Computer Science major at Purdue University. I'm also a member of the SIGGD, a game development group linked to ACM and am a developer for the live-development game Legions: Overdrive.

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Well, I finally got around to making one of these. We'll have to see how things go. I'll be migrating Rebalanced Races over here when possible and upon completion, Capital Identities will also be here.

For those who aren't familiar, both are mods to Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion, a game that bridges the gap between RTS and 4X, making for one of my favorite games of all time.

Rebalanced Races: A mod that focuses on rebalancing the races (I bet you never would have guessed :P ) so that all races are on equal footing. Even within each race, the abilities of each capitalship have been modified in such a way as to make it so that each has its own advantages and that a player has a difficult choice between abilities and doesn't just choose to put all points into a single ability.

Capital Identities: This mod will focus on adding complexity and depth and will likely include many of GoaFan's E4X mod's components. You see, behind each ship is a backstory which in most cases is not well expressed in the game. As a result, this mod adds passive effects to all capital ships which impact the flow of battle. For instance, the Jarrasul Evacuator is capable of preventing the loss of a planet so long as it is in orbit. The Corsev (a troop transport vessel) will periodically deploy troops to the surface of a planet, building fortifications and even surface-to-orbit missiles.

While those are nice, the crowning achievement of CI shall be the change to the TEC's Dunov Battlecruiser. The modification to this ship shall allow it to act as a massive trade vessel, transporting goods from one planet to another and selling them for a profit. The reason I am so proud of this is that it is by far the most complex "buff chain" ever created for the game, and ultimately rising to the position as the first true buff computer as it must be capable of memory storage and addition. While these may seem simple concepts, given the way that abilities function in the game, I have been forced to effectively create a circuit which shall power the ability, requiring 60+ buffs in all. The previous record was around 15 with the most complex theoretical one being 23 (though it was never realized as a simpler solution was found).

The primary reason for such a complex ability is demonstration. With the additions in Rebellion, modders can now build logic gates in a FAR simpler manner. True, few will be capable of it as it will require background in fields such as computer science, philosophy, and electrical engineering, but I believe that demonstrating what is possible will lead to others taking the plunge and making impressive new powers for ships and structures in the game.

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