Version 3.0 | 08.09.2020

Red Alert 2: Intelligence Tech is an unofficial modification (mod) for Red Alert 2: Yuri’s Revenge.

Author: © Wiwi-maX, 2015-2020.

Command & Conquer Red Alert 2 and its expansion pack Yuri’s Revenge are registered products and trademarks of their respective owners. (Electronic Arts).

© - Copyright on the mod
Q: What means © - Copyright on this mod, i.e. what is actually copyrighted on this unofficial modification?
A: Under copyright are the modifications on every aspect that differs from the original game.

3-rd party authors of the assets that are used in the mod are properly credited in “Credits” in the game itself.

Q: Which parts of this mod can be used?
A: This mod is not open-source that means that you cannot use any part of it. Also, you may not make any modifications on this mod, and publish as yours, and also you may not use the new code found in *.ini files that is part of this mod.


"Many new mods implement too many new units and buildings that know usually to be complicated for playing because the duration of the match itself is not too long to build and use every each of them into it, even some other mods make total conversion of the game what is against every common sense, and even there are some that use only the game engine – that is actually exploit of the game code. This mod brings a lot of new buildings, units, aspects and systems, but all of it has right purpose and realism and at the end you will agree that you have wanted it from always! The main goal of Red Alert 2: Intelligence Tech is far more realistic gameplay! Gameplay like true Red Alert fans deserved from always!

Balance between sides is irrelevant because in real world nothing is balanced – if there is a balance, there wouldn’t be wars. Good Player is the player who can win with every deal cards!

You will be surprised from the fact how good the AI (computer player) actually uses new available features provided by the mod, and how long one skirmish match can lasts."

Author of: Red Alert 2: Intelligence Tech

This mod includes: Ares - A Yuri's Revenge Expansion DLL v2.0p1 |

To play this mod you only need clean install of:

- Red Alert 2 v1.006,

- Yuri’s Revenge v1.001.

Be sure that you have no any additional file to your RA2 (game installation) folder before installation!

Current plot of the mod version 3.0

The following takes please after the

events of RA2YR IT v2.3 and before Red Alert 3:

*** B R E A K I N G N E W S ***
Different multiple terroristic attacks are occurring all over the world.
- North Korea threats to South Korea and America that will use their ICBMs.
- Iran improves its nuclear program while Allied threats that will destroy their funding capabilities.
- Is Germany still Allied, because they are selling US IT Military Tech to Iran?
- China confronts a new enemy on the horizon - India that is part from the Great Britain's Commonwealth.
New unknown more deadly and more fast-killing pathogen than Virus's is out there!
How the new world will look like it’s up to you Commander!!!

What's new in v3.0?


Global aspects of playing Red Alert 2: Yuri’s Revenge with installed Red Alert 2: Intelligence Tech are deeply changed.
Depending on the following aspects you will need to adjust and apply new strategies:
1. Aspect of New Cash Money sending/receiving system
2. Aspect of World pandemic outbreak
3. Aspect of Unknown Terrorist attack orders
4. Aspect of Time-traveled proliferation of nuclear weapons
5. Aspect of Hidden powering system
6. Aspect of Hidden bunkering system
7. Aspect of Transporting systems
8. Aspect of Spying over civilians
9. Aspect of Transforming slaves into active paramilitary personnel
10. Aspect of Overseas Powering.







South Korea






North Korea

Japan (Ex. Yuri).


1. Special to Japan

- Yuriko Matsui a.k.a. "Omega" (Yuri's daughter)

- Yuri Hover MCV as Japan Hover MCV

- Japanese Aircraft Carrier (with Boomer Torpedos)

2. Special to North Korea

- I.C.B.M. Launcher | V3 is disabled - ICBM Launcher brakes V3 functionality, but ICBM settings ware set on it, to work on missions. (Do not report bugs about V3.)

3. Special to USA

- Drone (U.A.V.)

4. Special to UK

- British Sabotager (Spy with C4) - Enemy needs to build wall around Construction yard, and a lot of dogs.

