Rebalance mod for Rage. Revisit an amasing game Rage with new balance system, offering challenging, hardcore, very satisfying gameplay. Also new levels for SP campaign)

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warif says

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I liked Rage for the most part, but it seemed a bit easy, and the abrupt endeing was a surprise.
Also, I found it funny you could sell a few cans of 100 year old canned food and some rusty tools and become a tycoon.
This mod addresses these issues, and gives us some excellent new areas to play. Excellent work, thank you.


If Rage is too easy or boring for you, please try this mod! Best of all: it removes auto-heal completely!!!


Nerzei says

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Excellent mod


I love this mod, the survival map is awesome, and the rebalancing makes the game complete, best and only serious RAGE mod I think was ever attempted. id.Dav really came through with this one!! if you are looking for a better campaign with particle effects and multiple tweaks, or survival mode experience with his new custom gamemode map, this is the mod you need!! 10/10!!!


Amazing Mod for an Amazing Game.
I don't understand why Rage was not well received... it has so much potential (including for modding purposes)

In any case, this mod makes this game a lot more challenging and makes the player to lean more in developing skill for survival. I find it superb!

In the entrance area of Wellspring Underground, a lot of texture stamps, props and lights of different color are placed, creating very visually intensive space, which instantly makes you see that you're going to play a level which is definitely as good as the ones made by id themselves, and maybe even better.

The place we arrive in a while later, looks simpler in comparison with starting area, which is a very welcome change: it allows us to rest from overwhelming detail, and happily stare at simple corridors.

The game's unique features have been put to good use. Just like in original levels, Megatexture technology provides most realistic graphics ever seen in a game by eliminating texture repetition, and lightmaps of very high resolution are used to show some beautiful shadows.

Most stunning things of this map are its variety, prop placement and texturing. The rooms, corridors and tunnels we're going through are very different from each other, skillfully placed props and texture stamps make them even more interesting to look at. Just walking and looking around is very fun, and it's also rewarded with items, which is a plus, too. There are water leaks, fans and ambient sounds to make the place look alive.

Orange walls which are used quite frequently, greatly aid in creating unique feel and atmosphere.

The battles are fun and challenging. Disabled health regeneration makes you search for ways to kill enemies more effectively.

There are, unfortunately, some issues with it. A lock grinder is required to proceed, and if you arrive without it, you'll get stuck. Some textures are stretched. One room suspiciously reminds of resistance hideout, another is very similar to The Well entrance.

But overall, despite the small flaws, Wellspring Underground is certainly very fun and must be played by everyone who has RAGE. I highly recommend you to download this map and play it, because you are very likely to enjoy it.

One of the only serious attempts to improve the underrated Rage. Thank you!


While nothing is entirely perfect, this mod makes Rage alot more like what I would've wanted in the first place and gave me the challenge I was looking for.

It offers difficulty suited for a PC gamer, with situations that can really make you think about what you're going to buy for your next mission.
One of these was the removal of health regeneration which always made the game too easy, and this mod makes you spend on medkits effectively making it alot harder to fill your ammo and thus you realize loot and scavenging will come in real handy, and lock grinders are now a pricey necessity. Prices for everything seem more suited for decision making.

I enjoyed this mod, and can't wait to see it update after time.

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