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[WB 1.172] Short description


Skilled Magic Calradia v.1.0.0 by High_priest_of_Ru

for Mount and Blade: Warband 1.172

Huge and hardcore gameplay modification with many magic schools and spells, that offers experience of fights between large squads of opponents, which have mastered REALLY different magical and martial tactics.


Not necessarily, try to play first.

1. Use 4GB patch. Go to official site of Daniel Pistelli and download his patch. Then choose mb_warband.exe file in your core M&B directory and patch this. If you are using wrong or cracked M&B version (non-approved), then patch all of them. This helps the game to use more RAM on x64 systems.
Will hurt pirate copies of Warband. Ahoy!

2. Cap corpses in game options or even set its number on 0. There are very much summons and very much soldiers in fights, that's why large amount of corpses can hurt weak PC.
Still it shouldn't, because all of items have LODs now.

3. Decrease graphic settings. Many new models are taken from Skyrim and Oblivion, and that will hurt weak PC.
They have LODs. But of you have steam PC, it will be hurted.

4. If you see no cursor in the game, go to Texture directory in SMC folder and delete "".
Don't even know, why this problem appears. I am able to see cursor even on my old PC.

5. If any alied creature was affected by your magic (created, damaged etc.) and begins to gaze at you and follow you - create through holding F1 position for its army branch to hold. When there will be enemies near, the creature will fight them and forget about you.
These are just remorses, the engine tries to fill our soul with.

6. If the game crashes when you hitting enemy shield with Artefaction rod - make you sure you have Essence for the rod.
This is the engine issue, which will not be fixed as artificer really must have Essence ammo.

If these advice didn't helped, please, report any encountered bugs and crashes to me with private message on MODDB or on following e-mail:


Use about 130 spells from 11 magic schools. Each school have from 1 to 4 different magic branches.

a. Arcane magic - create arcane rifts or manage ice and fire together without harming alies.
b. Elemental Artefaction - Air, Fire, Earth and Ice missiles.
c. Advanced Elemental Magic - deal damage to different areas.
d. Telekinesis - create and manage dancing weapon and damage far located opponents with melee hits.
e. Holy magic - heal all people around or harm evil beings.
f. Mental magic - turn NPC into state of fighting with each other or make them your servants.
g. Portal magic - teleport yourself or your opponents for short distance in battle at will.
h. Necromancy - summon great number of weak skeletons up to limit and sustain them.
i. Blood magic - stay near opponents to suck their blood or manage their and your blood.
j. Magic of Illusions - manage movement of opponents and allies and create illusions to fight by your side.
k. Energy Manipulation - use different energies to evoke self-defending effects without any artifact.


a. Core credits

Magic World by Pure Dark
Baldur Gate sounds of magic casting
Merlin's Magic Collection (New Age music)

b. Credits to authors of OSPs TES IV and weapon packs for Skyrim and Oblivion(all or almost all items are used).

Oblivion OSPs - by Nexxon, by Jojjo and by the authors' collective
Kearsage Magic Staves Pack for Skyrim
Defensive Staves v25d by Keersage for Skyrim (badly adopted and almost completely removed)
Macadamstreet Blesed magic staves pack for Skyrim
MC's Staff Pack for Skyrim
Crown Jewels by Khugan for Oblivion
Blue Glass Weapons by killover509 for Oblivion
Crystal Staves mod by css0101 for Oblivion
Crystal Staffs mod by Rinzei for Oblivion
DaggerCraftPackage mod by faxivcm for Skyrim
Trollf's Armamentarium: Staffs v1.0 for Oblivion
Coolman's Dagger Collection for Oblivion
Vanilla staff replacer by zymurgy65 for Oblivion

c. Credits to authors of different M&B OSP packs of items (as a rule i used a few items from each).

