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VS_INI Version 7 Update


Download links [Updated Mar 10 2018]

1 - Moddb Mirror -↓ 2 - GoogleDrive Mirror -↓ 3 - BaiduCloud Mirror (password: h6fv)-↓

VS INI Release - 7 Logo Google Drive 1 Baidu Cloud e1492595324768 702x3

Release Version 7 is here. The package also includes a copy of spawner.xdp file for anyone who wants to play on cncnet5 client.

Version 7 is the biggest patch released so far, featuring massive amount of balance changes, animation improvements and etc.

If you enjoyed playing this mod, please consider shooting us a review or rate us a score.


*Release version 7* (Based on previous mod version VS_INI_6C not original YR)

Game-play changes:
1.Allied Robot Tank's speed decreased from 9 to 8.
2.Adjusted IFV/Patriot/GGI/AegisCruiser's missile projectiles for better targeting against jets.
3.Fixed Undeployed SovietRadar/PsychicSensor still generating shroud with radius of 1 cell.
4.Lightning Storm's duration is tripled, effective radius increased from 10 to 15, damage of each lightning bolt is reduced to 1/3 except for vehicles and infantries, Lightning Storm center bolts quantity decreased from 36 to 9.
5.All major superweapons (NuclearMissile/LightningStorm/PsychicDominator) can now destroy minor superweapons (IronCurtain/Chronosphere/GeneticMutator) in one hit when aimed at center mass.
6.Allied Lightning Storm's lightning bolt effectiveness against [medium]/[heavy] increased from 200% to 250%.
7.Soviet Nuclear Missile's effectiveness against [heavy] increased from 200% to 250%, Radiation level increased from 500 to 2000.
8.Yuri Psychic Dominator's effectiveness (damage) against [medium]/[heavy] increased from 80%,90% to 90%,120%, mind control radius increased from 2 to 3, actual effect delay increased from 65 to 70.
9.Minor superweapons (IronCurtain/Chronosphere/GeneticMutator) can now be built as conventional structures (No longer requires AllowSuperWeapon box to be checked).
10.Added/Modified radius indicator for all support powers.
11.Soviet Crazy Ivan can now throw sticky bombs onto infantries and vehicles with a range of 3.75, against buildings it still requires Ivan to enter melee range, weapon ROF increased from 100 to 120, deploy function removed.
12.Allied Tanya's C4 weapon can now destroy Slaveminer in one shot, Fixed Tanya not engaging vehicles and TerrorDrones automatically, now gains 25% attack speed for C4 weapon when elite(since it can one-shot everything already, gaining damage is pointless).
13.Tanya/Boris' weapons effectiveness against [hero] decreased by 25%.
14.All vehicles lifted by Magnetron now have tripled falling speed.
15.Yuri Magnetron's lifting and pulling speed decreased by 20-30% for MCVs/Dreadnaught/Aircraftcarrier/Slaveminer, primary (pull) weapon ROF decreased from 75 to 60.
16.Yuri Deployed Slaveminer's weapon can now fire upon jumpjet infantries.
17.Dogs no longer gain movement speed bonus when elite to prevent glitch, they gain 25% attack speed instead.
18.Allied NightHawk Transport can now engage enemies automatically and while moving, weapon against infantries now has CellSpread of 0.9 and PercentAtMax of 0.5, new secondary weapon auto cannon against vehicles(same DPS and range as before), improved turn rate, cost increased by 100.
19.Soviet FlakTrooper anti ground weapon's damage decreased from 25 to 22, AG warhead effectiveness against buildings decreased from 50%,50%,50% to 40%,40%,40%, can now destroy walls and trees, AA warhead against [medium] decreased from 100% to 80%.
20.Allied GGI no longer receives missile projectile speed boost for deployed weapon, weapon's ROF increased from 40 to 50, warhead effectiveness against [wood] armor decreased from 50% to 45%.
21.Promtion experience requirement decreased from 4x to 3x, Veteran sight bonus increased from 1.25x to 1.5x.
22.Removed CourseLockDuration on Typhoon submarine's weapon projectile.
23.Allied Battle Fortress' cost decreased from 1900 to 1800, ROT decreased from 6 to 5, weapon damage/ROF changed from 20/15 to 15/10, warhead effectiveness against [medium],[heavy],[steel],[concrete] increased from 30% to 35%, added bullet trailer animation, no longer tries to approach target and crush it when attack order is issued, still can crush via force move command.
24.Yuri Master Mind's ROT decreased from 6 to 5.
25.Fixed Allied Patriot Missile's weapon unable to destroy trees and walls.
26.All Base Defenses are now sold for 33% of their original cost instead of 50%.
27.Typhoon/Boomer submarines are now immune to radiation.
28.Allied Spysat Uplink now moved from defense tab to building tab, in addition to its original function it also reveals all units movement on the entire map just like psychic sensor, cost increased from 1500 to 1750, HP decreased from 1000 to 900.
29.British Sniper's cost decreased from 1100 to 850, priamry weapon damage/ROF decreased by 66%, airstrike weapon damage increased from 14 to 15.
30.FlakTrack/SeaScorpion/FlakCannon AA weapons' warhead effectiveness against [medium](Kirov) decreased from 100% to 75%, AG weapons can now destroy walls and trees.
31.Allied IFV HP decreased from 270 to 260, weapon damage/ROF changed from 25/40 to 38/65, warhead effectiveness against [wood] decreased from 50% to 40%, against [medium] decreased from 80% to 70%, can now destroy walls and trees.
32.Soviet Kirov Airship HP decreased from 2200 to 2000, All AA weapons' effectiveness vs [medium](Kirov) slightly reduced.
33.Yuri Virus AA weapon projectile changed from instant-hit to invisible homing.
34.Allied IFV Repair weapon range increased from 2.5 to 3.75, can now repair on the move.
35.Allied SEAL primary weapon's warhead effectiveness against [light] vehicle decreased from 30% to 25%, C4 weapon ROF increased from 120 to 150, detonation delay doubled, sensor range decreased from 7 to 6.
36.Soviet Boris weapon no longer deals damage to all units along its trajectory.
37.Yuri Chaos Drone deploy weapon's AoE radius decreased from 4.75 to 4.25, deploy weapon ROF increased from 35 to 70.
38.Yuri Floating Disk's turn rate improved, disk spinning speed decreased from 10 to 3.
39.Allied Airforce Command HQ HP increased from 750 to 800.
40.Allied Orca/BlackEagle's speed increased from 14 to 15.
41.All garrison weapon damage bonus increased from 1.2x to 1.25x.

