In your previous mission in Roswell, you've managed to shut down an alien virus that was about to infect millions of people.

Unknown to you however, the virus itself has latched onto you, resulting in you accidentally releasing the dangerous infectant to the people of your hometown, Portown.

Mass riots of zombie-like people with glowing eyes are in progress, with the aliens themselves taking position intending to use Portown as a base of operations for their invasion of Earth.

You must find a way to destroy the virus and the aliens once and for all, even if it takes you with it.

Remod is a mod for Riot in Progress that brings :

- HD models.
- Detail textures.
- HUD changes.
- Sound changes.
- Text changes.
- Map entity changes.
- Map texture changes.

Remod already includes RIP, so you don't need to need to install any other versions, just install this one on your HL installation and you're good to go!

Ambient.Impact - Various models base
Ankalar - 9mmhandgun silencer model
BB Team - Apache | 357
Besli - Gman
Black Skull - HGrunt
CS Team - Barney | Hgrunt | Battery submodel 4
Chris Deeming - Chaingun
Cliffton_Vlodhammer - 357 animation | Crowbar animation
DiamonD - Satchel radio model
Djiesse - Barney
End of Days - Satchel model | Tripmine
Felipe Paiva - Shotgun skin
GF Team - HGrunt
GSC - Skeleton
GamingLord - Gib models
Georg Destroy - Plasma rifle
Gi777 - Apache
Gray Matter Interactive - PyroGarg | Gangster heads | 9mmarclip model
H4wk - Satchel skin | Tripmine
Hellspike - Crowbar UV/skin
HoENE Team - Houndeye
Invasion Team - Satchel radio animation
LAca - HGrunt
Lachtan - RPG
Lazermaniac - Plasma rifle
Liquidator - Gman
MaserJoe - Gman
Maverick Developments - Bear
Mindmotor.Studios - Bullsquid acid weapon
N3o - Crossbow model
Napoleon - Detail textures base
Nexon - Shotgun animation
Norman "ToolKit" Normandy - Hassassin edits | 9mmhandgun animation edits
Novarain - Tripmine
OSJClatchford - 9mmarclip skin
Paranoia Team - Bullsquid submodel 3
Pete3D - Shotgun shells
RECB Team - Chainammo | Spider
RacerX - Scorpion
Red Slug - PyroGarg
Romka - Hassassin | Islave base
SC Team - Handgrenade model/skin
SI team - Plasma rifle
SiD - Crossbow skin
Snark - 9mmhandgun model
SureShot - HGrunt's M4
TehFrowner - Apache
The zxeno prophet - Barney
TheLama - Shotgun model
The_Tub - 9mmhandgun skin
Thor - 9mmhandgun silencer skin
Toadie - 9mmhandgun animation | Crossbow animation
Trusty Crowbar - Various models
Ultimate Bastard - Shotgun model
Water-Phoenix - Agrunt head skin | Scientist skin
ZikShadow - Remod author
[JEA]SPAWN - Chaingun
[The Almighty] §ixShooter - Chaingun
cSMG - PyroGarg Flamethrower
crowbar - Various new textures | Agrunt2 skin
fallschirmjager - Crowbar model
fat_al - Gib models | Gman skin
masterwiLL - Crowbar skin
ooppee - Can

Extract the remod_rip folder that is inside the .7z into your Half-Life installation folder (Where hl.exe is located, NOT inside any of the other folder such as "valve" or "valve_hd").

Example would be "C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\Half-Life"

There should now be a "remod_rip" folder inside you Half-Life installation folder along with any other mod/steam-related folders you may have inside.

Restart Steam, Riot in Progress | Remod should be inside the Games list.

If that doesn't work somehow, create a shortcut of hl.exe, open it's Properties, add " -game MODNAME" to the end of the target bar.

Example would be "C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\Half-Life\hl.exe -game remod_rip"

The mod also adds simple detail texturing, if not activated yet, type "r_detailtextures 1" and its counterpart into the console.

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One Heck of a Riot

News 7 comments

Riot in Progress | Remod

A rather peculiar mod, don't you think?

Riot in Progress | Remod Screenshots

Once again, I wasn't there when this mod was first released, only found out about this mod way long after. It's definitely something else what I managed to play though, both in the good parts and in the not-so-good parts.

This mod is the sequel to the infamous Assault on Roswell mod, and while I see no hope whatsoever in that mod, I will say that this mod definitely improves on the first one in a lot of ways.

Riot in Progress | Remod Screenshots

First of all, a new code is in store this time around, complete with new enemy variants and new weapon behaviors. Most of them are based from the originals so nothing is too "alien" for a veteran HL player, but for the most part, it's nice to see "different" NPCs fight you this time around rather than the usual Xen/Black Mesa/HECU guys.

You got a semi-auto fire for the pistol, the alt-fire is removed, but this time you can fire as fast as your fingers can click the fire button (quite exploitable too with a mousewheel, effectively making your pistol an accurate machine pistol). The crossbow now shoots hitscans at your enemies with a price in accuracy when firing, the reloading speed is increased though to compensate, so that's alright as well.

The enemy roster themselves are quite different from the usual HL stuff, not just in the variants (ladies with gauss guns for hands and lightning shooting scorpions being islave equivalents, for example), but the simple idea of using what is normally bosses as enemies that you need to fight quite often in maps. Fighting enemies like the giant birthing spiders or the heavy armored pyros should be met with tactics used when fighting gonarchs and gargantuas. Their healths are significantly reduced though, so, their inclusion as "casual" enemies didn't feel too off from the usual stock enemies (though saving a couple of grenades for those pesky pyros might be a wise idea).