TLD Team for Saruman rod, rivendell robe
Some models from Unique Armoury 1.1 by Talak
OSP Indo-Persian Armor by drakharios
Pino Armors Pack OSP v1.2
Skeleton model by barf
LotR: Gondor Equipment by Turambar (only mail boots)
Battlefield Priests for Calradia by Yamabusi
Some models (lightning) and scripts from Betrayal at Calradia by HokieBT
Arabian Equipment OSP by dia151
Angels, demons and gargoyle from 战争之风:新纪元 元宵整合精简版发布 by 无面的无名氏
OSP Spak_Items by Spak
OSP Map Icons by Akosmo
Fantasy Scene Properties 1.1 by Adorno
Native Onehanded Crossbows by Maroon
Samurai armour set by SacredStoneHead


0. Player kingdom - opportunity for the player to use SMC kingdom-building features as a king. High mages, which joins player-Archmage of their magic, choosing medieval or magic country style (and unit trees), building player's lesser lords and patrols etc.

1.1. Ritual Magic - add self-transformation Complex Rituals.
1.2. Ritual Magic - add damaging and other Global Rituals.
1.3. Ritual Magic - add creating aura artifacts through Enchantments.

2.1. Add special interactions with new parties on the global map. F.e., hiring high rank mages from lesser lords' parties for gold items, rising rebels with wasting gold, making different bandits your own vassals, which can help you in fights etc.
2.2. Add archmage consumable spells (1 time per fight) for each magic school - based on Conjuration (this magic school was in SMC before and was changed with Evocation) for elemental, tower duel for portal etc.
2.3. Add new Archmages' artifacts to Enchantments.


v.1.0.0 - Energy Manipulation magic school (6 spells, unique way of casting, Spell UI extension). New magic academies icons and scenes (center and siege). Inquisition of the Sun. Sabbath. Bugfixes.

1. Fixed bugs with Portal, Wild magic and Telekinesis (fix was available as patch for 0.9.9).
2. Fixed bug with nude town guard.
3. Added bugfix advice about crashes on hitting shields with artificer rods if player have no Essence ammo.
4. Added Energy Manipulation magic school and 6 its spells. This is magic school which allows to manipulate 3 types of energy - Mana, Prana and Oblation. Every wizard can cast such spells without any artifact. There are 3 buttons assigned for each type of energy. With advancing of connected magic skill mages takes access to these spells. When player took access to 2 spells of one energy type, he can choose one spell to cast by pressing concrete button in the camp menu. Mana spells spend 1 mana orb, Prana spell - 1 hit point, Oblation spell - life of current horse. AI have 16-50% chance of casting (based on level of Energy Manipulation) such spells, which checks each 2 seconds in the close contact with opponents.
5. Added Mana Ray spell. This spell is connected with Z button. This spell allows to spend 1 mana orb and create 5-steps in length and 1 step in width damaging magic ray.
6. Added Mana Shield spell. This spell is connected with Z button. This spell allows to spend 1 mana orb and create very strong shield at the place of 4th item in the inventory, replacing it, if the slot is filled.
7. Added Prana Convertation spell. This spell is connected with X button. This spell allows to spend 1 hit point and add 1 mana orb instead. As AI (i am about to reveal the secret) have no mana due to balance reasons, casting spells with random checks by fixed chances, they ahve no need in this spell, doubling chance of Mana Ray instead.
8. Added Prana Silhouette spell. This spell is connected with X button. This spell allows to spend 1 hit point and summon quite powerful magic guard, which deals blunt melee attacks and uses Mana Ray. This spell depends on telekinetic magic fields, so overcoming of its limit is not allowed.
9. Added Oblation Duel spell. This spell is connected with V button. This spell allows to damage horse at close distance and summon 2 fighting creatures (angel and gargoyle), which are hostile to every side at the battlefield. This spell depends on illusions' limit, so overcoming of its limit is not allowed.
10. Added Oblation Blade spell. This spell is connected with V button. This spell allows to damage horse at close distance and create short and fast energy sword with very high damage at the place of 3rd item in the inventory, replacing it, if the slot is filled.
11. Added ability to change current spells for energy types in the camp menu.
12. Wizards from all over the Calradia got knowledge of Energy manipulation: 2 for apprentices, 4 for equal-in-rights members of magic orders, 6 for masters, 8 for high mages, 10 for Archmages.
13. Entrants of magic academies and medieval countries' magic learners now have access to Mana Ray. I realized it was strange that guys which are entering magic academies are completely out of magic knowledge)
14. Cultists of mental mages also got access to the Mana Ray spell. Should the Cult be a little attractive?
15. Lords of magic coutries without titles of Archmages (as Death Knights) and Demonic Princes got 10th level of Energy Manipulation as they are powerful magic beings. By the same logic trivial magic creatures got no Energy Maipulation at all, but creatures on the place of high mages (Cherubs etc) got 8th lvl of this skill.
16. Courtiers and rebelled aristokrats got 3rd level of Energy Manipulation as world of Skilled Magic Calradia have developed traditions of the great art of magic and aristokrats often in a light touch with it.
17. All magic shields (including mana ones, but except earth) are transparent now.
18. All Energy Manipulation spells except Mana Ray adds exp to the caster-player (in value of 50/100/150 for energies).
19. Texture for Air magic shield is changed to more beautiful one.
20. Added Spell UI symbols, which detects available Energy Manipulation spells.
21. Fixed description of swadian mountain plain.
22. Added hint about Energy Manipulation magic school.
23. Fixed bug with lairs' icon.
24. Changed icon of magic academies.
25. Adopted 40 scene props from Fantasy Scene Properties 1.1 by Adorno.
26. All magic academies got another center scenes with props from Adorno's pack.
27. Fixed bug when player was getting ice mentor from Earth Archmage in Archmage's apprentice quest.
28. All magic academies got another siege scenes with props from Adorno's pack. In this scene attackers should crush throug opened walls under heavy fire of defenders in the courty.
29. Added 12 hostile female Sabbath Archmages, which are leaders of this evil magic order.
30. Added 12 Towers of Sabbath in the plain between Magic Forest and medieval countries.
31. Added 12 types of small wizard parties, which consists from 10 to 15 mages leading by high mage.
32. Added 12 types of Sabbath Archmage parties - an archamge, 1-5 high mages and 20-40 trivial skilled mercenaries.
33. At the region of Sabbath Towers periodically appears parties of mages of Sabbath - trivial each day if number of parties of each kind is bellow 10, archmages each day if there ae no archmage's party of each kind.
34. Added LODs for illsuions.
35. Added dialogue for attack of parties of mages of Sabbath.
36. Testimonial quest description replaced with ingame Book of Magic - magic tutorial the same as was posted at ModDB. Its background now gives also clairvoyance boost.

