This is a historical mod, developing by Turkish MB players.

For now, our factions are;

1- Kingdom of Jerusalem
2- Crusader States
3- Byzantine Empire
4- Seljuq Sultanate of Rūm
5- Ayyūbīd Dynasty
6- Mongols

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CAJ v0.3.4


v3.4 avaible in Steam:

Crusade Against Jihad v2 Scenes - Mod DB

For v2.0

General Changes.
-5 new faction(Papal states, second bulgarian empire, cyprus kingdom, georgia kingdom, trebizond kingdom)
-New town,castle and villages for new factions.
-New scenes for new factions(Town,sieges,villages etc)
-Chinesse trasnlation.
-Tavern animation.
-You can sell prison to tavernkeeper.
-Donation to village and towns.
-Flip coin.
-Play card game with tavernkeeper
-Duel with lord,king and npcs.
-Buil iron and gold mine in villages.
-Reading skill and new books.
-Party size and pisoner size remanaged.
-Ekstra siege icon.
-New foods and items(gold,gems,wood,porte) eklendi.
-Foreign skill.
-Make a cart.
-Custom you banner.
-Change party name.
-Combat abilities.(Warcry, Sprint, First aid, Whistle horse)
-Treasure quest added.
-New events.(80 )
-New buildings in caravenserai.
-Critical damage.
-Stamina system.
-NPCs import export.
-Custom factions recoloured.
-Recruit manhunters from ronsom breaker.
-New gifts for tournament.
-Wolrd map.
-Lance and spear breaking.
-Pecheneg village and pecheneg soldiers.
-Waving banners.
-Map remaked.
-New merchants added to taverns.
-Formation removed.
-Kayig clan added.

For v1.0
-3 new faction(khwaramian Empires,Abbasid Caliphate and Kipchak Khanate)
-New 6 towns, 11 castles and villages.
-New europan horses.
-New gauntles.
-New crossbows.
-New merchanary troops.(Merchanary Rum Soldier, Beduin, Tatar,Turkmen etc..)
-Seljuk,Byzantine,Mongol troops changed and troops variation increased.
-New troops for new factions.
-Sea battle added, lords and other parties avaible.
-New parties added.(Tatars,Kipchaks and Turkmens)
-New siege scenes(Towns and some castles)
-İncreased siege of diffucultyl.
-Zagros mountains added to world map.
-Lances breaking.
-You can trade with caravans.


-900 new items
-Historical troops
-Custom your own kingdom troops
-Kingdom special troops.(Seljuk Gulam,Keshik,Templar Knight,Fireman,Kyahassi,Assassin)
-Ai kick and jumping
-New formations
-Shield Bash
-New historical scenes
-Polished Landspaces
-New animals
-Spear banners
-New female face and hair models
-Muhtar Gazi added.
-New historical musics
-More blood
-New mercenary troops
-New battle scenes
-And more..


-Mark7 - Crusaders Way to Expiation - OSP Pack

-Rus 13th mod - Yurts and some armors -
-kalarhan - for all helping
-VforVendetta- Geliştirilmiş harita ve savaş alanı grafikleri
-Motomataru - Formations v5
-rubik - Custom Commander
-HokieBT - Make the screen bloody when injured
-La Grandmaster - Bloody screen textures
-enoglo - kanlanan ekran kiti konusu
-gutekfiutek -Polished Landspaces
-leandrojas_ - Add-on, OP, WB 1.134, ] Towers, walls and ladders. V1.5
-The_Bowman_T - Native scene replament
-Zarthas - Ai Kicking, AI jumping atack codes.
-Matmohair1's Arabian War Cries and Banners and referances pics.
-grailknighthero - One banner per faction
-Masterancza - AI kick code some changes
-K700 - Update wse 4.3, Flail
- cmpxchg8b, initial WSE developer
-Votsukan - mesh, animation Flail
---New female hair models
ThrottleKitty (TESNexus) - Models
Ren (TESNexus) - Models
RoseSim - Models
Taleworlds - For a great game
Me - Uvmapping the models and making import versions
Shik - New Female Head Model, Face Textures, and Hairstyles
-Musics -
-Beaver for the original script-Grenade Code
-DuskVoyager for fixing the "WTF the grenades keep blowing me up for no reason" bug-Grenade Code
-ScreamingCommie - Grenade Code
Background Pics
-Aeglos - Freelancer ekleme dersi
-mskimizd - Custom your own Kingdom troops
-Flanged - Dismemberment and Decapitation Mod Kit... WIP Version Released (OSP)
-timedanze - Hunting
-xenoargh - Shield Bash (OSP)
-laszers - [Tutorial] How to make troops recruitable from castle/towns.
-Taragoth - Freelancer
-rubik - Perfect troop tree presentation
-thewanderingknight - More blood files
-Snowbird Games - and files
-dia151 - [Item] Saracen Armor
-Slavos - [TUTORIAL],[WB] Making more mercenaries leaders appear in the tavern
Some parts of this code are taken from Floris Source,so obviously the Floris Mod Team deserves the credit.
Somebody and gdwitt for script guidance
-Hypercharge-Jenereik ekran kodu