5. Special to Turkey

- Allied reverse-engineered mixed-tech Stealth MIG.

6. Special to Iran

- Iranian Demolition Truck deploys into Iranian Mini Nuclear Reactor, and Iranian Mini Nuclear Reactor* undeploys into Iranian Demolition Truck;
- Iranian Pyramid Prism.

7. Special to China

- Chinese Vehicle Duplicator (Vehicle Cloner)

8. Specials to South Korea, France, Germany and Russia are the same.

Old specials that are not specials anymore:

- Desolator have all Soviets

- Swim-Terrorist have all Soviets

- Sniper have all Allied

- Paradrops have all sides.


- Now Repairing will be paused when "Insufficient Funds" and resumed when the player gains more funds.
- Increased limits:
Limit of maximum queued units was increased from 30 to 50; and
Limit of maximum points in Waypoint path was increased from 15 to 20.
- Game modes are enabled in Skirmish.

- Allied Naval Grinder
- WM’s Billboard (Civilian un-buildable building)

New Tech / Civilian Buildings:
- Tech Ore Refinery
- Tech Oil Platform
- Tech Thermal Plant (old unused “city05” building from RA2 files was used as base, but was reworked, and snow variant was added)
- Time Machine (snow variant was added)
-> Chrono Factory (Sub-tech, requires: Time Machine)

-> Secret Geothermal Plant (and Underwater Stealth bunker for infantries)
- WH Research Ship - Deployed (Neutral building)
- Telephone Booth for Terrorist attack orders (Unbuildable) if spied makes instantly available new 8x Terrorist Paradrop. (Cost $1.000)
- Bridge repair hut

All new Civilian Buildings (Tech and Non-Tech) can be found on reworked or new-generated maps.

For All sides:
- Army Tents
- Tunnel (Ground)
- Water Tunnel
- Water Cave (Naval Bunker)

Building's Upgrades:
- Money Delivery Upgrade for Airports/Airbase
- Base Expansion Upgrade for Construction Yards (now required for: Barricades, Sandbags wall, Prison Fence, Gates, Road Signs, Electrical Poles, Electrical Pillar, and Bridge Repair hut instead of Resistance Warehouse.)
- Black Fund Transaction - BFT for Resistance Warehouse which is now a civilian building.

New SuperDefense:
- Iranian Prism Pyramid - Built according US Plans found in Mexico that Einstein has sent to Germany

- Subject Zero (Infector)
- Chrono Flamethrower
- Proleter (Buildable from Resistance Warehouse)
*Free Slave when get promoted to elite or veteran status will become Proleter.

Spy Changes:
- Shipyards now are spyable, and Naval units can get pre-elite status with infiltration of the Spy in any Shipyard.
- Tech Secret Lab now is spyable and with infiltration of the Spy the player will obtain plans for Secret Geothermal Plant (which in the same time is Underwater Stealth bunker for infantries).
- Deployed WH Research Ship (new building) now is spyable and with infiltration of the Spy the player will obtain intelligence for the virus infection and after capturing the building with an engineer that will result with recruiting certain amount of Subject Zero(s) stable patients (loaded in WH Hover Speed Boat), that will be able to infect enemy infantries on the battlefield and in bunkers or occupied civilian buildings.
- Resistance Warehouse now is spyable and with infiltration of the Spy the player will make a deal with its residents for their paramilitary services.

- Tech Miner (Civilian Harvester)
- Chronoshifted Nuclear Missile Carrier
- WH Hover Speed Boat
- Hover Speed Boat
- Ambulance (Deployable) available from the Hospital
- Money Crate(s) that gives $2.500; $5.000; $7.500; $10.000. - (Not buildable by its own; is an object not a vehicle)
- Money Delivery Vehicle(s) (Hummer) that carries money crate with $2.500; $5.000; $7.500; $10.000.
- Ferry Boat - Money Delivery vessel that carries 2 money crates per $2.500 or 2 money crates per $5.000.
- Night Hawk (Allied/Soviet/Japan-Yuri) for dropping Money Crates. (Unbuildable)
- Paradrop Plane (Allied/Soviet/Japan-Yuri) for dropping default paradrops per side. (Unbuildable)
- Cloaked SU37 for Money Crate paradrop (Unbuildable).
- European Police Car (Civilian vehicle).


