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Full list of features and credits for version 1.0 of MIRE

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- high resolution structure, ground and foliage textures
- 3 new radio songs and 1 radio transmission
- louder crackling of geiger counter
- realistic flashlight
- custom weather

- dynamic gas mask overlay
- additional overlay that indicates imminent death
- minimalistic HUD
- consistent UI design
- minimap removed
- only friendly forces shown in pda
- grenade indicator removed
- binoculars do not identify targets anymore

Physical condition
- hunger
- auto-healing removed
- maximum carry weight lowered
- can sprint longer distances (if not over-encumbered)

Difficulty & Economy
- tougher economy
- diversified traders
- more 'aggressive' radiation
- deadlier anomalies
- low immunity against environmental threats
- bullets cause more damage (works both ways)

- mutants now drop bodyparts upon death (can be sold)
- ability to sleep in safe zones
- unrestricted movement in water
- starting gear and some mission rewards nerfed
- certain artifacts less effective
- less consumables to loot
- increased range of anomaly detector
- AI doesn't spam grenades anymore (!)

- new items: epinephrine autoinjector, antiradiation pills, syringe of antirads, radiated bread, mutant sausage, hermann's beer, "tuna", paracetin tablets, purified water, secret documents
- lowered effects of existing meds
- wound dressing more effective
- realistic item weight

Weapons & Suits
- new weapon variant: Desert Eagle Mk19
- new weapon variant: SVD 'battle rifle'
- new ammo type: .50 Action Express
- restored cut ammo type: 9x39mm SP-5
- aligned iron sights for all weapons
- adjusted fire power and effective range of almost all weapons
- all suits have been reworked and divided into ones that feature a gasmask and ones that don't.

- several descriptions rewritten to reflect changes
- hint to take another route first time going to the cordon
- some bug fixes and other little things that really aren't worth mentioning

MVersion: MIRE 1.0
Requires: Clear Sky 1.5.10
Language: English

Absolute Nature & Structures by Cromm Cruac
Clear Sky Minimods by TehGlitch
Forgotten Finds by Yuki
Sleeping Bag by Atempad / Decane
Dynamic Hud by AMK
Blood Hud by svartberg
LGT by AI v1.0 by Ceano


Great feature list. I'm really eager to play this!

Now the only thing we're lacking is a release date ;)

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Hermann_Hetzer Author

here you go ;)

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Good day sir! i admire your struggle and achievement. Clear sky needed something like this. SoC has Autumn Aurora 2.1. CoP has Misery 2.1 This coul be the next big thing for clear sky! Good, bravo sir! Its great that stuf that boils the experience to nitty gritty hardliner stuff is being made. Mods that just add more stuff but feel like cartoons are selfserving rubbish... I would like to humbly ask if there is a way to merge this mod with any mod that adds more weapons, is it compatible. Would you care to make one in the future? An merge add-on?

Bravo again sir. Keep evolving it! You will make a strong impact just like developers of misery and aa did. Be well sir...

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Hermann_Hetzer Author

I don't want to talk the mod down but to be honest I don't think this is going to be the "next big thing".
As I said before, this mod has been made within a few weeks and is not as sophisticated as CoP's misery mod for example.
It might, however, fill a gap and is arguably the first real hardcore mod for CS. Thank you for your kind words though.

Regarding add-ons, this is absolutely possible, especially if it's just content. Right now I need to take a break but everyone is welcome to do merge/add-ons to their liking.

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Great , keep the good work (y)

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If you're looking to improve the mod, I would suggest you try and integrate Sky Reclamation Project for all the bugfixes. If I were you, starting with SRP as a baseline would be my first step before creating a mod. Also, I highly recommend adding some kind of weapon mod, like Arsenal Overhaul. Talk with the developers of those mods and see if they can't help you, I would LOVE to see this mod grow into something bigger! I'm impressed how you made this in only a couple of weeks, most modders don't have that much time on their hands and take forever to release their mods. I hope to see more from you in the future and i wish you the best of luck! :D

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Hermann, even though "minimap removed" and "binoculars do not identify targets anymore" are one of the pretty much essential features, is there any way I can get them back? I just need a small instruction on how to do it (especially which file, which line), I know Notepad++ and such.

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Hermann_Hetzer Author

I'm not at home right now but if I remember correctly, changes to binoculars can be reverted by deleting "w_binocs.ltx" (or something like that) from weapons config folder.
Not sure about the minimap though, think it's still there just moved it off screen. You'll have to look for a file that manages hud arrangement.
Anyways, I do not recommend reverting those changes, of course ;)

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o0oo0 another mod for CS!

Will try and feature this on my YT channel!

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Can you help me?
I have installed the mod, but i don't have dynamic music :(

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Go to configs, sound(probably) and enable dynamic music boi ;)

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weird question: in the missions before the cordon, the swamp ones, i noticed my health going down for no reason. no radiation, no bleeding, nothing. i sat and watched to see what would happen and my character died. i made him sleep, eat, drink, and use 2 medkits, but he still died.
is this a feature or a bug?

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