... now that I've got my modding tools and the debug .dlls, things have changed and I present to you, the third stable release of my uber-balance-overhaul-thingy! v0.2

Immediately Noticeable Gameplay Features:

  • Upgrading to Tier II costs 2 fate, to force the player (and the AI, which doesn't cheat in fate) to fight in the earlygame. Other tiers have no fate costs...
  • .... but are all insanely expensive anyway. Tier IV -> V costs 2000 food and 3000 ore.
  • Special Abilities are also pretty darn expensive. No longer can you quickly spend a feeble amount of money on the flabberghastingly powerful Tree Form - it's still there, but lategame and you need a flabbergasting amount of money for a flabberghastingly OP upgrade!
  • With a couple of exceptions, heroes have been universally buffed. (The Witch-King is no longer an object of scorn and if you see him when he's Rank 10, batten down the hatches and prepare for war!)
  • Nazgul are trainable instead of Gollum. Boromir is trainable instead of Frodo.... and both of these include the campaigns. So you can summon Boromir in the Iron Hills or the forest of Mirkwood!

Less Noticeable Gameplay Features:

  • All sorts of units now get special abilities. Not so much triggered special abilities, but passive special abilities or something interesting. Examples:
    • Shieldbreakers have knockback, upgradeable to knockback Shield Break, upgradeable to Area of effect Knockback Shield Break (in addition to a triggered special ability, Slam)
    • Bonecleaver get area-of effect knockback
    • Huorns get armor-piercing poison
    • Wraith gets an upgrade to boost its armor to 25, but its damage remains at 3 - making it quite a tank
    • Elf Wardens can get immunity to Stun, Poison, Slow, Blind, and Knockback
    • Razor Axe is now insanely powerful as opposed to useless
    • Spiders get Stealth
    • Elven Archers get Trueshot
  • Wondering about balance? Fear not - most of the upgrades on the list are Tier V and extremely expensive. For example, AOE Knockback Shield Break is 3 fate and 1500 ore. Elven Archer Trueshot is 1750 food, 750 ore, and 1 fate.
  • Speed of units has been changed! Cav never was useful in WoTR, but this serves to slow heavy infantry down so you can no longer run around the map.
  • Fire is fantastic. Original fire damage was capped at 7 fire damage per second. Now it's 100. Furthermore, some units now deal passive fire damage (some need upgrades): Rohan Archer, Grishnakh, Lightbearer... It's an amazing building-trasher.
  • Hero abilities are now all powerful. Invisible Force? Now deals enough damage to inflict pain on T5 elites and instakill T1 trash. Grishnakh's Torch? Now deals 50 fire damage, great for chucking on a tower or Fortress of Mordor. Trueshot? Now deals 250 damage.
  • Line of sight has been extensively changed. No longer does every unit have 17.5 LOS - it's now quite variable.
  • Rohan Archers are your standard T1 Good Archer. They get fire arrows in T2. Happy torching!
  • Elf Wardens are T3 infantry, a very neccessary slot. Immunity to poison makes them great anti-spiders, and in T5 they get immunity to all debuff spells.
  • Spiders deserve a mention for "Unit Most Overhauled."
    • High HP
    • Armor-piercing poison that stacks with intensity each time it bites
    • Stat upgrades along the way
    • The good ol' Stun and Spray Venom
    • Stealth in Tier V

.... and much, much more...

Only the Beorning, Warg, Uruk-Hai, and Haradrim Slayer bear any resemblance to their vanilla counterparts. Every other unit has had some love. Now Wraiths are absolute tanks. Back them up with flaming arrow dirt cheap (but really low HP) Orc Archers and dish out enough arrows to kill even T3 units. Riders of Rohan? Trample in T3 makes them a perfect counter to Stonehurlers, to jam them up and stop them from shredding your archers. Bonecleavers? Now behemoths of great force. Lightbearers? Now the most powerful ranged spellcaster in the game - and a price to match (350f 50ore).

Oh and here's a shameless plug for my level pack, which you may find of interest.

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One Balance to Rule them All - v0.2

One Balance to Rule them All - v0.2

Full Version 15 comments

Finally, One Balance to Rule them All has an update! The main feature is the Spell Overhaul. Summon the Last Alliance, or call down a catapult blast from...

Small resource balance

Small resource balance

Patch 2 comments

Small resource patch. The game is playable on all resource settings!

OLD - One Balance to Rule them All v0.1.1

OLD - One Balance to Rule them All v0.1.1

Full Version 6 comments

The long-awaited v0.1.1 . This fixes a couple of glaring issues (like Huorns double armor vs Bonecleavers) and generally expands the game yet again.

OLD - Main Files

OLD - Main Files

Full Version

Outdated - go get your hands on v0.1.1 which is a full install anyway.

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aidenpons Creator

Just so you know what's going on:

I've finally managed to overhaul Fate Powers! ... too bad quite a lot is hardcoded. Quite a lot ISN'T, though, so I have used that to great effect.

What's currently stopping a release is the Techniques file... it keeps causing an AI crash... I've had to revert to a previous build THREE times now but I really can't just ignore the file - it's so imperative to research those upgrades like Elven Archer Trueshot.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

Hi is this mod still being updated? if it is still being update I appreciate what you have done for game being an old. I'm glad someone like you was able to pick up this game and make it better. thanks alot! this brings back lot of good memories with this game. =)

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aidenpons Creator

Updated? No, in that I haven't pushed any updates. Working on? Yes, incrementally slowly. I'm incredibly busy IRL or else I would have overhauled the Spells section by now, but I'm still working on it, in occasional evenings.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

really loving this mod

when I first tried it, I was a bit... un-okay with how much of the game was changed, but since all the changes actually just make the game a lot better and less imbalanced, I'm very happy with it now

I do still think stealth of most sorts (especially with ranged units) is op... it doesn't take much to take out the one or two rangers or wraiths the enemy brings along and after that they're pretty much at your mercy

I do love the shieldbreakers being powerful but I think they're a bit much right now... I don't think they should be able to defeat a bonecleaver one on one (i'm also very much loving that the bonecleaver's a scary dude now as opposed to just a big expensive dude)

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aidenpons Creator

Stealth is indeed OP because of the lower LOS of Wraiths and the fact the AI never researches the double range LOS...

