A fan for Real life Military equipment ? then this is your mod ! it is a Red Alert 2: Yuri's Revenge mod that basically imports a lot of RL military hardware from the cold war era in the 60's to the late 2000's while maintaining a lot RA2 aspects like prism, tesla tech and etc. Also, It expands on the original RA2 armor system thanks to ARES in which it creates more roles to create numerous units effectively expanding the complexity of handling an army making it necessary to use mixed arms to counter the various unit types. Also, do note that each country will have some twists in their military equipment that will be more or less similar to their respective RL counterparts.

In short: it is a relative to reality fun mod but "a fun mod" is conservative statement.

You can follow my mod in other medias like Discord Server or Youtube Channel

The list of countries to be added to the mod:

Countries 1 1

Map inspired from command and conquer retaliation, left click and hit (open image in new tab) for a better resolution:

Situation map retaliation method

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Civilian Tech Assets - 1

Feature 4 comments

It's high time that an article series is made to cover the tech structures and other civilian tech assets that will be newly introduced to the Red-Counter Strike mod.

When making these assets (made by Yuri_Prime) I thought it would be a good idea to give the players and then future mappers a good chunk of material to play with in the map editor and in-game. Not only that, but also introduce an Economy configuration system that the player gets to choose in the game lobby menu before starting the game. Now, without further ado let's begin:

  • Tech Power Plant and Tech Advanced Power Plant:

First some of the tech power support structures. Wanting to remain faithful to the original Command & Conquer titles, the Tiberian Dawn era power plant has been introduced to the mod. It’s functionality basic; it provides the player with a power output of 350 units.

Tech Power Plant

The upgraded version of the normal powerplant gives the commander a better boost of power output. It gives 500 power units.

Tech Advanced Power Plant

A further expansion to the civilian industrial assets was needed in my opinion, as a Modder I found the original title although having a good variation of functionally distinct tech structures I never shook off the feeling of needing to have and wanting more variety.

  • Tech Ore Silo and Oil Silo:

Old-New structures, unlike the Tech Oil Derrick both structures will give the same amount of income that oil derrick gives but it takes more time per credit transfer. Both give about 10$ every 20 in-game seconds as opposed to oil derrick that give 10$ each 10-ingame seconds. However, where the silos shine (quite literally and no pun intended) is that they give twice the initial capture resource, oil derricks give 1000$ on capture; the silos give 2000$ on capture.

Tech Ore Silo

A minor difference between both buildings is that the oil silo explodes violently upon destruction.

So be careful when stationing or deploying units around it or near it.

Tech Oil Silo

  • Tech Ore Refinery:

A trans-era ore refinery is your go-to structure to capture if you need another ore processing point, as the name suggest it functions like normal ore refineries but with two added benefits, it will give the commander 2000$ credits on capture since it has stored ore inside. The second benefit is it will give the commander a free tech ore miner (Made by Crazy_Bird) every 15 in-game minutes and on top of that; upon capture a free miner is granted before the next one is sent thus helping the commander of mining more ore resources in the long run.

Tech Ore Refinery and civilian m

  • Tech oil Refinery:

Inspired by some of the civilian assets from Command & Conquer Generals, the tech oil refinery is the better oil derrick. Upon capture it grants 3000$ credits for the commander, also it gives 30$ each 10-ingame seconds. Again, keep in mind this refinery will explode violently, even more than the normal oil derrick or oil silo. However, it's sturdier than other oil related structure assets.

Tech Oil Refinery

  • Tech Power Transformer Station:

A unique structure that has been added to the roster. Although it gives no power, it boosts the power output of all powerplants the commander has by 15% making it a very useful asset for commanders who need extra power to be produced. The power boosting capability is all thanks to PHOBOS logic expansion to make the logic exist and the power boosting happen.

Tech Transformer Station

For the Economy Configuration system, the reason for its addition is that I want players to have rudimentary control of the credit values in-game. That said, I did not want to ruin the mod's fun aspects nor tamper with the original game's values to not ruin the experience either.


Alright, here is an explanation of the following:

    • Standard: for those who are seeking a slow-paced game with methodical approach whilst training limited units to get the job done. This is technically what is intended for the mod. It will be a little challenging to get to the ten thousand credit mark, but doable.
    • Enhanced: same as standard but the tech structures and eco-boosters are enhanced to be actually a lot important to capture / construct. For those who want a little more economy boost in the game.
    • Vanilla: Red Alert 2 standard mark, ore/crystals/diamonds values are further enhanced to match the economy style of the vanilla game. For those who want a quicker fast paced game being able to build more units, relying less on the slow methodical approach.
    • Augmented: For casual players who just want to have fun and ditch the whole methodical approach. all values are further enhanced, have fun.

Now here is an example difference between the standard and vanilla configurations:

Eco example

Note: vanilla game default speed is set at fast (30 FPS).

Alright, that is all for today. Stay tuned for the next update. Until next time !

Sigma's Armed Forces sub factions

Sigma's Armed Forces sub factions

News 5 comments

A general information of Sigma's Armed Forces sub factions.

Prelude to war !

Prelude to war !

News 3 comments

I will generally explain how Red Alert 2 Red Counter-Strike missions will be like.

Infantry news - 1

Infantry news - 1

Feature 2 comments

News about infantry and other changes related to them that will take place in Red Counter Strike.

Veterancy System - Part 4

Veterancy System - Part 4


A unit example that is related to both bloc's veterancy system and it's emphasis

Comments  (0 - 10 of 137)
GreatHeartsEmpire - - 6 comments

Iran is anti-American, India is anti-China, and Pakistan is pro-China. It is better to replace it.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
RedCounterStrike! Creator
RedCounterStrike! - - 161 comments

And this is Red Alert 2 in alternate timeline so there is no real reason to replace them.

Reply Good karma+4 votes
SuperHunterX - - 204 comments

I wonder, since Imperial Iran never suffered its revolution in this alternate history, will they get Tomcats and Phantoms? (Aside from the Freedom Fighters/Tiger IIs)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
RedCounterStrike! Creator
RedCounterStrike! - - 161 comments


Reply Good karma+3 votes
SuperHunterX - - 204 comments

(This may sound silly, but just curious)
In examining the earlier screenshots, it looks like there was going to be quite a few nations aligned with the Allies and Soviets. (Eg. Iran, Finland and Greece with the Allies for instance, another example is the Soviets get Vietnam, Venezuela, and India)
I assume at the moment it's going to be kept simple with just six countries for the Allies (USA, UK, Israel, Japan, Turkey, and South Korea/ROK) and Soviets (USSR, Iraq, Egypt, Yugoslavia, North Korea and China/PRC)? Or are those countries going to be added in over time?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
RedCounterStrike! Creator
RedCounterStrike! - - 161 comments

Its actually 8 countries per side

Allies: USA, UK, France, Germany, South Korea, Japan, Israel and Turkey.

Later Allied additions would be 6: Italy, Spain, Finland, Greece, Pakistan, Imperial Iran.

Soviets: USSR, Yugoslavia, China, North Korea, Egypt, Iraq, Venezuela and Cuba.

Later Soviet additions would be 3: Vietnam, Syria and India.

Yes, other countries will be added over time.

Reply Good karma+2 votes
SuperHunterX - - 204 comments

Duly noted! Thanks.

Pretty darn ambitious!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Guest - - 692,141 comments

Now this is something to look forward to. Any estimated release date?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
RedCounterStrike! Creator
RedCounterStrike! - - 161 comments

Soon hopefully.

Reply Good karma+2 votes
yanmo - - 38 comments

I hope I can play this mod before the release of GTA6

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