It's a multiplayer mod based on the Stargate universe.
It features

  • Objective maps, in which you can play as Tau'ri or Goa'uld. You can also flight spaceships, and use other vehicles.
  • Jaffa in Icedet Chulak map the stargate
  • Cooperative maps, you play the tau'ris against the replicators.
  • Asguard ship. Asgard ship Asgard
  • Capture-the-something maps, like the tockra map,in which you've to capture a dozen of crystals and bring them back to your base. Goauld VS Tau'ris.
  • Tockra map Tockra Tockra

  • Spacebattle maps, you've to shoot other ships, and you can flight little fighters, or the huge motherships, like the x303, the hatak, or the daedalus.
  • x302 Antartica daedalus

By playing online, you earn points,and level up. There are 3 level per class, and each level provides new weapons and/or abilities.
Humans can play as light infantry, heavy gunner, medic or sniper.
Goa'uld can play as Snake, Horus, or Anubis guards.
Each class has different abilities and/or weapons.
The maps already done are : Chulak, P3x-548, Tockra,Antartica,Icedet, Asgard, Abydos... More to come !

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Special Unit Release

News 6 comments

Hello everyone !

After an excruciating week lond big-crunch, here comes Special Unit for Unreal Tournament 2004 !
It's a multiplayer game in the Stargate universe.

You can download the Windows installer HERE.
Or the Zip archive HERE.

You'll need Unreal Tournament 2004 and its latest patch (v3369) to play this mod.

I would like to thank everyone who supported us during our great adventure : the most patient fans ever, the guys from, the modDb website, the team from Unreal-Fantasy, the friends from former website PMods, and the families of the team who had to cope with no-lifes during the long hours of work !

Screenshot of the new Intro Abydos
Credits :
Darkigo, XoD, Horse, DarkFabius, GeorgeH, Gunman Youri, Anubis, Barballs, Missilemaster, Max&Asmyrdhen, Drakeslayer, Delva, Stepotronic, Geniuz, Fac32, Ganmesh, Yaboo, Nemesis, Blackhound, Radian, Ziboo, Angelus, Eddy, Blacksmurf et yAMATO.

You can find the list of the features in this news.
The trailer is available here.

SGC MAP Asguard ship.

I hope you'll enjoy Special Unit, and that we'll meet on a server soon !
Feel free to write down comments and ideas on our boards!

See you on the other side !


Special Unit Release Trailer

Special Unit Release Trailer

News 5 comments

The final trailer for Special Unit, a UT2004 mod in the Stargate universe. The mod will be available on January 13th, 2013.

Special Unit : Release date !

Special Unit : Release date !

News 6 comments

Special Unit is a mod for UT2004 in the Stargate universe. In this news, the release date and the full list of the mod features. Including a list of the...

Special Unit - New content !

Special Unit - New content !

News 14 comments

A new trailer showing two new levels, an incredibly long list of bugs that have been fixed and some new footage!

Special Unit, new stuff !

Special Unit, new stuff !

News 8 comments

Stargate fans, here are news from Special Unit ! Including a video showing a battle between the X303 and the Hatak ! See what has been done on the mod...

RSS Files
Special Uniy Release (Zip)

Special Uniy Release (Zip)

Full Version 5 comments

Special Unit is a total conversion for Unreal Tournament 2004 in the Stargate universe. This is the .zip file containing the whole mod. You will need...

Special Uniy Release (Exe)

Special Uniy Release (Exe)

Full Version 1 comment

Special Unit is a total conversion for Unreal Tournament 2004 in the Stargate universe. This is the .exe file containing an installer for the whole mod...

Watch the new effects of the Zat'nik'tel !

Watch the new effects of the Zat'nik'tel !


Watch how works our new Zat'nik'tel during a battle on P3x-548 ! You can also watch it on Youtube in poor quality :

New effects on the stargate Vortex

New effects on the stargate Vortex

Movie 1 comment

Watch the new ripples on the stargate when you shoot at it, or when you cross it ! Just like in the tv show ! It looks very nice ! (thanks to Missilemaster...

The new Intro of the mod !

The new Intro of the mod !

Movie 3 comments

The new intro of the mod,with tons of particles effects and stuff. Thanks to Kaji ! Looking really good. Watch it on youtube here :

Special Unit Second trailer : Action !

Special Unit Second trailer : Action !

Movie 2 comments

The second trailer for the Stargate Special Unit mod ! Action, battles, space battles, gunfights, and more !

Comments  (0 - 10 of 441)
Blade_Sword - - 615 comments

Je sais que ce commentaire a peu de chances d'être lu, mais bon, Je félicite votre équipe d'être arrivé jusqu'au bout de votre projet, beaucoup auraient laissé le mod à l'abandon.

Bravo :)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
endomorphisme Creator
endomorphisme - - 53 comments

Merci c'est sympa, et ça a été bien lu ;)

Reply Good karma+1 vote
Thor110 - - 69 comments

I am very happy this was finally released and was wondering what the developers would think of me using some of the content in an attempt to make maps and or a singleplayer campaign for UT2004.

Outdated I know, but I always saw it as such a shame this pretty much went to waste as I have never played it online with anyone.

Though admittedly I know I would be better off using the new UDK.

Alternatively might be nice to get a group of players together that would be up for some matches :)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Guest - - 692,925 comments

None is ever online :(

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Bigpather12 - - 295 comments

hey awsome few questions their any chance youxc will add ai in future releases?

2.Also are you planing a sgtandalone version of this mod without the need to own unreal tournment 2004?

3.also if you do add bota do you think you swill still be able to level when olaying agaist them?

4also are youplaning on includeing more classes in future releashes?

5.and also maps?

6.Also are ypu planing to add unique vechiles in future releases?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
endomorphisme Creator
endomorphisme - - 53 comments

1.Unless it's a huge demand from players, nothing is planned on the bots AI
2.Unfortunately UT2004 source is not available thus making a standalone of SU very difficult. Only option would be to port it to UDK, but everymap would have to be remade and code rewritten...
3. ??
4.We're open to suggestions if you have good ideas for new classes !
5.Yep, some maps are still being worked on :)
6.Which vehicles would you like ?

Reply Good karma+1 vote
Gylfe - - 236 comments


Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Urban_Chaos_99 - - 2,542 comments

AI bots please :D x100

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
PromiserOfDeath - - 116 comments

I used the ZIP and everytime I start an Instant Acton game it crashes to the Desktop.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
dr.flay - - 106 comments

The fact that an Unreal SG mod has made it to a full release, is a day of joy.
Congratulations on your new baby :D

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