Extract downloaded archive in to your Rage folder, it is somewhere under (...steam/steamapps/common/Rage), confirm replacement! Then through steam launch "Play Rage 64-bit with Mods (unsupported)"!

-Since some users experience difficulties downloaing from MODDB here's Mega link:

Some notes:
-Yeah, entering town while heavely hurt is annoying due to inability to heal yourself there. But let's not forget that health regen can be tweaked, so when you are in town and screen is red just type in console
g_playerhealthpersecond 1.

-If you'll pick up rocket launcher in Wellspring underground before going to Dead city, then in Dead city you won't be able to pick up rocket launcher near boss fight, instead just pick up ammo for it and you'll progress.

-If you'll pick up pulse cannon in survival map before going to final mission, when you'll pick up Portman's pulse cannon, there will be 2 pulse cannons in your inventory. It is required to procced. By default weapons can be picked up only once, for pulse cannon I made an exeption.

-when playnig Rage64 with mods some acheivments do work, game counts those, however since Rage64 is not supported it doesn't show unlocked acheivments within see those stuff unlocked just load standart Rage and all the acheivments will pop up))

-In wellspring begginer's races there's time trial race at the bottom of the's not original one. It was added by me but I never tested it so ignore it. However if you'll launch it you'll be able to walk out of the buggy in the Dusty 8 map and walk around there.

This mod adds 3 new levels to play, all 3 levels forms an expansion and can be accessed via Wellspring. But the main goal of the mod is to rebalance Rage the way, i believe, it should have been in the first place, at least on higher difficulties. id offered us a lot of stuff in Rage, player choice, however the biggest problem was that they didn't actually motivate player to make that choice, coz there were no actuall need in using everything in order to survive, you could easely go to a mission and punch with your fists everything and everyone to death. That's not right! So no more rambo-tons-of-ammo style, only tactics and smart resoursefull gameplay.This mod was made with ultra-nightmare difficulty in mind with health regen disabled! It was tested on ultra-nightmare and game can be completed with all side missions including sewers and Scorchers. But changes affect other difficulties as well.

Mod features:
-all weapon damage has been decreased exept for pulse cannon, rocketlauncher, mind control bolts, RC-cars, grenades, explosive bolts, railgun, sniper rifle.
-pistol with standart rounds now the weakest weapon, but still throughtout the game player collects a lot of pistol bullets, so it will help player anyway (headshots are wellcome).
-fatboys does less damage, but headshots still very effective.
-fatmammas still very powerfull, but not as powerfull as in vanilla game.
-standart buckshots is still very effective in close combat, but will require more shots (headshots are wellcome)..
-to keep fun, clip size for standart buckshots have been increased to 12, fatboys to 8. Buy count is also increased to 12 and 8.
-feltrite rounds still very effective against armored enemies, however standart rounds are not, so keeping feltrite ammunition is really important.
-rebar ammo damage decreased so it will take 2 shots to kill non armored human enemies, it was done to prevent rebar from being an unlimmited ammo, shoot 2, pick up 1 (headshots are wellcome).
-all player meely damage has been significantly decreased, so don't bet on it that much.
-sentrybot now serves more as a support, unlike vanilla where one sentrybot could complete sewer mission without player's help. So player now motivated for upgrading sentrybots, sentryturrets, wingsticks.
-vehicle and racing part hasn't been changed. However on ultra-nightmare both wasteland and optional racing are more challenging.
-mostly changing sell/buy prices on different ammo types, ingredients, schematics, upgrades. Some increased, some decreased.
-junk sell price decreased as well as feltrite price, so player need to scaveng every possible area to survive.
-player now highly motivated to play mini-games, complete side quests to constantly refill his funds. But also be smart on spending cash. Player can't have everything, but it's still possible if you are skilled enough and smart;)
-remember that ultra-nightmare difficulty have higher prices for some resources.
-apothis infusion now gives more health
-armor upgrade gives more protection
-defib charge time slightly decreased
-bandages restore 120 health
Since mod was designed for classic manual healing, that changes does make sense.
-Enhanced particles like body explode, head explode, flesh, metall, ground, glass, wood, cloth, clipboard impacts.
New content
-3 single player levels "Wellspring underground", "Unknown", "Survival". Integrated into main Rage campaign in the form of an expansion, but it's optional.

