It's a multiplayer mod based on the Stargate universe. It features Objective maps, in which you can play as Tau'ri or Goa'uld. You can also flight spaceships, and use other vehicles. Cooperative maps, you play the tau'ris against the replicators. Capture-the-something maps, like the Tok'ra map,in which you've to capture a dozen of crystals and bring them back to your base. Goauld VS Tau'ris. Spacebattle maps, you've to shoot other ships, and you can flight little fighters, or the huge motherships, like the x303, the hatak, or the daedalus. By playing online, you earn points,and level up. There are 3 level per class, and each level provides new weapons and/or abilities. Humans can play as light infantry, heavy gunner, medic or sniper. Goa'uld can play as Snake, Horus, or Anubis guards. Each class has different abilities and/or weapons. The maps already done are : Chulak, P3x-548, Tockra,Antartica,Icedet, Asgard, Abydos... More to come !

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jokyn007 says

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Nice,But the details are not for any fan like me 9/10


night_chrono says

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I should preface this review by stating that I have only played with bots. Despite multiple attempts to play with other people, the only server online is usually locked and/or empty.

The single biggest problem I have is that the Tau'ri side is incredibly weak. They only carry a very sparse bit of ammo with them, basically a single clip. The only way to get more ammo is to go to ammo boxes at various points on the map. So when I played as Tau'ri I would kill a few Jaffa, and then run out of ammo. Since the options were run a ways back to an ammo box, or die and respawn with ammo I usually opted to die.

This also makes most of the Tau'ri classes useless. They have Light Infantry (P90 and pistol), Combat Medic (MP5, Pistol, and Syringe), Machine Gunner (Machine Gun, and Spas12) and Sniper (Sniper Rifle and pistol).

Because of the EXTREMELY limited ammo, there is no reason to play as anything other than the Machine Gunner simply because he has the most. Not to mention his side arm is a Spas 12 that can 1 hit kill the Jaffa at close range. INFINITELY more useful than a pistol that takes half its ammo to kill a Jaffa.

So either make Tau'ri carry more ammo, or just give them infinite ammo like the Goa'uld. Stargate Resistance gave the Tau'ri infinite ammo, and just had a reloading animation for when the clip was expended and that worked out fine.

The other gigantic problem is the lack of on screen objectives. I really like the large maps, but it tends to make it a bit confusing at times. One map has the Tau'ri going in to destroy some crystal but after 10 minutes of wandering tunnels and getting objective updated notices I had no idea what I was supposed to do. Having a little on screen message with the current objective would be a godsend.




JEmmaB says

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Excellent mod, yet still a little rough around the edges; but with a little polish, it will be EPIC.

Definitely be a must play for any Stargate fan and UT2K4 owner.

Two thumbs up! :)


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