Other changes:
1.Slightly adjusted trailer animation for Allied missiles.
2.Modified/Updated majority of the vehicle's death explosion animation.
3.Added particle animation for Chrono Legionnaire's death.
4.Fixed Boris/Tanya weapons' bullet animation duration being too short.
5.Soviet Radar's detection animations now use 8-directional arrows for better player acknowledgement on enemy positions, no longer uses two different sound effects.
6.Updated/Modified IFV/Virus/LasherTank 's muzzle animation.
7.Updated Chronosphere's teleportation destination animation.
8.Misc animation registration fixes.
9.Fixed Yuri Psychic Dominator having incorrect altitude for HP bar .
10.Fixed Mirage Tank weapon missing its railgun particles.
11.Replaced Soviet AI's Ivan deploy script with general attack script.
12.Updated/Added Boris weapon's warhead animation and particle effect.
13.Updated ChronoLegionnaire/PsychicTower/SovietRadarTower/PrismTower/Desolator/TerrorDrone/RepairIFV weapons' projectiles with Spark Particles.
14.Allied AI's Tanya usage modified.
15.Updated/Modified RobotTank/Battlefortress' weapon projectiles.
16.Modified Standing/Ready frames for Virus.
17.Allied AI now builds Gap Generator before Tech Lab.
18.ChronoCommando/ChronoIvan now use ChronoLegionnaire's death animation.
19.Fixed Allied AI sometimes produces Rocketeers with incorrect armor type.
20.Updated/Modified IronCurtain's deflection animation, color of the affected units changed from black to dark red.
21.Added idle voice for all heros.
22.Added flying corpses debris animation for most of the vehicles/Aircrafts' explosion.
23.Added Money animation for money generating structures OrePurifier/IndustrialPlant/CloningVet/TechOilDerrick.
24.Modified twinkling animation for ore/gem fields, increased twinkling animation probability.
25.Tanya and SEAL's demolition weapon overhead animation swapped, SEAL no longer uses C4 mouse cursor for secondary attack (C4 cursor now only applies to Tanya and Spy's demolition weapons which can destroy bridges).
26.Misc AI team adjustments.
27.Lowered Grizzly/Apocalypse/Rhino's barrel angle.
28.Added Activeanim for Pillbox/YuriTechLab, modified pillbox weapon's muzzle animation and SE.

