About the project:

An NWN module that came out of writing hyper-linked dialogues in Word. It became an NWN Aurora tool-set module because it was easier to fix errors in a dialogue editor.

Not So Text Adventure Part Trois is a story driven module that came out of two silly modules called Not So Text Adventure and Not So Text Adventure Part Deux. The modules were written tongue in cheek--attempting to recall the silly fantasy situations from Monty Python and stock fantasy objectives such as fighting bosses and retrieving end of the world saving objects.

The original two test modules was where I tested scripts after being away from using the Aurora tool-set; needing to create material for a portfolio.

Not So Text Adventure Part Trois takes off from the end of Part Deux, and gives the player a more serious adventure storyline to chew on.

The player is caught in the middle of an ongoing war between powerful nations. The player must figure out how he/she is connected to the war. There is little combat and a lot of exposition.

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An Update: Readme


Not So Text Adventure Part Trois--Readme
Version 1.0

Software Requirements

  • Neverwinter Nights v1.68
  • This includes the two expansion packs Shadows of Undrentide and Hordes of the Underdark

How to play this module

  • Download the file and Not So Text Adventure Part Trois.mod
  • Copy the file into the Modules folder of your Neverwinter Nights directory
  • Start up the game and go New
  • Select Other Modules
  • Scroll down until you hit No So Text Adventure Part Trois
  • Play

Details about the module

Feature complete as of December 15, 2011

Bug free as of December 15, 2011 (I hope)

Scripts written with Lilac Soul's NWN Script Generator and the toolset Script Wizard
Nwnlexicon.com (help)

For players of at least 11th level with non-enchanted equipment

IF you die however, click the Respawn option in the pop-up window with no xp or gold penalty (ignore what it says).

A story driven module created out of two initial test modules.

The player finds him/herself in a graveyard after a number of strange events involving eccentric villagers, druids, a fight with an abyssal penguin, a cheesed off sphinx, and an ancient artifact called the Thingamabob that did absolutely nothing.

The module was built around any kind of character and is not very long. I have attempted to write an interesting story.

Just for fun, try importing a high level character with a fairly heroic wisdom statistic.

An Update: Features

An Update: Features


So I decided to write a 'features' list for the module. I would like to be able to really say that there are interesting things in the module for the...

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Not So Text Adventure Part Trois

Not So Text Adventure Part Trois

Full Version 1 comment

This is the full version of my module. Not So Text Adventure Part Trois. A readme is included in the zip file. I hope you enjoy playing it.


Sounds interesting. I'm tracking.

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