Ship additions
Proc Corvette
Proc Sloop of War
Proc Ass Cutter
Ironclad Casmate

Update major Changes


Navy mow
Slight price reduction from 246 to 240
Speed buff from 16 to 18 general buff to all capital class ships in order to reduce travel time to combat area
increased time in actual combat
Sail hp Buffed 20 percent

Speed buff from 16 to 18 *
Sail hp increased to navy mow values

Command starhammer
Disabled from multiplayer as per agreement to remove armored ships from game

Command frigate
Disabled from multiplayer

Fast frigate
Price reduction from 95 to 80

Heavy scout Legacy
Price reduction to 80 from 105vp small hp buff on 100 hp per broadside and bow broadside was at 300hp bow was at 200hp core section increased from 230 to 260
change to light carronades from light cannons second deck

Heavy escort
price reduction from 62 to 60 and hull strength increased by 30 percent including sails speed is at 22

Command escort
price reduction to 72 from 100 and hull strenth increase by 30 percent including sails speed reduction from 31 to 25

Assault cutter
price reduction 70 vp from 80vp speed increase to 24 km/h from 22

Command assault cutter
Disabled from multiplayer

part of incentive to provide navy players with medium ship options not just the cutter by making all other medium ships below frigate much closer to cutter in price

Proc Tender
Sail hp increased by 20 percent

Proc Frigate
Max angular accel reduced from 5.5 to 2.5

Proc Mow
Added heavy pd in the rear repalcing lightning gun added new med pd in the front
added 2 light mounts replacing 2 med pds in the stern
Speed buff from 16 to 18 *
Sail hp buffed 20 percent

Speed buff from 16 to 18 *
Sail hp increased to man of war values


Pirate Frigate
Max angular accel reduced from 4.8 to 1.8

Pirate mow speed reduction to 22 from 27
hull layers hp increase to compensate 200hp broadside layer increase 150 for stern 50hp for iron bow
Sail hp increased from 120 hp to 180hp per sail
core section hp buffed from 400hp to 440hp navy mow core section is at 500 for reference

pirate mow now has the speed of a frigate but is tougher yet not quite as tough as the slower mow

Weapon additions

Gordons Tuskus fire

Harry's Light, Medium, Heavy, High explosive Plasma Cannon
designed for dealing damage to small ships at very long ranges by exploding timed fuses still requires gunners for accuracy

Weapon changes

Light carronades reduced fire chance to 20 percent from 55 med carronades 30 percent from 55 heavy carronades remain at 55 percent

part of incentive to make a gradual improvement as you transition from light to heavy weapons

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Mod of the Aeons

Mod of the Aeons

Full Version 1 comment

this game can be played in folder. which is super helpful when you just want to play the mod without install

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