just 1-3 minutes in demo mode flying around in light speed checking just textures that I was doing in that time...

And overall I found out that:

  • I need to remake almost 30% of bumpmaps that where already made, because they are ugly as F and on one told me about it.
  • I still need to remake almost 100 textures(its actually less, but creating bumpmap is actually 2x more work than making diffuse texture so I always count them separately).
  • I need to replace about 20 already made diffuse textures, because they are used in big models in some places and they are blurred and ugly even at 2048x1024px res.
  • I had to dump remaking decal textures because Stalker butcher them with DXT1 and massive stretching that show up if you replace it with something more detailed than default 256x256 or even 128x128px textures....
  • "Tiny Little" version have lots of bugs that occur when you use DX9 and I need to check again all THM files and replace some detail textures info/file links to fix it.
  • I cant find HALF of "working files" for textures(Gimp and Clip Studio Pain files). Most of them where made when mod was still separated as smaller mods for CoC. Its big deal because I work in chaotic way with this mod, and sometimes in one BIG(even 1.5GB) Gimp files I had two/three 4096px textures versions that now I would like to use...

I know, its not much compared to other mods problem, its really dumb things that can be done without much hassle, but I just cant force my self to sit on my ass and do it. Also to make it more annoying, currently Im doing small project for mobile phone game where I need to make bunch of prop models for maps(sample) and I need to scratch my head how to keep it simple and complex in the same time(cant use lots of polys and textures...). And this just limit my free time that I more or less, schedule for Stalker Two-K.

If not counting vehicles and trains Im actually almost finished this mod, but as I said I need really fix some bumpmaps and repalce some textures because they look crappy in game and no one told me about it... So im again half of the way to the end...

And because of that game models project that I need to finish, I need to make another break from Stalker Two-K that can be even long as month or two. Sadly paid projects are priority for me, even if I get less than 50 buck for it -_-

To cheer you up because of that sad sad... sad.... sad news, here is STALKER IN GLORIOUS FULL-MEGA-ULTRA-GIGA HD QUALITY!!!

(It was actually project for April 1st where I had in mind creating pixelated 8-bit version of CoC with MIDI sounds, some music from NES games and blocky models. Sadly I had to ditch that idea becase it was too much work with creating sounds and models)



Sad, too much work. Thanks for ur hard work on CoC. Guess its time to move on to another game!

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Even if CoC always crashes out of memory eventually I still insist on using this mod pack. It is exquisite.

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