Greece 431 B.C.

The war between Sparta and Athens involves almost all the greek city-states, split in two opposed alliances:

the Pelopponnesian League and the Delian League .

10 factions:

The Pelopponnesian League

The Delian League

Cretan city-states

Achean city-states

Aetolian city-states





Persian Satrapies



-Historical characters and lords

-Player can choose if to start the campaign as the really existed ruler of one of these nations

-Sea travelling

-Hundreds of new Items

-The flag of the ruler is the flag of every vassal (also for the player)

-Each faction has special parties' icons changing with the amount of men in the party.

If you are not a king you may choose the icon for your party . If you are king, you may choose the culture, which changes both icons and troops.

-Special icons for player's party depending on the size of the army

-A big fancy new map of the area of interest

-Voice and order sounds

-New companions and new mercenaries

-New troops for each faction

-AOR recruit system for historically accurate cities' hoplites: There will be many hoplites which can be recruited only in their city, for example Argos' Hoplites will be available for the player as special units to recruit with weekly refill only in Argos...But that is not all, as also the AI Lord who is owning Argo will receive Argos Hoplites as part of its reinforcements and the Garrison of Argo will be the only one having Argos Hoplites among its faction's troops. All of this regardless the faction they belong to. To own AOR towns is strategic because the AI Lord who owns it has a stronger mix of troops

-No more training skills: your men and you must fight battles to become veterans

-New scenes

-If you press 'I' while in battle, a bar will appear on the top-left corner, showing the number of soldiers on each side.

-If a leader is defeated in battle, the moral of the army will decrease.

-If you press 'M', you will make a battle cry.

-Battle Formations for player and AI (thanks to Motomataru's codes)

-New map banners' icons fitting the time period (no flapping flag)

-New faces, hair and beards (now good variety to choose)

-Villages and towns' prosperity will have a stronger impact on money (both for player and ai)

-Training skill has disappeared (soldiers become veterans after battles not after training!) at its place a new skill reducing food consumption (very useful because of the big size of Armies (from 300 to 1000 men)

-Spears and shields will not be shown on the back of soldiers when not in use. This for two reasons: the first is that I never liked that. The second is that it would look weird combined with some armours ... and I don't like it even stronger.

- New animations and items

- Animated Horses in city centres (AndyYa codes)

-There are many items, armours, helm, etc. they are often quite rare to be found in market places and often some of them can be found just in some faction (eg Spartan shields just in Saprta's market)

-Report screen, troop tree screen, political map

-Four layers of recruitment: village, Major Polis (ex Town), Polis (ex Castle), AOR

- No flag indicator on friendly troops, you must play "my way"…

- Added buildings to construct in towns which give bonus

- Added enterprises' inefficiency (progressively increasing when you have more than one enterprise of the same kind, so it is better for you to build all the different enterprises rather than multiple enterprises of the same kind). At the same time the enterprises' profitability has been reworked.

- Musicians will play during the feasts (their own lyre music)

- Game options related to difficulty of the game has been removed (no matter what you choose, you will play Sparta as it was meant to be played)

- Totally reworked the behavior of horse archers and horsemen throwing javelins. Now when you order them to charge, they will properly use their ranged weapons until they have ammunitions). I suggest to put ranged horse units in a new group in your battle management, different from cavalry.

- Implemented winter season: in January and in February, in part of the map, the scenes will be covered with snow (check the picture in the ModDB page to see the areas where it occurs).

- Wind will move plants and grass

- Added the option to kill a prisoner lord/ruler (it will cost 100 honor) or to release him (it will give some honor)

- You can secede from your faction when you want (if you own a polis), just sendind your companion to deliver a message to your king. War will break out.

- Disable Companion Complaint option now will also prevent them from leaving your party

- Added the Diplomacy dialog to persuade your king to declare war. It depends on how strong the enemy is, in choosing the right things to say and on the relation level with your king. If there is a truce with that faction he will not accept in any case

Once you are a king you can:

- Talk to your minister by camp menu

-Change your Lords equipment and update their skills

-Your banner will become the banner of all your lords

-Change your faction troops' culture , choosing one of the already existing factions or a special player culture troop tree with customizable equipment and name (Thanks to MitchellD who implemented part of his Custom Troop Tree in this mod).

