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With the hunger mechanic being reintroduced and auto-healing removed, consumables have become more important...

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I have to admit the following information isn't of much use right now but it might come in handy later. Please note that work is still in progess and everything below is subject to change :)


antirad Antiradiation drugs ( 400 $ ; 0.05kg )

Description: Pills with active ingredients that help expel radionucleoids from the body. Should only be taken in small doses.

Positive effects: -20% Radiation

Side effects: -2.5% Healthiness

syringe Syringe of antirads ( 1000$ ; 0.1kg )

Description: Highly dosed mixture of activated protein C, morphine and thrombomodulin.

Positive effects: -100% Radiation

Side effects: +100% Dizziness, -100% Strength

canned Canned food ( 300$ ; 0.8kg )

Description: Canned goods looted by stalkers. Should still be good to eat, if you believe the best before date.

Positive effects: +40% Satiety

Side effects: unknown

bread Radiated bread ( 20$ ; 0.3kg )

Description: Rockhard bread with a unique metallic taste. It is highly recommended to be flushed down with alcohol.

Positive effects: +15% Satiety

Side effects: +10% Radiation

sausage Mutant sausage ( 50$ ; 0.5kg )

Description: Zone-produced "delicacy". It is highly recommended to be flushed down with alcohol.

Positive effects: +30% Satiety

Side effects: +10% Radiation

vodka Cossacks vodka ( 200$ ; 0.7kg )

Description: Booze made by GSC. Gives you awful headaches but considerably lowers radiation effects. Should be enjoyed in moderation.

Positive effects: -20% Radiation

Side effects: +25% Dizziness

beer Hermann's beer ( 130$ ; 0.5kg )

Description: Strong brew specifically made for export to the zone. It is said to be brewed in accordance with the German purity law...there are no labeling requirements in the zone, though.

Positive effects: -10% Radiation, +5% Satiety

Side effects: +10% Dizziness

tuna"Tuna" ( 150$ ; 0.4kg )

Description: Small can with its label removed and "tuna" written on it. The smell of its content seems to attract pseudodogs for some reason...

Positive effects: +20% Satiety

Side effects: unknown

tabletsParacetin tablets ( 250$ ; 0.05kg)

Description: The local barmen often recommend these tablets to treat hangovers. Contents: paracetamol, acetylsalicylic acid, caffeine and gabapentin.

Effects: -25% Dizziness

medikit basic Basic medical kit ( 500$ ; 0.45kg )

Description: Contains some medication and low grade disinfectants.

Effects: +35% Healthiness, +10% Wound healing

medikit army Army medkit ( 700$ ; 0.7kg )

Description: A specialized medical kit packed full of blood coagulants, painkillers, antibiotics and immunostimulants.

Effects: +50% Healthiness, +100% Wound healing

medikit science Scientific medical set ( 1500$ ; 0.6kg )

Description: A medical kit designed specifically for use in the Zone. The kit contains products for handling wounds, as well as expelling radionucleoids from the body.

Effects: +100% Healthiness, +100% Wound healing, -50% Radiation

waterWater ( 100$ ; 0.7kg )

Description: Bottle of purified water.

Effects: +5% Satiety, -5% Dizziness

bandages Bandage ( 150$ ; 0.15kg )

Description: Bandaging material. Helps to stop bleeding.

Effects: -100% Bleeding

epipen Epinephrine autoinjector ( 1000$ ; 0.1kg )

Description: Medical device for injecting a measured dose of adrenaline.

Effects: +100% Strength, -90% Dizziness


Whoa! Hadn't heard of this yet. Definitely tracking this mod from now on ;)

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keep the good work (y)

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