Berserk: Rebirth is a reimagining of the 2008 classic Revenge of the Berserk by BerserkerPride. This mod follows the story of Guts, the Black Swordsman, from a mere child on the battlefield to a hardened and tempered hunter of demonic forces seeking Revenge.

Given the blessing by the original developer, BerserkerPride, who miraculously still held his original source files nearly 14 years later, this port brings his vision of the dark and dangerous world of Berserk forward for the modern Warband playing audience.

Updated to feature many more Quality of Life features, new Art, and new gameplay mechanics.

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Hello fellow Strugglers!

What a year! When I initially ported Revenge of the Berserk to Warband in January 2023, it was supposed to be just as a one and done 1:1 port job. But after publishing, I received and an overwhelming outpour of positivity and support, so I moved forward with modernization efforts and adding new gameplay mechanics. Three months later, 1.020 released, adding a lot more stability and quality of life changes, now, we are looking forward to 1.030 just on the horizon.

Berserk: Rebirth, 1.030 Release Preview

Here we see the application of multiple active skill loadouts over the course of a normal tournament

New Features:
With a specific goal of adding new gameplay mechanics not typically seen in Warband I've added new combat mechanics for the player to experiment with.

Active Perk Assignment
All the current Active Skills you can assign to your three loadouts!

  • Skill trees themed around 32 different characters, granting you new abilities and altering the game's mechanics.
  • 25 different skills to activate in combat to grant an edge in battle.
  • New Incapacitated Status. Hero troops will fall in battle, giving you an opportunity to talk to them and decide how to deal with them then and there. Kill them, Capture them, or Set them free!
  • Accurate Multihit! Multihit now creates a hitbox around your weapon, striking your foes as the blade reaches them instead of all at once!

Outside of options to lower difficulty for those with impairments, great care has been added to prevent any undue motion sickness or discomfort by allowing systems involving shaking to be toggled. Added Russian language support to the mod, conveniently my new font also had Cyrillic characters!

русский-fied Main Menu
русский in a Berserk near you!

Partial Changelog since 1.020 (last Moddb Version):

General Changes

  • Factions will collapse after 2 weeks of not owning land.
  • Lord Death reworked to use the existing notification queue system.
  • Removed Bounty Points for Vengeful Spirit Troops
  • Party Size Menu Math now properly reflects formula in use by the party size cap (Leadership is now a cumulative skill, with everyone in the party with Leadership skills contributing to the total cap)
  • Tournament/Arena Equipment, bows now have sidearm, arena uses armor
  • Dragonslayer can be used on horseback
  • Added rubik's ubiquitous Troop Tree Viewer.
  • Added Nooxy's Helmet Pack to replace older assets
  • Merchants will now carry factional items, have a small chance to sell their items each day, with the amounts of each item restocked affected by the faction currently holding the city they reside in (i.e. Kushan stock more horses, only some factions stock guns and ammunition)
  • Fixed dialog with troops
  • Added option to disable the ability to skip tough battles (requested feature ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)
  • Resting in town lowers food consumption by half as troops will feed themselves. Parties with fewer than 5 persons will no longer consume food while resting in a town. Camping similarly lowers food needs, but only by a quarter.
  • Player Icon swaps instantly instead of allowing some time to pass
  • Altered Troop wages to make certain troops free to the party
  • Altered food consumption to make specific troops no longer eat, and make specific troops eat MORE
  • Routed Troop parties are now created and follow the same behavior as Native
  • Fixed possibility of infinite loot loops after battles and locks when visiting a city
  • Update the multihit to follow weapon hit box instead of dealing damage prior to the swing
  • Made an option where horses leave battle after a specific time after being dismounted if their original rider was not a hero
  • Fixed retreat logic (You will no longer see “Can't retreat, there are enemies nearby!” and saying No will no longer retreat)
  • You now automatically receive your mercenary payments every week. Mercenary contracts are now (Troop Wages + (Renown / 100) * 1.2 to (Troop Wages + (Renown / 10) * 1.2
  • Update Kushan takeover script to eject the remaining defenders and add a small garrison to prevent quick recapture. (Also steals the garrison that was there)
  • Added camera shake special effect
  • Add 4 default skills that work with all weapons. A quick heal, a stunning sand attack, a rock throw, and quick side step
  • Updated logic for “Retreat with troops left behind” to match Native Warband, should work better
  • Removed old mission codes that have become out of date or replaced in order to improve performance
  • Resting in camp or in a city grants you a Well-Rested status which immediately boosts morale for your party.
  • Made quests more dynamic, you can take on multiple quests per lord! Up to 3 from a single lord!
  • Added Russian language support to included font
  • 32 Skill Trees added, with 162 skills to purchase and upgrade!
  • 25 Active Skills added!