-Some figures:

  • 10 Factions
  • Over 500 different shields
  • Over 400 armours\tunics
  • 63 Major Poleis
  • 101 Poleis
  • 281 Villages
  • 150 Lords
  • 235 different troops (plus a number of mercenaries)
  • 44 different AOR (area of recruitment) Poleis

and many other features...



Renaissance, Hispania 1200 ( by El Xabeo de la Cova, JBL, permission by mikeboix), Custom Troop Tree (by MitchellD), Sands of Faith (thewanderingknight Brytenwalda, Diplomacy, AndyYa, Hoboistice, Baraban, Jaakko Osp Models, Bsapaka Osp Animations, Papa Lazoarou Anim Osp , Fires of War (Antonis9), Motomataru (Formation and AI Kit), Mount&Gladiusv2.0(Llew), AlphaDeltas_Ancient_warriors, Time Golem (TG's Ancien Armoury), Gothic Knight, john Malis, Anthony Schmidt, Exima, Micheal4, Choges Craft Channel, rgcotl, Adzan, vighols05, persnetto, Adriano.Fontoura.Fraga, James B., Daniel P., Davata, PantherOne, Vasilis l., SonKidd, Brian Erbes, mr.master Wee'd Helmets, ZarthasOSP, Byron Salgado, Kraut and Tea, BIGGER Kentucky James XXL (ottoman civil clothes), Mark7 Osp Crusader Way to Expiation pack,Aquil Osp, Virakes's Male and female face compilation, Jaymosuke Osp Hair, Aksyonov, robotninjabread, Spak Osp, nagesh111, atarki, Josuè Borghi, GSXNet, 3dhdscan, Dangry, Francesco Coldesina, MCG3d, Centre for Gis & Geomatics, Lucio Arseni, Owlish Media, Rigsters, Geoffry Marchal, Gorndon N., TooManyDemons, Aniket Saxena, sebasxpm, Drudru the Migniscisiscent Osp. LeGrandmaster, Mordachai, lexferreira89

Many credits may be missing because they are already inside the mods up here. Please send me a message if you see something you want to be pointed out in the credit session.

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News 7 comments

The mod is fully released at this stage

the TBD tag is there to exclude the possibility of rating my work. It is here free to be played by who ever wants it, but to be judged by none. Too many passing by users showed their anger and hate in rating and reviewing, so nobody has that privilege anymore





You would not like it and what is worse, you will probably start annoying/harassing me



READ THE PDF File in the mod's folder, named "CONFIGURATE WARBAND FOR SPARTA" to set Warband in the right way to play this mod


For a tough immersive game ( for experienced warband players)
- start with realistic saving
- don’t have more than two companions in the party
- once you become king don’t give a fief to your companions, lords must be recruited from the lords in the game
- it is harder if you don’t start as a king obviously (but both campaigns should be tried in my opinion)
- obviously don’t cheat


People are not used to fight with spears in Mount and Blade. Basically in all the mods and also native there are horse’ lances for charge and pikes for infantry. One hand weapons and two hands weapons are the most common and effective choice for infantry.

But this mod is set in the ancient Greece and at that time spear and shields were the main choice for heavy infantry. Swords were far less effective in phalanx formations and were used when the spear got broken or lost.

I understand YOU PLAYERS find this way strange and not as effective as a nice bastardsword... but that it is.
Also the balance in hit points of weapons and armours/helms it is made like this for two main reasons:
1)The weapons’ hit must take into account a fairly long enough battle time between two soldiers, some soldiers wore bronze armours, some just a tunic. And formatons can’t loose half of the men in a couple of seconds becouse of overpowered spears (as someone is suggesting).
2) armours, shields, weapons, are beautiful in this mod (also people who seem they didn’t like Sparta have admitted that point) and in the customize your army feature, as long as in choosing your gears for yourself and your companions during the campaign, I wanted you to choose what you like morstly or what is related to the polis you want to rule...
I did not want to put a sort of coat of arm with such better hit points that you would be forced to choose it if you want the best protection.

