Design Goals

  • All races should be equally viable.
  • All sub-factions should be equally viable.
  • All capital ships should be of equal value to the player on the whole.
  • All abilities for each capital ship should be equally viable on the whole.
  • Spam of one type of unit should not be effective and should be easily counterable.
  • Any bugs in the game that are fixable by modding should be fixed.
  • No additions are to be made unless they present a benefit in one of the above capacities.

A full list of all changes this mod makes can be found under features section

I will update this mod as appropriate suggestions are put forth and/or bugs are found in the existing release.

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Release on ModDB

Download 2.02

Up until this point, the mod was only available on the official Sins forums.

Phase Out Hull ChangeAnimosity Change
Battleships vs Strikecraft

2.02 has been released which addresses concerns with the Corsev, particularly focusing on fixing its bugs.

  • Boarding Party: now converts the ship at 35%/45%/55%/65% health (as per Respawned's modification) and does 10/12/14/16 damage directly to hull. Capturing results in a 10%/20%/30%/35% hull heal and a 20%/30%/40%/50% shield heal.
  • Demolition Team: implemented the fix from Fury for the explosion delay. Stock Rebellion's DT deals damage the moment it is cast rather than when the animation says it should. The animation and the damage now line up.
  • Salvage Operations: reduced to 4%/6%/8%/10% from 10%/15%/20%/25% for non-boarded targets and 10%/13.3%/16.7%/20% from 20%/25%/30%/35% for boarded targets. The string has been changed to accurately reflect that the % is the percentage of the Corsev's health, not the frigate.
Mod and Indie News Recap

Mod and Indie News Recap

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We check out the some of latest modDB and indieDB headlines plus your weekly dose of Monday Night Indie.

Full Changelog for 2.03

Full Changelog for 2.03


What follows is the full changelog this mod versus the stock game.

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Full Version

Fixes a fairly major layout bug for the TEC Loyalists in their research tree that prevented, among others, Twin Fortresses from being researched.

keydim - - 62 comments

little bit info aboat balance ?
Is it all or any other ideas for future ?

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Volt_Cruelerz Creator
Volt_Cruelerz - - 2 comments

The full list of what this mod changes can be found under the Features tab.
I am open to feedback and to releasing future versions of the mod.

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Volt_Cruelerz Creator
Volt_Cruelerz - - 2 comments

I realize now that because the feature has not yet been approved, you cannot see it. In the mean time, it is visible under the description section for the 2.02 release.

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