Featured AI battle footages:

For more videos please visit mod channel:

Short Briefing

Short Briefing


A short introduction on how the enhanced AI armies behave in skirmish games.

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VS INI Release - 7

VS INI Release - 7

Full Version 21 comments

VS_INI Release Version 7 (Full Version). Based on version 6C.

Map Release: (2) SandSpring

Map Release: (2) SandSpring


A medium-large 1v1 symmetrical map ideal for harvester hunting and direct assault.

VS INI Manuals R6 (Outdated)

VS INI Manuals R6 (Outdated)


Faction documentations and tech tree wallpapers from now on will not be included in the main game package. These files become stand-alone downloads.

Map Release: (4) Transistor

Map Release: (4) Transistor

Patch 1 comment

A symmetric 4p map ideal for FFA games. The design emerges from the Starcraft 2 ladder map [Sequencer].

VS AI for Original YR

VS AI for Original YR

Full Version 2 comments

This is an AI enhancement purely made for original Yuri's Revenge. Unlike VS-INI there are no game play and Unit changes whatsoever, only AI changes.

Map Release: (6) UnrealArena

Map Release: (6) UnrealArena

Patch 2 comments

A simple symmetric 3v3 map. The design somewhat emerges from the classic TW map [Tournament Arena]. Have fun partying with AI on this one.

Comments  (0 - 10 of 39)

Something doesn't work.
I copied the files aimd.ini, artmd.ini, rulesmd.ini, spawner.xdp and the Changelog into the game folder. When I start the game as usual there aren't any changes. When I start Ra2md it seems to have the changes but a few seconds into the game it "crashes". All my stuff explodes and I have lost. What's wrong?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Toveena Creator

Are you playing on a custom map? If that is the case then it has a small chance which it might not be compatible. Also try downloading cncnet client and use it to play. And it needs to be unmodded yr 1.001.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

No custom maps. I don't even necessarily want to play it online. Tested it in a regular Skirmish battle against AI (offline mode).

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

It's a very enlightening YURI mod with an amazing exploration of the YR engine's potential. I never imagined ra2 could have so many effects without the help of ARES. I LOVE this mod and every design in it, but only one thing drive me crazy: too many infantry units just slow down the game! I prefer the AI producing more .vxl units rather .shp units! Is there any way to enhance such situation?
Finally, cheers for RA2 and Toveena!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

I don't know what I'm doing wrong but Every time I start any game (Mission/Skirmish) It just keep getting error. Any help is appreciated TIA

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Toveena Creator

I will try to upload a patch version soon to solve this issue, hopefully.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
Toveena Creator

Try to use cncnet5 launcher instead.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.


This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.


Do not be so shy!I mean,I'm same to you,a chinese modder.But my mod has no a good debugger so I haven't add my mod on this website.
Besides these no good images(Of course these "bad things" are made by Westwood),you mod is very excellent! Can I call it a balanced original version?I hope that I can increase your mod's popularity,maybe I will help you on your Bilibili user!
Best regards!
From vcmvrU

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
Toveena Creator

Your support is always appreciated.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
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Always hated how bad Red Alert 2 AI was, this mod makes the Aı how it should be.

Aug 22 2016 by MustaphaTR

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