It's a multiplayer mod based on the Stargate universe. It features Objective maps, in which you can play as Tau'ri or Goa'uld. You can also flight spaceships, and use other vehicles. Cooperative maps, you play the tau'ris against the replicators. Capture-the-something maps, like the Tok'ra map,in which you've to capture a dozen of crystals and bring them back to your base. Goauld VS Tau'ris. Spacebattle maps, you've to shoot other ships, and you can flight little fighters, or the huge motherships, like the x303, the hatak, or the daedalus. By playing online, you earn points,and level up. There are 3 level per class, and each level provides new weapons and/or abilities. Humans can play as light infantry, heavy gunner, medic or sniper. Goa'uld can play as Snake, Horus, or Anubis guards. Each class has different abilities and/or weapons. The maps already done are : Chulak, P3x-548, Tockra,Antartica,Icedet, Asgard, Abydos... More to come !

RSS Special Unit : Release date !

Special Unit is a mod for UT2004 in the Stargate universe. In this news, the release date and the full list of the mod features. Including a list of the maps, weapons and vehicles that will be included in the release.

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Hello everyone !

We're a few days, months, years late, but finally we have a release date !

Alone in a DeathGlider, facing a dozen X302 SU's splashscreen
X303 Down map X303 Down map
Ingame screenshot from Special Unit Ingame screenshot from Special Unit
Abydos map Abydos map
Asgard map SGC MAP

As you know if you've been reading our boards, few major bugs prevented us from releasing the game. Good news is that they have been fixed and now there are no more spawning problems, everybody appears ingame with the correct skin and mesh. Both client and server side. Also bugs with the Zat'nik'tel knock out have been fixed and there are no difference in position for clients. The UI has been rewritten to allow players to change it's scale, and some of the icons have been redesigned.

Textures have been fixed, and now the Goa'uld earn a gold skin at the rank of Prima. The spaceships code has been rewritten, they can no longer "stall", or stop inflight. Few animations have been added and they now play without issues.

Globally, a full revamp of the maps, interface and code has been done.

The installing script has been created and the package successfully tested on several computers.

The mod will feature :

  • 4 Tau'ri Classes
  • 3 Goa'uld Classes

Team Objective maps :

  • Abydos
  • IceDet
  • Chulak
  • P3X-548

Capture the Cristals :

  • Tok'ra

Cooperative maps against the replicators :

  • Asgard Ship
  • Asgard Ship (Hard)
  • X303 Down

Spaceship maps :

  • Antartica
  • Asteroid (without the motherships)

The following weapons for the Tau'ri team :

  • FNP-90 (assault rifle)
  • AS-50 (sniper rifle)
  • Five-Seven (handgun)
  • Rocket-Launcher
  • MP5 (assault rifle)
  • M-60 (huge rifle)
  • SPAS-12 (shotgun)
  • Healing syringes
  • Smoke Grenade
  • FlashBang Grenade
  • Explosive Grenade
  • Knife

And for the Goa'uld team :

  • Jaffa Staff (fire and close combat)
  • Zat'Nik'Tel (one shot stuns, the second kills)
  • Zat Grenade (Flashbang)


  • Hummer
  • X302
  • Deathglider

And in space battle :

  • X303
  • Daedalus
  • Hatak

Let us now shoot a short trailer, take a bunch of screenshots, and wish you a happy new year, and we'll meet on a server on :

January the 13th

Happy new year everyone, and see you in two weeks !

Kawoosh !

d10sfan - - 494 comments

Very nice, looking forward to it! Will this include working bots as well?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
Masterhobbes - - 139 comments

**** YES!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Captain_Xavious - - 48 comments

Oh man, I am happy to see there is at least one more mod for UT2004 being worked on. And a Stargate one at that!

Good luck guys, may your release not see any hangups!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
elsombrero - - 9 comments

so it's not dead
so cool! :D I can't wait!

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NCC-1701 - - 439 comments

wow, due to mods like this one "dying" I lost interest in UT2004 ages ago, maybe this release will give me reason to dust of the old disk and re-install.

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Guest - - 689,035 comments

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