Riot in Progress | Remod Screenshots

The new models used to replace the classic stuff is alright at times. You have an entirely "new" arsenal to replace your old in HL/AoR, with some curious ones added like the colorful chaingun and the bean cannon shotgun (still acts like HL's shotgun and 9mmAR though). There's an entirely different bunch of enemies to fight with some differences in their appearance like skeletons and bears being zombies and the mobs with the cops as hgrunts. The bad stuff is also there unfortunately, a rather memorable one is Andy's 3rd submodel's face which is supposed to be Luther's face, but plastered in with Barney's without counting in the scientist's mesh, making the whole head look monstrous.

To list them all would be quite the amount of text written, so let's just say this Remod was coming since the very first day I played the mod (would've been finished earlier too, if not for that blasted HDD crash).

The good models in the mod are pretty good though, at the very least unique enough to give me trouble in finding replacements (like the AGrunts), ended up reskinning them instead.

Riot in Progress | Remod Screenshots

Same thing too for the level design, this mod is varied in terms of locations and atmosphere, taking you from your little side of your hometown, to a bank, the underground sewers, a large subway system, and quite a lot more before finally arriving in the alien's spacecraft. The scale of this mod certainly is something to say about, with a lot of large open areas that often can make you feel small.

The brushes are alright, plenty of areas that I imagine must've taken a while to make, though the texturing could use some work, some textures look like they were taken straight from a camera without any changes done to fit the brush or vice versa, which ends up looking plain weird when you finally see them ingame.

The gameplay however, can sometimes go from I-can-get-behind-this, to okay, to bad, to worse, to I've-had-it-screw-this-mod-in-its-figurative-gobble. A lot of times it's your usual Half-Life stuff, with the occasional Doom key/card searches (and secret areas too, complete with secret levels, definitely liked these ones). There's also multiple parts in the mod where you'll be given a puzzle and you will have to find a way to pass through them, some are easy, some are a bit more tricky, but thankfully it never really goes past the anger radar (a favorite of mine is you having to jump over a chasm with a truck suspended in midair, "suspend your disbelief" indeed).

Riot in Progress | Remod Screenshots

Unfortunately then all of the sudden it hits you in the face a lot of times with questionable design decisions, like areas that you can only progress through by finding hard to spot secret rooms, keys and exit buttons that are hidden under things with no possible hints, constantly respawning enemies in places that you need to take your time in, that damned trial-and-error save-gem-sucking timed pillars section, and worst of all, a massively tedious escort mission halfway through the mod.

I could go on and on and rant 'till my fingers turns blue and my brains an aching furnace about that section, but long story short, I've obliterated that blasted escort mission's existence in the Remod, if you're curious enough on why, I've left the original maps in the addons in the archive.

Riot in Progress | Remod Screenshots

There are also those "player cam" moments sprinkled throughout the mod, I have no idea why they are implemented, but they are as annoying as they are difficult to go around in. Throughout the mod, you'll find yourself in moments that look straight out of a classic RE game with a fixed camera hovering above you, the problem with this is that Half-Life is not made for that kind of camera positions, and what happens is that you'll most likely flail around instead of actually progressing (even better if there are enemies around), the only way to get rid of the player cam is to save and reload, but you can't do that infinitely.

Yes, you indeed read that, saving in this mod is limited, you find save gems all over the mod, and you can safely save only when you have them. If you don't have a save gem, you still can save, but at a cost of health, which can be a real bugger if you find yourself in a sticky situation with no gems and low health. I don't mind their inclusion, as they remind me of old Tomb Raider games that sometimes have these save crystals as well, and having those is an interesting change of pace to the normal way of HL save/load system (there's still autosaves as well, albeit rarer), but others might think differently (even though some of those opinions can get a bit harshly silly, it's not THAT bad of a mechanic, you find about 100 of them more or less in the whole mod anyway, not counting the ones hidden in secret areas, I'd say its pretty forgiving if you time the saves well, even if you save without a save gem, it doesn't take that much health away as well), and it would've been nice to have an option to disable it.

Riot in Progress | Remod Screenshots

It's definitely one of those love/hate mods, either you liked it enough to see it through to the end, or you quit it midway and leave it in the trash.
Me, however, I just tore the maps open and modify it enough, removed all that silly playercam things, made things a bit more intuitive, etc.

In the end though, I hope you enjoyed all the same.
Thanks for reading.

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Riot in Progress | Remod

Riot in Progress | Remod

Full Version 4 comments

1.0 release of Riot in Progress | Remod. This Remod already includes the original files, so you don't have to install anything else. Enjoy!


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For cheats

type in console your binds for best gameplay

bind q "forwhowantstobethebest"
bind \ "give all"
bind ' "impulse 76"
bind / "noclip"
bind . "notarget"

i dunno godmode cammand, can someone let me know what they renamed it to?

This mods cheats commands are setup differently than valves

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Here is some gameplay from this mod, feel free to use the footage for whatever!

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Wow, that's a great remod dude! Many thanks, I played RiP a few months ago, but I may try to replay this one too!

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Thanks pal! I really love this mod, but the original had a lot of bugs, so I could'n finish in the past. Personally, I like the sections with the 3rd person mode, but they weren't very well polished.
P.D.: I'm not crayz, but I like "The infamous" Assault on Roswell mod, it's a classic to me.

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Time to dust off my Half-Life CD :D

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Hey man file in 7zip is corrupt file inside can you fix it of convert it to winrar please

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wow cool how long you make this

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ZikShadow Creator

I think I started around August, so, about a month and a half.

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