The Sheriff's Special Forces Realism modification takes many factors of an already great game and makes it better for those who play serious coop, single player, or team-deathmatch. This mod is not about adding a bunch of uniforms or guns, but rather improving the existing items in the game to make your gameplay experience better. We believe in quality over quanity and we hope it shows.

Weapon/Gameplay Changes

  • All Weapons have proper firing modes as per manufactor specs. Guns with Burst mod start in Burst mode.
  • All Weapons have correct lethality. (One shot head kills are much more common with higher caliber rounds)
  • FMJ and JHP Rounds know penetrate items correctly based on round and caliber (Example, a FMJ .223 round will penetrate wood and metal doors, where a 9mm FMJ will only penetrate a wood door. A JHP 9mm will not penetrate wood doors).
  • Firing Rates are more correct as to sustained rounds per minute.
  • Equipping animations are slightly faster. Switching weapons is quicker.
  • Weapon effects are more realistic. For example; throw a flashbang in a room with non-static items and stuff will fly across the room.
  • Body hits will send a larger impulse to the rag doll being shot.
  • Death animations are more realistic. Dying suspects and hostages will jerk and spasm from firing nerve impulses.
  • Incapacitation animations more pronounced. Incapacitated suspects and hostages will move in more realistic ways, such as trying to get up and moving their head to look around.
  • Flashbangs more effective to unarmored suspects/hostages. Flashbangs have a slight fatality issue associated to them, but flashbangs have to be right on a suspect to kill them.
  • CS Gas has the same effect on AI as unprotected players
  • Zoom to fire is instant instead of taking 0.5 seconds.
  • Recoil, aim factors and several other factors increased for much more realistic weapons handling.
  • Optiwand has a higher field of view so that you can see a larger area. Resolution for Optiwand Camera view changed so that the view doesnt look as pixelated.
  • The AK-47 and the UZI SD are now available for all game modes.
  • Primary weapons can be used as secondary and secondary can be used as primary weapons. ForExample Carry MP5 as Primary and carry LTL Shotgun as secondary, etc)
  • Option to not choose ANYTHING for a primary or secondary slot. This is useful for training. Also available are 'No Armor' and 'No Helmet' Modes
  • Removed Red and Blue Team GLOW sticks from backs in TDM Mode only
  • AI weapons have same stats and use the same limitations of the player now.
  • Dynamic Take Downs now possible with correct aiming and recoil.
  • Real-world textures used in the "Loadout" screens. Real Weapon Names, Stats, etc.
  • The stinger's lethality and incapacitating effects more realistic. Throwing a stinger on an unarmed person will now have a higher chance of killing them.
  • Door charges have a higher lethality and stun zone. Someone standing within 5 to 8 feet from door will be knocked unconcious or killed, while persons from 8 to 15-20 will be stunned, like a flashbang.
  • Breaching shotgun can be used for a very close range (within 15 to 30 feet) weapon.
  • Several enemy guns have flashlights. However, they won't always use them, but sometimes they might, especially higher-level elite suspects.

AI Changes
Most of the AI changes are based on difficulty. Easy setting will not seem much different, whereas Elite will be much different!

  • Different game modes use the same damage settings. No more getting damaged more for playing co-op versus single player.
  • AI can now engage or disengage officers at closer ranges.
  • AI is more unpredictable.
  • AI more likely to use cover when under fire.
  • AI will fake surrendering more often.
  • AI "moral effects" changed for more realistic gameplay. (Seeing buddies killed, getting shot, etc)
  • AI more prone to engage or kill hostages when threatened or hearing you.
  • AI much faster on the draw at shooting when they have decided to attack you.
  • AI will run farther when trying to hide.
  • When barricaded, AI will watch nearby doors and attack if they notice any nearby doors open.

Single-Player Changes

  • AI Swat will clear a room more effectively.
  • AI Swat will not watch a non-threat more than a new threat.
  • AI in single player gets affected by diversionary items (CS, flash and sting) the same as Co-op.


  • Opening Movies and notices removed.
  • Very quick "SSF Mod" splash screen at start. The only other place you will see SSF is a very discreet place in the MP server screen. Didnt want to flood you with "look at me" advertising.
  • Many more that we might have forgotten!

Created by: SSF (Sheriff's Special Forces)

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S.S.F. Realism Mod 2.1

S.S.F. Realism Mod 2.1

Full Version 17 comments

S.S.F. Realism Mod takes many factors of an already great game, and makes it better for those who play serious coop, single-player, or team deathmatch...

S.S.F. Realism Mod 1.1

Full Version 1 comment

S.S.F. Realism Mod takes many factors of an already great game, and makes it better for those who play serious coop, single-player, or team deathmatch...

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Rayo_Films - - 1 comments

Is compatible with Swat Elite Force?

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Guest - - 692,310 comments


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MercedesL0ver - - 1 comments

Dosnt Work with GOG version

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swiss_retrogamer - - 1 comments

I found out how to get the GOG version working (after 6 hours of trying and also having to learn how the windows registry system works etc.)

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Guest - - 692,310 comments

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

Guest - - 692,310 comments

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1.1a - - 1 comments currently trying to add this game to GOG, please vote for it!

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Guest - - 692,310 comments

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Guest - - 692,310 comments

It had been added last night.

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TheRenegadist - - 2,088 comments

The game is stuck in the default 800X600 resolution, I tried editing the .ini file but it was missing the section where you edit the fullscreen positions. Anyone have any idea on how to change the resolution ingame?

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SomeRandomARCTrooper - - 6 comments

Press the "~" key then type, setres 1920x1080

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