Republic Commando: Battlefront is an era mod and map pack based on and heavily inspired by the Star Wars: Republic Commando (2005) game. With a main focus on gameplay, it aims to expand both the single and multiplayer experience.


  • New units, vehicles, and weapons from a variety of factions such as the Republic, CIS, Death Watch, Wookiees, and Trandoshans
  • 4+ brand new or improved maps including Geonosis: Zero Hour, RAS Prosecutor: Hangars, Kashyyyk: Depot, and Alaris Prime: Gorge
  • Custom game modes such as Extraction and Uber
  • A 6-part, full-length campaign series following the members of Delta Squad as they are tasked with special missions during the Clone Wars and early Galactic Civil War

And many more!


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Republic Commando: Battlefront recently resumed development in November 2018 after a four-year hiatus. Many changes have been made since then and this mod's original inception. Aside from some progress being posted on related Discord channels, this will be the first major update in a while now that this Mod DB page has finally been un-archived.

To start, Conquest mode is now supported on various stock maps, including a custom renovated version of the SWBF1 (2004) map, Kashyyyk: Islands. Unlike Uber mode, which features Red versus Blue clone commandos, Conquest will actually have commandos and allies fighting against separatist forces, including Trandoshans.

The Republic side consists of the following playable units:

Republic Clone Assault Commando

Weapons: DC-17m Blaster Attachment, DC-15s Side Arm Blaster, Thermal Detonators, EC Detonators

Republic Clone Demolitions Commando

Weapons: Wookiee Guided Rocket Launcher, DC-15s Side Arm Blaster, Sonic Detonators, Detpacks

Republic Clone Sniper Commando

Weapons: DC-17m Sniper Attachment, DC-15s Side Arm Blaster, Thermal Detonators, Proximity Mines

Republic Clone Ranger Commando

Weapons: ACP Array Gun, DC-17m Anti-Armor Attachment, F-187 Fusion Cutter, Dispenser Health & Ammo

Republic Clone Recon Commando

Weapons: Wookiee Bowcaster, ACP Repeater Gun, Sonic Detonators, Thermal Detonators

Republic Clone Heavy Commando

20190216142215 1

Weapons: Z-6 Rotary Blaster Cannon, DC-17m Ion Attachment, EC Detonators, Auto Turrets

The commandos will be aided by standard Clone Troopers, who are very limited in numbers compared to the Separatist forces.

On Kashyyyk maps and Alaris Prime: Gorge, Wookiee units will be non-playable allies of the Republic but also playable in their own era against Trandoshans.

Wookiee Warrior and Wookiee Defender

Weapons: X1 Disruptor Carbine, Wookiee Bowcaster, Thermal Detonators

Weapons: Wookiee Guided Rocket Launcher, Wookiee Bowcaster, Thermal Detonators, Proximity Mines

Wookiee Chieftain

Weapons: Kashyyyk Long-Gun, Wookiee Bowcaster, F-187 Fusion Cutter, Dispenser Health & Ammo

Wookiee Berserker

Weapons: Wookiee Slug-Thrower, Ryyk Blades

Separatist and Trandoshan forces consist of the following units:

Trandoshan Mercenary

Weapons: Trandoshan Hunting Rifle, ACP Repeater Gun, Thermal Detonators

Trandoshan Grenadier

Weapons: Stouker Concussion Rifle, ACP Repeater Gun, Thermal Detonators, Proximity Mines

Trandoshan Slaver

Weapons: ACP Array Gun, ACP Repeater Gun, F-187 Fusion Cutter, Dispenser Health & Ammo

Trandoshan Elite

Weapons: TL-50 Heavy Repeater, Concussion Grenade Launcher, Detpacks

Separatist B2 Super Battle Droid

Weapons: Wrist Blaster, Wrist Rockets

Separatist Q-Series Droideka

Weapons: Repeating Blasters, Shield Emitter

They will be aided by non-playable B1 Battle Droids, while weak individually, overwhelm the Republic Commandos in great numbers. In addition, the DSD1 Dwarf Spider Droid will be available on various maps as a vehicle.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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YouTube Policy FAQ

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When is it going to be released?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Marth8880 CreatorSubscriber


Reply Good karma+1 vote

Mod has revived. I'm looking forward to be able to play as Delta Squad in the vanilla maps!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+9 votes

I thought somebody already made a Republic Commando side mod, what will be the difference because the other one is pretty solid and some of the maps that will be included are already released.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

This republic commando has been in the works before Anakin's. This is a continuation from the RAS Prosecuter map.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
AQTOutrider Creator

My mod will actually have balanced gameplay, a campaign series, custom maps, and better sound design and visuals, among other things. Any similarities you may see is the result of the other mod "being inspired" by the work I had previously released.

Speaking of which, the maps that were already released (RAS Prosecutor, Kashyyyk: Depot, and Alaris Prime) were made by me, so I think it is in my right to make improvements/changes to them and re-release them together, right?

Reply Good karma+6 votes

I don't remember the other Republic Commando mod having balancing issues, but people have different opinions on that stuff. Sure there is no issue with you re-releasing maps that you've created, but I'm curious if you'll change the environments on those custom maps, because RAS Prosecutor already looked really detailed.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
AQTOutrider Creator

If I do make changes to the environment on RAS Prosecutor (which I already did make several changes actually), it seems you implying I cannot make it any better.

As for balance, if you are okay with redundant, overpowered, or even purposeless classes, then there is nothing for me to explain to you.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

I wasn't trying to imply you cannot make it better, I was wondering what additions would have been made to it because to me your RAS Prosecutor map was excellent and well detailed and I already thought it was a masterpiece.
Like I said, people have different opinions on the balance but alright, only time will tell I guess.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

thanks for "defending" my mod Knight45 But i don't see my mod as a competitor to this one. As AQTOutrider already said my mod was inspired by the RAS map, but i started the mod even before RAS was on WIP state on GT. I tried several times to get the RC model from DarthDUCK because it's graphical masterful performance, but DarthDUCK never allowed me to use it. So i made my own unit.

About the often discussed "unbalance", i don't think it's unbalanced you can win with both sides and no matter what team you play, if you do nothing you'll loose. That was intended and it works. Playing the stock eras it doesn't matter if you do something or not you win anyway with both teams.

The purposeless units is a kind of true. There are actually too many different unit class and i already thought of doing a continuous mod (Imperial Commando) with less classes (just 4 on both side)

About this mod, i'm proud to see that you are using my concept of AI controlled supporter units for ambient reasons. I really hope you are going to fix those FPM/HUD bugs because it really ruined my game experience with your RCs. Are you going to support Marvel4's BF1 maps, too? And i'd like to see conquest on RAS ;)

Finally let me say, it's great to see you back on the modding front AQT and if you need any help with the interface or HUD, let me know. I'm always happy to help.

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