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VS_INI Version 21 Update


Download links [Updated June 17th 2023]

1 - 【Moddb Mirror】 - ↓2 - 【BaiduCloud百度云 Mirror ( password: t7cb )】-↓

VS INI Release - 21 Baidu Cloud e1492595324768 702x3

Release Version 21 is here. The package also includes a copy of spawner.xdp file for anyone who wants to play on CNCNET5 CLIENT (Highly recommended) .


Be sure to retain a copy of the original spawner.xdp before overwriting it.

Version 21 features major base expansion overhaul and light PvP adjustments with additional new units added to the arsenal. Bug fixes, visual improvements, and AI touches are always following along as usual.


If you enjoyed playing this mod, please consider shooting us a review or rate us a score.

VS INI v21

*Release version 21* (Changes are based on previous mod version VS_INI_20 not original YR)

Game-play changes:
1.Removed buildable MCVs from building tab, they are now replaced with Command Center vehicles (Costs 1600). These vehicles can deploy into Outpost Command Centers (3x3 Building) which provides minimap at no power costs and build radius. Command Centers no longer reduce build time nor provide power, they are solely for base expansion and cannot repack into vehicles once deployed. MCVs from Warfactories remain unchanged. Outposts can be infiltrated by enemy spies to re-shroud owners' map.
2.All basic infantries' garrison weapon damage against [plate](heroes) armor decreased from 80% to 70%.
3.Modified most jumpjet units' death animation when crushing into the ground.

1.Patriot upgrade plug's weapon effectiveness against jumpjet infantries increased from 125% to 150%.
2.Robot Control Center's HP decreased from 750 to 700, power consumption decreased from 75 to 50.
3.Robot Control Center's upgrade plug is renamed to Field Generator upgrade. Upgrade's cost increased from 600 to 800, upgrade plug's power consumption increased from 25 to 50, can now be manually ordered to provide attenuated force shield to repair nearby buildings.
4.GGI+IFV weapon ROF decreased from 50 to 44.
5.GI+IFV weapon damage increased from 30 to 32.
6.Robot Tank's HP increased from 260 to 265.
7.British Sniper's HP decreased from 250 to 235.
8.Destroyer's cost increased from 850 to 900, turn speed decreased from 8 to 7, sensor sight decreased from 12 to 8, primary weapon effectiveness against [heavy] armor increased from 22% to 24%.
9.Added Red Storm Missile Tank ($1250) -- No longer an Easter egg unit, Red Storm is a dedicated anti air support unit with active vehicle jamming electronics against enemy armor battalions, can deploy attenuated force shield to repair itself when heavily damaged.
10.Mirage Tank deploy ability removed.

1.Tesla Trooper's HP decreased from 390 to 370.
2.Heatwave's HP increased from 240 to 255, weapon's warhead effectiveness against [plate] armor decreased from 32% to 26%.
3.Typhoon Attack Sub's deploy weapon ROF decreased from 550 to 480.
4.Sea Scorpion's AG weapon damage increased from 50 to 55, warhead effectiveness against [steel] armor increased from 20% to 30%, against [medium] armor decreased from 50% to 30%.
5.Eagle Hunter's cost decreased from 900 to 850, HP decreased from 470 to 440, weapon damage/ROF changed from 125/40 to 100/32.
6.V3 Launcher's turn speed decreased from 5 to 4.
7.Flak Trooper's speed decreased from 8 to 7.
8.Flak Track's AG weapon effectiveness against [steel] armor increased from 20% to 25%, against [medium] armor decreased from 50% to 35%.
9.Kirov Airship's death weapon damage increased from 85% to 95%.
10.Siege Chopper's HP decreased from 350 to 335.
11.Added Goldfinger Repair Drone ($900) -- A remote-controlled drone capable of repairing allied vehicles in the field, requires Soviet Service Depot and power to operate.

1.Malaria's HP decreased from 300 to 275.
2.Deployed War Platform can now be infiltrated by enemy spies to gain unit veterancy.
3.Virus' speed decreased from 7 to 6.
4.Bio Silo's default power production increased from 50 to 75, Fixed Bio Silo being uncapturable, it can now be captured by enemy.
5.Harpy VTOL's turn rate decreased from 3 to 2, AA weapon's ROF decreased from 30 to 28, cost increased from 900 to 950, Voxel model changed to SCRIN fighter, updated VO.
6.Toxic Spiller's cost increased from 1350 to 1400, HP decreased from 600 to 575, turn rate decreased from 6 to 5, can now load up one infantry unit with opentopped capability.