Changes in ultimate version:
-Crosshair is now just a dot.
-Settlers assaultrifle and railgun damage slightly increased.
-Railgun accuracy when firing from the hip is set to 100%, so shoot just like old times!)
-Added russian localisation for custom maps. Добавлена русская локализация для новых уровней.
Wellspring underground (remastered) changes:
-Heavily reworked starting area, more metall-less concrete, wich gives it a more wellspringy look.
-Added settler to starting area to make it more releated to wellspring.
-Gameplay is now more directed, some doors require keys now.
-Added pre-combat animations to enemies, so they are not just standing there and waiting for player. This also gives opportunities for some stealth approach.
-Added new area to explore.
-Optimised megatexture size, added more details, added sweet post-process effect,
various visual improvements including fixing numerous shadowmap glitches on cylindric shapes, fixed every possible texture strech issue,fixed flies particles-now there's flies instead of squares, added water drops screen effects, map rebaked with beautiful shadow maps.
-Now you actually have to kill all the muties to complete the job.
-After job is done you can either procced with custom content or leave and do other stuff. You can return at any time and as many times as you want. But of course there won't be any job to do anymore, just looking for missed loot or going further with custom content.
-Job details updated with reward info.

New map called "Unknown":
-This map connects Wellspring underground with survival arena.
-Has both indoor and outdoor locations.
-Has more of creepy atmospheric feel and serves primarily as transition between two maps, but it has playable content as well.

Survival arena changes:
-Not standalone, but part of an expansion now.
-Added some balancing.
-Some enemie bodies now lootable, those wich are not will dissapear instantly.
-Can be accessed and fully replayed infinitly just like Mutant Bash TV.
-Some visual improvements.
-Job details updated with reward info.

So the custom maps progress now looks like this:
Wellspring > Wellspring underground > Unknown > Survival > Wellspring
-Note that you can still preview maps by loading from mod menu, but will not be fully playable.
-For full experience custom content must be accessed during Rage campaign through Wellspring.
You can also use savegame of previous version made outside of Wellspring and not within any of the custom maps...only saves within original game levels.
Special thanks to Dheu for his Rage tool kit dev notes!!!
Menu screen background based on the original concept art by Stephan Martiniere.

Loading screens for Wellspring underground and Survival are partly using official concept arts.

Special thanks to id for supporting pc community and creating true art;)

Sorry for my english and have a nice game;)

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Rebalance mod Ultimate no maps

Rebalance mod Ultimate no maps

Full Version 3 comments

This is for those who don't care about custom maps and just want rebalancing and other mod stuff.

Rebalance Mod Ultimate

Rebalance Mod Ultimate

Full Version 15 comments

Rebalance mod for Rage. Revisit an amasing game Rage with new balance system, offering challenging, hardcore, very satisfying gameplay.

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Alfredon - - 157 comments

how to change fov in this mod? I change it in the console and then after every loading of a new track or load, it returns to its previous state. What file should I load into the Rage mod tool kit to change that? A short tutorial would be great.
Also, I want to turn off AA completly, which file and how to do it in Rage mod tool kit?
Thank you.

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jdubzz900 - - 4 comments

I seem to be running into an issue where I tweak the weapon damage in the RAGE Tool Kit and it affects the rebalance mod as a whole like it pretty much overwrites the rebalance mod is there any reason why this is?

Do I have to tweak the rebalance mod files themselves? if so how do I go about doing that?


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Guest - - 687,512 comments

Does this fix the nailgun texture?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Vaderous - - 71 comments

Play Rage 64-bit with Mods (unsupported)????Can't run it on 64 bit? :(

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Guest - - 687,512 comments

This mod looks great does it work with the steam version, no?

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
tonev12032 - - 4 comments

duh steam apps

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
downlode - - 214 comments

Impressive work, even to the new splash screen. Are the new levels activated in the course of the game, or is there a 'hot spot' that triggers them?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
id.Dav Creator
id.Dav - - 187 comments

In the course of the game and is triggered in Wellspring)

Reply Good karma+1 vote
Guest - - 687,512 comments

This mod sounds interesting, is there a way to play the maps without having the difficulty increased? I don't mind more challenging enemies, but I want plenty of ammunition and don't want bullet sponges for opponents..

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Guest - - 687,512 comments

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