The Flying Wing pack is a collection of Flying Wing Aircraft, the aircrafts in this pack, or going to be in this pack are: The Dreaded B-2 Stealth Bomber The Nazi Experimental Gotha 229 The Large version of the Gotha 229, the Horten 18 The YB-49 The A-12 Each aircraft with their own unique weaponry and features.

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Flying Wing Features


Each aircraft in the Flying Wing Pack has its own unique features, some are faster than others, some carry more firepower, so since we have announced there will be 5 historical Flying Wing aircraft, that is not what will be in the mod in general, there will be more aircraft, maybe not flying wings but Delta Winged Aircraft and even modern day ground and Air vehicles, the mod is named after the Flying Wing Aircraft.
Anyways the features of the confirmed flying wing aircraft:

The B-2 will possess the capabilities of Dropping high explosive bombs as well as launching a Tactical Nuclear missile, it also uses Stealth, unlike that of the Airpower mod, the B-2 can not turn invisible but AVRiLs and other homing based weaponries can not lock onto the aircraft, however due to the size of the aircraft, it's role as a bomber only and slow speed, the B-2 is no match against Fighters.

Gotha 229:
The Gotha 229 is a Flying Wing Fighter, it does not have stealth technology so it can be locked on by homing based weapons, it is fast and carries weak bombs, not good against powernodes, it does not carry any missiles but has 6 .50 Cal chainguns buried in the wings, perfect against bombers but with the lack of missiles, it will not out gun a modern fight like the F-22 Raptor, its low profile body makes it harder for other fighters to hit.

Horten 18:
The Horten 18 is a larger version of the Gotha 229, it carries a secondary gunner that controls an anti aircraft gun on tip of the aircraft to protect the bomber from incoming fighters, it can carry a Nuclear bomb as well as high explosive bombs, this aircraft is the twin of the B-2 in terms of Speed, Weaponry and size but the difference is the Horten 18 does not have Stealth Technology, making it vulnerable to Homing based weapons.

There is not much known about the YB-47, or what weapons it could carry, being an experimental US aircraft, we would assume it would of had Stealth, capability of carrying Nuclear weapons, so we decided this aircraft has neither stealth or nuclear capabilities, its use is a conventional Bomber dropping high explosive bombs.

The A-12 never made it off the drawing board, so there is no idea what this aircraft actually looked like or what it carry, because of its secrecy, we won't give information, if we did, you would find the FBI through your windows within 30 seconds.

Now we are not suppose to say the others but I have a big cold:

F-117 Nighthawk
Vulcan Bomber
SR-17 Blackbird


Hello, there is an approximate date of an exit of this addition?)

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