-Brytenvalda - Modul system
-jacobhinds - [Tutorial] Complete Guide to Adding Factions
-The Mercenary- Horse speed
-Lathrael - Aile ağacı düzenlemesi
-Gaunt - Weapon Breaking trigger
-Ruthven - Sea Battle
-Mbahri - Partilerin Denizde gemi ikonuna dönüşmesi
-Hypercharge - Partilerin Denizde gemi ikonuna dönüşmesi
-Zimke Zlovoljni - Turcoman armor


-12th mod team - 12 armors -
-Tiberivs - Traditional Chinesee Translation
-Daedalus a.k.a Slawomir of Aaarrghh - Tavern Animation Pack
-Diplomacy mod some codes
-Tüfekçibaşı - Köye bağış yapma kodu -
-Albertus Magnus - Flipping coins with tavernkeepers -
-Lumos - Beer drinking for Warband! -
Thanks oolonglgx for inspiration! - Three card game -
-Evlat mod - Köy yaşlısı ve lonca başkanıyla konuşma,lordların taraf değiştirmesi -
-MartinF - Duel Kit v0.5 released - duel your troops, companions, lord and kings -
-AndyYa - Gold and Iron Mines -
-Porshy - Party size,New skill(Reading) and new books -
-Native Expansion mod - Some codes with models -
-Lav - Siege Camp Icon (mini-mod) -
-Efe Karacar - İleri Lord/Kral İnteraksiyonu -
-jrider - Adding a new skill: Foraging -
-gaston - Forming a Wagon Train -
-FALX - Making CUSTOM BANNER (heraldry, color, background) -
-Caba`drin - Custom Player Party Name (Open Source) -
- Village Raids & Sieges--Allow Player Party Actions -

-Chel - Combat Abilities [KIT] -
-jrider - New presentations for reports -
-Glabrezu - manhunter: attack them or sell them prisoners (a how to) -
-Cernunos - Random treasure hunt -
-Floris mod - some codes,color code,npc import-export,
-Fire and Sword - Prisoner Chat
-Brytenwalda mod - Random events,some codes,critical damage,stamina system
-Yoman Jenkins - [Item] Yoman's helmets/coifs for byzantine, cataphracts, and others -
-Jaakko -Model]Late Medieval Italian Prop Pack and roman era building-
-El Guanche - [WB, Kit, Code's + Model's, - Firre Arrow - OSP] -
-Al_Mansur - [Item][Model] Al Mansur packs - Medieval bombard uploaded -
-kuauik- items(Permission mama li turchi first version of CAJ) -
-Waewulf - Waewulf's Light Pack -
-Ikagiua - Sprint and regen health -
-rubik - [code]The World Map to show the exact realm of factions -
-Partizanes - Alp Zırhları
-Bekir Uzun - Kayı itemleri
-mody_goal - Alp Börkleri
-Romanov131 - Bulgarian Empire flag
-thed hawke - Çeviri için teşekürler
-Ulthtin - Çeviri için teşekürler

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Crusades and Jihads v4.011 Patch

Crusades and Jihads v4.011 Patch

Patch 6 comments

-skip main quest -pray animation key o -water ammo increased.

Crusades and Jihads v4.0

Crusades and Jihads v4.0

Full Version 22 comments

caj v4.0 Scenes -New seljuk lord hall scenes. -Kipchak sieges scenes fixed. -Batumi and other georgian castle siege scenes fixed. -seljuk town siege scenes...

v3.4 Patch - Firstly Download v3.1

v3.4 Patch - Firstly Download v3.1

Patch 27 comments

v3.4 Fixes -In random villages, player has more men and you can leave from village. -Randomly fort and villages visible in map. -Fort enenmy soldiers...

v3.12 Patch

v3.12 Patch

Patch 5 comments

This file include v3.12 patch, If you have v3.0 download this. NOT WORKİNG with v2.23 or v2.5. Bu dosya v3.12 yükseltme sürümünü içerir. Bu sürüm...

Crusade Against Jihad v3.1 Full Version

Crusade Against Jihad v3.1 Full Version

Full Version 26 comments

Crusades versus Jihad is a complete overhaul mod for Mount and Blade: Warband that takes place in 1226. It is set in the Middle East, where Muslims and...

