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What to expect?

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Heads up! This mod is not for everyone. If you're wondering if MIRE is compatible with "CS Complete", this probably isn't the right mod for you. However, if you like to take it slow and suffer a little bit, read on ;)

Brief overview

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Anomalies are deadly and radiation poisoning can't be taken lightly anymore. When going deep into the zone, preparation is key. A gas mask might be uncomfortable to wear but it will save your life one day.

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There's no such thing as a free lunch, demand is high and supplies are limited. Simply surviving in the zone can be expensive. Many Stalkers earn their keep by hunting mutants for their body parts until they can afford the proper equipment to go deep and search for artifacts.

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Unlike vanilla, your character needs to eat and doesn't heal up automatically.
So remember to eat regularly, keep your meds handy and take a nap every now and then.


Ballistics have been modified to make gunfights more realistic. Keep your head down and don't try to be a hero! There's no shame in retreat if it lets you remain strong enough to go after the enemy later.

Full list of features & credits

Motivation & Release

Several weeks back I wanted to do a playthrough of good old Clear Sky and was desperately looking for a plain hardcore oriented mod. Unfortunately, I didn't find one (not saying there aren't any good CS mods out there, just not what I was looking for). So I learned how to add and tweak things myself to make Clear Sky harder and more immersive for me. Well, as you can see I got carried away with it and at some point I thought it might be worth sharing with you.

Now I got the basics covered and I'm preparing to release MIRE 1.0 this Weekend.


MIRE 1.0



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MIRE 1.0 will be released this Friday , April 1st.

Features & Credits

Features & Credits

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Full list of features and credits for version 1.0 of MIRE



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Every mod should have a video trailer of some kind, right? Well, here it is.



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With the hunger mechanic being reintroduced and auto-healing removed, consumables have become more important...

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MIRE 1.0

MIRE 1.0

Full Version 52 comments

MIRE 1.0 executable file. Please read description for additional information...

MIRE addon

MIRE addon

Texture 4 comments

Unofficial addon pack by Capt.Host. Please read description for additional information...

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reter - - 615 comments

Instead of making radiations a pain in the ***, you should have made radiation aids very less affordable and foundable, radiation just kills you in 10 second and if you don't have 10 antirads you're screwd

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Allen_Walker - - 26 comments

hey I just tried to merge AO 1.2 with MIRE 1.0 , it ran fine for about 30 min. I just don't have time to test it more rn so if you guys wanna check out I am uploading it right now. The link should be up in a few hours

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Allen_Walker - - 26 comments

I get a crash without a log file when I try to go near flea market? does this only happen to me? (I only have Mire and it's addons)

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dznb4z - - 2 comments

Are you considering adding new features?

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garrett-90 - - 4 comments

Is there ANY way to check the hunger status progress? I often end up waking up half dead after sleeping 'cause of it.

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Hermann_Hetzer Creator
Hermann_Hetzer - - 43 comments

Hey guys, sorry I haven't been around.
To answer the most frequently asked question: you are most likely losing health due to radiation. It tends to be an issue in the early game when you're still unprotected.
Low radiation levels ​​are not displayed in hud/inventory. I should have made a visual indicator. I'm sorry about that. Drink something alcoholic or take some antirads if that happens to you.

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AnglNeavada - - 10 comments

Can´t upgrade CS-3a body armour,there are four upgrades near the bottom that says st_desc_unknown, it is a mod bug?

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Wędrowiec - - 339 comments

Is the mod alive?

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kosáčekCZ - - 5 comments

skvělá práce! těžký jako prase a to je výzva alespoň pro mě. doufám že budete pokračovat v dalším vývoji např.(Zkusit sloučit tento mod s arsenal overhaul 2?)

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ponurymazepa - - 23 comments

Hello guys. Do I need to install SRP 1.2 when wanting to use this mod? Thanks in advance for an answer.

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