Thinking about magic quest system, i realized that Skilled Magic Calradia aims to sustain mostly late-game positive experience with its hardcore battle system and many ways to earn gold and hire and train soldiers. Late-game fight versus different opponents, trying to find proper strategies to confront different magic schools and different army branches, your current country-opponent is mastering, - all these things, which player can experience quite fastly, does not allow to realize all quest system potential. Hunting for artifacts or small parties looks really excessive for my liking, if there are available crafting, trading and, at the end, really hardcore fight. Honestly, quest system will be useless appendix on the background of strategical fight between countries. For now it is removed from current plans.

37. Adopted Native Onehanded Crossbows by Maroon.
38. Adopted Samurai armour set by SacredStoneHead.
39. Added Inquisition of the Sun, it 2 warriors and its 9 items, including samurai-like armor and hand crossbows. Inquisitors hates magic and checks player's total magic knowledge each day. On entering the town or castle, if Inquisition pays attention to you, they are sending assassins in proportion to your magical knowledge. There is also assassination scene. With assassins on this scene are placed magic cultists, which are allied to you.
40. Added hints about Inquisition of the Sun and Sabbath.
41. Fixed little bugs with directions of several magic staffs.
42. Now if the player have above 50k gold, 5 free party capacity and no High mages in his party, he can take proposal of joining 3 of them for 10k denars at the time of daily graduations.

[M&B 1.011] Short description

[M&B 1.011] Short description


Detailed description of mod Skilled Magic Calradia v.0.9.4 by High_priest_of_Ru for M&B 1.011

[WB 1.172] Magic Tutorial

[WB 1.172] Magic Tutorial

Other Tutorial

Many guys asked for such tutorial - and it's done! Thanks to Rohi Abban, he reminded me about that.

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[WB 1.172] Skilled Magic Calradia v.1.0.0

[WB 1.172] Skilled Magic Calradia v.1.0.0

Full Version 9 comments

v.1.0.0 - Energy Manipulation magic school (6 spells, unique way of casting, Spell UI extension). New magic academies icons and scenes (center and siege...