Other changes:
1.Fixed Soviet Sentry Gun upgrade plug's weapon fire rate being incorrect when purchased.
2.Allied Prism Tank no longer uses house color, it now uses unified prism beam laser style.
3.Adjusted/Modified various buildings' ActiveAnims.
4.Added IFV+GI combo scripts for Allied AI.
5.Fixed various campaign related bugs.
6.Updated radiation-death's animation cloud from green to red+green.
7.Updated Soviet Construction Yard's turret location and animation.
8.Soviet AI can now produce and utilize Goldfinger Repair Drones.
9.Added Toxic Spiller's infantry loading scripts for Yuri AI.
10.Added 4 unique damaged smoke/particle animations for Typhoon and Boomer submarine.
11.Updated Allied Construction Yard's turret VXL.
12.Added various Red Storm scripts for Allied AI.

For more videos please visit mod channel:

RSS Files
VS INI Release - 21

VS INI Release - 21

Full Version 60 comments

VS_INI Release Version 21 (Full Version). Changes are made based on version 20.

Map Release: (2) Retrocile

Map Release: (2) Retrocile


A medium 1v1 symmetrical map inspired by the Reconcile.

Map Release: (2) D.U.N.E

Map Release: (2) D.U.N.E

Patch 1 comment

A small 1v1 symmetrical map inspired by the upcoming new DUNE movie this year.

Map Release: (2) Tournament Tower Redux

Map Release: (2) Tournament Tower Redux


A medium 1v1 symmetrical map ideal for direct assault and late game economy builds.

Map Release: (2) SandSpring

Map Release: (2) SandSpring


A medium-large 1v1 symmetrical map ideal for harvester hunting and direct assault.

VS INI Manuals 10

VS INI Manuals 10


Intelligence data documents with detailed unit stats for reference.

Comments  (0 - 10 of 145)
zrq0058 - - 36 comments

空降部队那个海豹模型脚下是不是有点残缺模型还是什么东西 而且攻击动画有点奇怪

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Guest - - 687,512 comments

hi! can i get older versions?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
TΘVΣΣNΛ - - 120 comments

Unfortunately, previous versions are de-supported thus no longer available.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
yanw86382 - - 3 comments

Hello. I came cross this some time ago. This mod has some pretty interesting scripts. It would be at least good for reference.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
jaydencobain2019 - - 14 comments

I extraCTED the mod to my Rise of the East 2.5.5e folder and voila, the AI became extremely brutaL hahaha. Thank you for this mod

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
o0Dragon_King0o - - 70 comments

Setting up a competent defense and the player doesn't really have to pay attention as much. I think that there should be some sort of end-game task force for all factions. Perhaps something like 30 jump jets, or 10 prism tanks, or anything you can come up with. Basically, a really strong push to break through the defense, keeping players on their toes. Maybe just keeping this feature on hard, since there are people who want a casual experience.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
TΘVΣΣNΛ - - 120 comments

Ture that, however requests on reducing AI difficulties are still overwhelmingly substantial within the spectrum of feedback. Therefore putting a halt to the increment of current AI's sheer strength in number is more suffice.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
o0Dragon_King0o - - 70 comments

It would be safe to buff the heroes a bit at the current state of the mod. Due to the sheer number of units on screen now, they always die way too quickly. Maybe some anti-air capability too, since there are so many air units now.
The Soviets could use a better siege unit (well, maybe some buff in general). Prism tank and Magnetron outperform V3 every time.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
TΘVΣΣNΛ - - 120 comments

thx for the feedback as always. V3 will be slightly buffed. As for Heroes, in this mod Rambo style Heroism isn't encouraged, even the best commandos need to be a team player and have other units working with them, not a one-man army.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
freshprince007 - - 2 comments

This is hands down the best ra2yr (ai) mod.
I love playing it on medium difficulty. brutal is a bit too hard for me :)
Thank you for the effort put into this mod!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
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