... this will be fixed in the next upgrade.

As far as Shieldbreakers being very powerful, they're not quite capable of 1v1-ing a Bonecleaver UNLESS they are fully upgraded with +10 armor and +10 attack. I'm currently trying to balance both their price and health; I can change damage, AOE, armor, special abilites etc etc etc via upgrades but I -can't- change their cost or health.
Keep in mind that Shieldbreakers are also slower than usual, along with some other units.

Bonecleavers also get an AOE knockback upgrade (also in Tier V)...

... My problem is that there are SO MANY spammable elites IF and ONLY IF you have the resources to spare. Massed Huorns is EVEN MORE OP than normal (but even more expensive). Massed Gondor Swordsman is cheap and nasty (although gets savaged by anything with AOE). Massed Stealth Spiders can stunlock everything (Spiders are rather unbalanced). Massed Bonecleavers annhilate ANYTHING in their path (just get ten FU ones and send them off). Massed Stonehurlers are STILL powerful. Massed Uruk-Hai is now even better than normal because of the lower pop cost. Massed Orcs is hilariously fun to just burn all their buildings with your Orc Flame Arrows. Massed Beornings means you can smash things and run off. Massed Elves means you can smash Wraiths...

... Massed anything is OP :P One of the problems with the AI is that it doesn't quite understand this... they usually don't send -quite- enough until the ultra-lategame.

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aidenpons Creator

The next update should hopefully come soon (tm); v0.1.1 is just some minor changes (incl. fixing the fact that Huorns take half damage from Bonecleavers :O), and then it'll be a great deal of time before v0.2, which is planned to be a Spells update.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

that 50% damage reduction is very noticeable lategame, even though I feel you nerfed the huorns a bit much (they're pretty much only good for keeping units stunned so other units can take them out and that requires a lot of micromanaging)

plus, the only thing going for [huorns] is their armour (aside from tree form), which disappears entirely during a fight with a shieldbreaker

another thing is gimli... I think it's fair to give him vastly increased armour and health, but the extra damage on top of that is a bit too much
he's a lot stronger than any of the other midtier heroes (except the wk, but that one costs 5 fate)
(from your mod, I kind of get the feel that you're a major fan of dwarves :P
which is fine, ofcourse, they often get ignored by people despite being fairly good fighters and excellent blacksmiths... they're the first race to make a dragon run for his life, probably the only race (partially since all the other dragons are just straight-up killed and dont have a chance to run)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
aidenpons Creator

I nerf'd Huorns because 4 Huorns with enough micromanagement is nearly invincible. The trick is to abuse the fact that F1 is the shortcut key for Special Ability #1. (Also F2, F3, and F4). By sending one Huorn in you can just stun them for a good deal of time.... and if you send seven huorns in, with some micro (it really isn't THAT much, click Huorn tap F1, wait for stun to go out, click another preferably-yellow Huorn, tap F1...)
The game bugs - the radius of the stun is about TWICE what is shown when you hover over the ability, which makes their stun incredibly powerful. The heal also allows you to mop up an enemy army + select them all + tree form = heal!

Huorns also have the highest health of any unit in the game (and higher than some heroes).
They also get a hefty siege bonus as well as [possibly, dunno if I changed this or not] bonus armor vs towers.

I was thinking of Treebeard's line "Trolls are a mockery of Ents." I want an army of Huorns to just SMASH any trolls/orcs/anything in their way. I wanted them to be Tier IV elites, such that bring two out and the other play goes "Oh ---- let's just focus-fire 'em down."


Gimli? Increased damage? Lot stronger than the other heroes? While in raw stats that's true, it comes down to special abilities. Gimli has a measly stun (just bring a Huorn along instead :P) and the OP Capture, and a fairly meagre siege aura.

Legolas gets a high-damage special attack, as well as complete invulnerability to ranged attacks (Guardian Wind is OP), as well as a speed bonus. He dies really easily in the frontline due to low health and armor, but he's what I wanted an archer hero to be - "support," really. Keep him at the back of an army and he'll happily rank up killing things... also if you micromanage Trueshot (which is difficult, just abuse F1) it can be quite nifty.

Aragorn has his OP Kingsfoil (+250 health or so), as well as mega-damage and the INSANE immunity to stun/slow/everything.

WK is OP as you know, Saleme probably is too weak, Grishnakh costs 2 fate and is your "spammable hero for causing carnage and then dying..."

To me Gimli's balanced, because he has ultra-high attack, armor, and health, but relatively little in the way of shiny special abilities. He also takes a long time to rank up... but I'll also keep that in mind.

" I kind of get the feel that you're a major fan of dwarves" Yep, got it in one :P I was particularly annoyed how Shieldbreakers were.... rubbish. Too late to train in Tier II, not great in Tier III, and outclassed by everything in Tier IV. And they weren't immune to knockback....
.... did I mention that 0.1.1 will hideously buff Axethrowers? :P


I'll definitely keep your feedback in mind.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

I'm looking forward to it :)
I am now experimenting with a few things of my own, mostly regarding hero abilities

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
aidenpons Creator

Well, v0.1.1 is out which fixes a couple of things and adds a bit more.

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