[WB 1.172] Skilled Magic Calradia v.0.9.9

[WB 1.172] Skilled Magic Calradia v.0.9.9

Full Version 17 comments

v.0.9.9 (171) - 40 new particle effects. 12 new high rank spells, revision of others. 20 new models. Global Concept of Magic Ranks. Revised merchant's...

[M&B 1.011]  Skilled Magic Calradia v.0.9.4

[M&B 1.011] Skilled Magic Calradia v.0.9.4

Full Version 1 comment

v.0.9.4 - Large number of new Aura spells. Archmagic changes. Classic magic balance. Great number of bugfixes and performance changes.

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I cannot figure out which school is for necromancy. Also how do you get necromancer troops. Also also great mod but definetly could use some changed such as a more in depth tutorial and maybe troop trees (extra but makes big difference for me) Also really laggy on the map.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Might as well not release the mod. After playing it and reaching mid game where i start fighting a lord and their army, all of a sudden my whole army turned against me. Either i die or i kill everyone in the army. Not just that, since its full of mages and vampires, the moment they start killing each other, all the hard work and investment toward units disappear instantly.

Want to have fun spending hours on a broken game that will waste hours of your life? go ahead and play this mod.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Yep, just fought some looters and suddenly all my soldiers were turned against me, what kind of idiotic system has friendly fire for mental mages? lol

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
High_priest_of_Ru Creator

Almost every magic have friendly fire. It's task of the player to manage his mages. Use tactic, assign mages to special squads, place these squads to proper positions and force enemies to stay enough far of them and allies - enough close.

Nothing happens SUDDENLY. All things have the reason. All magic is very DANGEROUS. you should do something to avoid friendly fire. Or use melee units, they are powerful too. Archers have very large boost in SMC, as every other branches of army.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

The bloody spell is stupid. There should either be a timer on it or turn into a sleep spell or something. Make enemies unable to attack or move for a certain timing or until attacked?
The bloody thing affects the whole entire army within its advertised range. The only way to stop it is for YOU to die or retreat.
But obviously not possible if 99% of the troops would rather chase after you than fight amongst themselves.
If dying, why would i volunteer to get killed just for battle to end to save half of my team that survived my mages aoe?
I also gave it another try this time using max char stats to test the army.
With blood absorbtion dagger i can keep myself alive while spamming x to get some mana. While my troops were under the spell i went full rage alt+f4 because hoping there is some sort of timer but there wasn't.

This mod is in itself, fun. Actually the most "Funnest" i have ever had since perisno. The existence of another kind of arena where you can find kingdom representatives/officers is a very EXTREMELY good idea. Magic and everything is inventive. Easy to understand. Never crashed once too!

The only problem is that stupid turn everyone mad spell.

Oh and necromancy staff causes me to slow walk.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
High_priest_of_Ru Creator

Every magic school have a way a counter it. If they are powerful in melee - use range attacks. If they are powerful at range - this range is fixed. Try to overrange with archers from good position or crush through this range with squads of cavalry.

You WILL NOT easy win battles in SMC, throwing your infantry at Sovereigns. And it's not too easy to manage army of Mental mages as they aims only narrow lane at 60 steps forward.

P.S. Magic balance features are described in hints and artifact's description. You are getting messages at the start of every battle, why do you losing speed when using proper staffs.

P.P.S. If you hate Mental magic - map is large. Stay far from Khergits and Mental academy, and there no Mental mages in other armies except a dozed of Sabbath party.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
High_priest_of_Ru Creator

1.0.1 version will be not really soon, i guess. I will look through very late game, on the player's kingdom, to make some balance changes in the way player handles some new features here like his own lesser lords and patrols.

And i've got an idea about applying magic damage. In Warband player can dodge almost every attack (melee or ranged). Of course, plays with distance of magic are available now (it is main way to counter mystic AoE:)), but i'll think about the way player can avoid assigned magic damage. This is not guarantee, because it can hurt performance. I will try and we will see:)

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Am I suppose to place the file in the module folder?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
High_priest_of_Ru Creator

Exe file should be executed with administrator right. And in the installer you should choose Modules subfolder of your Warband directory. It will create SMC folder inside it.

He can be executed from anywhere. It is trivial installer. Just choose right way in the installation process.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
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