Berserk ModeBerserker Mode Overlay, trading visual clarity for immense power

Guts's Story Changes

  • Fixed “Destroy Griffith” to actually conclude after getting revenge.
  • Readded Functionality for Companionship of: Morgan, Azan, Roderick, Magnifico
  • Restructured the triggers for Companions: Dasharon, Ma Zhou, Valonne, Dareth, and Kera.
  • Fixed the possibility that Schierke joins your party before bringing you to Flora
  • When The White Falcon manifests in the world, he will open a dialog with you, no longer needing you to hunt him down.
  • Disable equipment checks for important companions
  • Fix possibility for Griffith to return as a commoner
  • Updated description before Vrtannis mentioning that Casca, Farnese and Schierke are all needed
  • Updated Heal Casca. The quest now "begins" immediately after the Eclipse. With the description updating depending on current story status.
  • Updated the script that gives the player new story swords to properly secure space for the new incoming swords
  • Created failsafe to provide the player with Berserker armor if they failed to acquire it during the Flora's Mansion Battle
  • Heal Casca has been polished and no longer stays in the quest log when completed
  • Updated “Casca returns to Godot's” to first check if she is in a dungeon. She still returns to Godot's Cave she will just escape any dungeon
  • Debugged the system that prevents vengeful spirits while resting at Godot's
  • Farnese's party now has custom behavior during her quest. She will track you down and patrol you last reported location. Battles, town visits, etc all update your "last known" location. When she finds you she will attempt to take you in.

Create-a-Character Story Changes

  • Add next_menu calls for quick battles in case of accidental follow-up failure, reformatted the entire menu to hopefully be more robust
  • Fixed an embarrassing soft-lock introduced when adding in lord death that prevented Non-Guts’ storyline from progressing.
  • Non-Guts can now participate in the post Fantasia world! Good luck, buckaroos.
Berserk: Rebirth reaches Version 1.020

Berserk: Rebirth reaches Version 1.020

News 4 comments

As a result of the enthusiasm and support from the community, we're excited to announce our second update to the mod! This update builds on the foundation...

Darkness Reborn: Warband Port of Revenge of the Berserk

Darkness Reborn: Warband Port of Revenge of the Berserk


Announcing that the famously dark, and difficult, mod for Vanilla Mount&Blade; has been released for Warband! In a world where the strong prey upon the...

RSS Files
Berserk: Rebirth, 1.020

Berserk: Rebirth, 1.020

Full Version 6 comments

New features abound! Guts' storyline is now rock solid and cannot break, with a quest to guide you on what to do next!

Revenge of the Berserk   Rebirth

Revenge of the Berserk Rebirth

Full Version 4 comments

A 1:1 port bringing Berserk to Warband, opening it to a new generation.

Comments  (0 - 10 of 139)
Guest - - 693,250 comments

Should I play"Revenge of the Berserk Rebirth" first or "Berserk:Rebirth" instead? Or does the newest one contain more content than the mod that came in the 13th of January? Or am I just overthinking all of this?...

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Sionfel Creator
Sionfel - - 1,552 comments

The older version, "Revenge of the Berserk: Rebirth" is a faithful port of the 2009 original bringing it to Warband.

"Berserk: Rebirth" builds from there and adds bugfixes and some quality of life enhancements.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
Guest - - 693,250 comments

Okay I've been playing the newer version and I don't know if it's planned but let me explain:when I join the Hawks all factions become resentful, except the Holy See, but I'm also a Midland Lord which I don't think it's chronologically correct to the story. Oh! And I think a found a bug that whenever I ask a Lord about a task with becoming a mercenary captain,I can accept and get the money, but the thing is nothing changes about the faction relations and I can do it infinitely, like I'm overflowing with coins that I don't know what to do with it.

If these are bugs can I somehow fix it like deleting and reinstalling the mod? I'd appreciate some suggestions on if something is wrong like I described.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Sionfel Creator
Sionfel - - 1,552 comments

Thank you for reporting!

The Infinite merc contract acceptance has been corrected for future releases, and while you have an alignment with Midland, you are just in an endless mercenary contract with none of the lordship benefits.

If you have discord, you can test the secret insider version to see a bit of he upcoming changes.

I appreciate your support!

Reply Good karma+1 vote
lazdanis - - 5 comments

For me this mod keeps crashing at random moments, anyone else having this problem?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Sionfel Creator
Sionfel - - 1,552 comments

No one has really reported many crashes, if you're able to provide any more information I'd be happy to do my best to fix it.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
lazdanis - - 5 comments

I'm not getting crashes anymore, it was on my end. Redownloaded the game and mod. I also checked the ''load textures on demand'' option.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Guest - - 693,250 comments

I wonder if I can experience tht complete story in this mod since "Berserker" is a unfinished manga

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
Sionfel Creator
Sionfel - - 1,552 comments

The mod's story extrapolates from the place where the story of the Manga was in 2007, and tries on to tell a complete story without being too married to the details.

Think of it as retelling an impression of the manga's story, and trying to give it a ending.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
Guest - - 693,250 comments

Will there be a Spanish translation soon? That would make it more beautiful :)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Sionfel Creator
Sionfel - - 1,552 comments

Hey brother! I would love to support as many languages as possible and make this content available to as many people as I can, unfortunately I only speak English.

If you would be willing to offer your time to produce even a rough translation, I would be more than willing to send you translation files in order to help get you started.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
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