- Resistance Warehouse is now a Civilian building.
- Yuri Psychic Tower doesn't detect spies anymore! Japan (Ex. Yuri) now has dogs.
- Chrono Legionnaire, Conscript and Sniper now when get promoted become deployers.
- Spy, all snipers (Sniper, Natasha and Virus), Flint Westwood, Arnie Frankenfurter and Sammy Stallion can drive and swim now.

New reworked maps:
There are 15 new (reworked) maps specially to support all aspects of the mod:

Urban Cities:
1. RA2IT: Outbreak in Washington DC (Complete*) - (8 x players)
2. RA2IT: Outbreak in Moscow (Complete) - (8 x players)
3. RA2IT: Outbreak in Paris (4 x players)
4. RA2IT: Outbreak in London (Complete) - (4 x players)
5. RA2IT: Outbreak in New York (Complete) - (4 x players)
* “Complete” means that all known official maps that have parts of the above mentioned cities in both games, original Red Alert 2 and its expansion Yuri’s Revenge, were merged into one big map per city.

1. RA2IT: Bay of pigs (6 x players)

1. RA2IT: Isle of war in spring (4 x players)

1. RA2IT: Isle of war in winter (4 x players)

1. RA2IT: Dustbowl (2 x players)
2. RA2IT: Killer Instinct (3 x players)
3. RA2IT: South pacific (4 x players)
4. RA2IT: Tsunami (4 x players)

1. RA2IT: Bering strait (6 x players)
2. RA2IT: Shrapnel mountain (4 x players)

1. RA2IT: Egypt Pyramids (4 x players)

- Deployed Mobile Stealth Generator is not a part of player's mass unit selections.
- Japan Hack Center now can be sold.

Known cosmetic issue: Spies can swim now, but if they are pointed to take disguise from infantry that doesn't swim then they actually look like they float on the water instead to swim because that unit doesn't have swim frames - that is a fact not a bug.

AI (Computer player) gameplay was updated. Now computer will use any new unit, structure or technology that mod adds to the game (if not stated otherwise), to fight against you or another computer player.

Goal of this mod is achieved again: Gameplay is far more realistic now!

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This feature is included but has not been documented yet. 1. Cargo Airplane can land in water. 2. All swimming Infantry can enter to the transport.

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I just got the mod working but its not letting me choose japan, I dont see a aoption for it, it can appear in crates though

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Wiwi-maX Creator

Follow the Installation instructions in the Readme/Documentation. (You can find it on your Desktop)

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Forgive me for this, but this version needs more intelligence, and some stuff are useless, need tobe removed...

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
Wiwi-maX Creator

Check it now the new version 3.0 of the mod.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
Wiwi-maX Creator

It will have more Intelligence in next version.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Downloaded and installed, but mod won't run. I've confirmed all necessary files are in the folder I installed it in, but when I click the executable, it says "Failed to initialize. Please reinstall." Any insight into what might be wrong?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Wiwi-maX Creator

Probably your game directory was not clean, i.e. you have installed other mods before, or the versions of the game's executables ra2md.exe and gamemd.exe are not supported by the Ares.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Is it possible for you to make the infantries smaller? Thank you.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Wiwi-maX Creator

No that is not an option, however, strange question having in mind that everyone with nowdays bigger screens look for a bigger units not for smaller ones...

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Does anyone Know How to uninstall the RA2 Intell Tech? It took over my original Yuris revenge Game and I didn't Know it was going to do that.:/

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Wiwi-maX Creator

Check do you have some other files from some other mod in your RA2 directory.

It is possible next version to have zip (simple extraction) option too.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

The current mod is in Ares, a standalone launchpad for ra2 and yr mods such as Mental Omega, Tiberian Sun Client, and Red Ressurection.

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