CAJ v2 23

CAJ v2 23

Patch 25 comments

This version just for a bug fix. -Köyden alınan gönüllüler azaltıldı nama göre geliyorlar, grup büyüklüğü oyuncu için yeniden düzenlendi...

Comments  (0 - 10 of 394)

Anyone know how to recruit your own units once you start your own kingdom?

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes

Hello, you need to get some fiefs first. Once you have a village(0+ relation) you can recruit volunteers. Also, dont forget to save the customized units.. and give them some names! oh, and one more thing- you can recruit "special troops"(endgame custom units) in cities/castle. It should be possible like about 3 days after you found your kingdom. Your lords will also recruit the custom units, if you have the latest version. But give them some time(10 days) so They can start the recruiting.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

why i download it but it don't shown on module list?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Hello, what do you mean? You have to paste it to MB Warband folder. Also, dont forgrt that you need to download version 4.0, paste it into the folder and then download v4.011 and replace the files there. If it still doesnt work, let me know. I think I can help you.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Ola, descobri o meu problema, eu sou brasileiro, jogava na lingua espanhol, em vez de aparecer Acre, etc, aparecia Uxal, descobri que mudando a linguagem para inglês tudo voltou ao normal.Valeu

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Hello again developers. I have to say, im incredibly glad that you have released this new version, including the patch. It has made the mod reborn again! However, I have done some research and found some more bugs(because it seems you actually listened to me :D which im grateful for)
So.. for example- Don't know if its intentional or not, but there's the 1)Kingdom 7 in the faction notes. It has no fiefs, doesn't really exist on the map.. but it just is there(doesnt have to be solved really, just saying.) Next one- 2)Stairs in Tbilisi tavern, where a chest is as well. Once I get the chest and want to climb up, I can't really do it. It is possible, but takes a lot of time. 3)In caravanserai- When I ask for a coffee drink, the guy who offers it says "1 saat sonra gel". 4)Mispelling-Still, some mispelling here and there- cavalary, prison(er), Assassin lord JA'abul(or smth like that).. Also, the random event- Which way to Istanbul- still not explained, so u lose honor and renown for nothing.
Now some of the major bugs- 5)Lakes at desert battles- units can walk through it like Jesus and fight in the water, which doesn't make sense at all. Also, some stones in the desert have invisible hitbox, so archers miss enemies because of that, when They hide behind it.
Last but not least, some of the could-be-fixed things- There is 6)no explanation about Two-wheeled carts, so I have no idea what I purchased. 7)Music silence- once a song stops playing(all of them are nice though!) there is like a 2 minute silence(I've seen it in the folder, it's probably the .mp3 file issue, because it has 4 minutes but the actual song has only minute and half-hope you know what I mean) Also, I don't know if I've done something wrong, but the 8)flail doesn't have any animation(and yes, I have WSE installed correctly- fiery arrow animations work as intended.. its just the flail issue). 9)Formation mod- Whenever I enable formation mod, all my units charge at the middle and fight literally in each other's faces, like 50x50 units on one place, which means the fight is infinite, unless I help... Anyway, those are probably all the minor and major problems I've found so far.. I love the progress though! The game is enjoyable overal, its just these few imperfections. Oh and one more thing- In my opinion, 10)Fedayeens(Assassins) could use more detailed description, as well as more stats or better armour stats- because they are incredibly weak compared to basically anyone else- I have played about 100 days so far and Mongols, Khwarezmids and Persians just crushed my army few minutes after the game started, no matter how much of a master tactician I was. As well as sieges, incredibly hard too. (probably historically inaccurate, but it would be nice if they would have a city from the beginning- at least just one).
I love all the new features though, like having your own son.. or the random events.. or the boar hunting.. as well as all the new armours and weapons and.. everything! I thank you so much yet again for the job you're doing!
Hope some dev reads this as well.
Here are all the issues and bugs listed, so it might help you find it in the text more easily.
1)Kingdom 7, 2)Stairs in Tbilisi, 3)caravanserai, 4)Mispelling
5)Lakes at desert battles, 6)No explanation about Two-wheeled carts, 7)Music silence, 8)Flail, 9)Formation mod, 10)Fedayeens(Assassins)
Thanks again and have a nice day! Typhon.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Also, I forgot- in Constantinople tavern, the keeper's part is just bugged. Everything is above the floor, and some of the bowls are also next to the table levitating. And it crashed for me the first time so far. When I was fighting 400vs700, The enemies were immediately fleeing when They joined the battle. So I guess that was the problem. I really hope you at least read this.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.


This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.


oynamak için önceki sürümlerin yüklü olması gerekiyormu

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes

Hayir, once v4.0 indir, sonra v4.011 surumunu indir.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
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