This mod is mainly Greek factions oriented and at that time greek generals were on foot with their men.
I strongly raccomend not to play on horseback unless you play as a Persian, Makedonian, Thracian or Thessalian (if you play as these factions'king you will already get the horse and the riding skills for it on purpose)

Battle Formations:

This mod has complex formations feature. If you start your battle with the Start Battle Holding Position choice, your men will automatically adopt formations at the battle start, shield wall for infantry, line for archer and wedge formation for cavalry. In the Party menu, you may also assign some troops to other groups as in native (and by camp menu options you can put yourself in one of this groups at the beginning of the battle). Remember that soldiers equipped with ranged weapons will be considered archers and will adopt line formation, unless you put them in the group 1, which is the default infantry group. During the battle, pressing the F1 hold position flag on the enemy, you can order your phalanx to attack the enemy's group you choose. They will advance to it and attack it keeping formation. Pressing F4 you have the formations' screen where you can choose among some formation types. If you select a group, move it to a position (for example on your left 20 m ahead) and press F2, you can memorize how that group will be placed compared to your position when every battle starts

Read This Part:

I made Sparta following a clear idea of how it should be. My goal was to make a mod which fits my personal taste, very challenging, with a different pace compared to other mods like my previous one. Sparta should be played thinking about a long chess match. You obviously will find hard to conquer a town and even harder to keep it once you become a rebel. Even earlier you will struggle to survive as adventurer. Parties' size are big, sometimes huge, and for that reasons battles are longer than usual. You must start taking care of your life (in-game) as if you die in battles AI will take the command of your army (even if sometimes it may play better than you). Above all in sieges you must remember that once you are too wound to fight, automatically computing battle will make you lose the fief quite easily.

In any case the point is this:

Sparta is like it is because I made it like this. It matches my original intentions. I am not going to change or add any feature. Apart from a massive work on scenes, there is just a narrow room for changes that I will do to adjust something (if I think it will be needed).

You can feel free to post new ideas or suggestions, of course, but it is very likely I will not adopt them if they involve changes beyond that point. I warn now sensitive people not to feel upset if I turn down the suggestions they make.




Other Tutorial 10 comments


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Patch 10 comments

I have re-uploaded the weapon-breaking fix. If you already downloaded the previous fix download this too. Paste in the module folder and overwrite. Savegame...

SPARTA 1.4.5

SPARTA 1.4.5

Patch 12 comments

Version 1.4 needed. Extract version 1.4.5, copy it and paste it in the Module folder, overwriting. Not Save-Game Compatible

Sparta 1.4

Sparta 1.4

Full Version 55 comments

Sparta 1.4 Full version - Not Save Game Compatible DELETE or RENAME the old Sparta folder if you already have this mod installed. Extract the file and...

Comments  (0 - 10 of 1,911)

love this mod its the best hellenic mod for warband IMO

would you consider releasing the cource code at some point? Id love to add the scythians and sarmatians to this mod - and the amazons for my own amusement. I also play as female and like to add more sound files (like victory cheers and stuff) this cant be done withhout the SC. If you did release the SC so we could customize it for our own playthrough styles it would be really appreciated!

Thank you for the mod <3

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
zedpaolo Creator

Hi, the source codes will not be released

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Hello . I found a problem with a riding archer. I just need to place my troops on the very edge of the battlefield. The enemy's horse archer will block the edge of the battlefield if they use circle tactics against my troops. And can't shoot. Then these horse archers were easily killed by my archers.

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
zedpaolo Creator

After all, human mind is much better than warband engine. But remember that the sense of playing games is to have fun. If you have fun using this limit of the ai you can use it, otherwise you can give yourself a sort of code of honor which prevents you from exploiting the weaknesses of this Ai. Up to you.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Hey friend. I really love this mod. Will you update some small siege scenes in the future?

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
zedpaolo Creator

At the moment it is not in my plans

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Thank you friends, this mod is really perfect. Let me experience the war in ancient Greece.

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
zedpaolo Creator


Reply Good karma+1 vote

I really wish this guy would make ancient Rome mod

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

I love this mod!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
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