MAESTRO MOD is a big mod created solely by Maestro, which is based on Big Daddy Jim's Rev4modR1 for Might and Magic VII and includes all his developments.

Maestro Mod is:

  • New graphics
  • 5 race system (Drow Elves, Humans, Drakes, High Elves, Orcs).
  • Modified character armor sprites
  • Modified/changed EVERY backpack item
  • Changed EVERY creature, making them tougher, many of them now got summoning spells, new skills and resistances.
  • Changed every class of 9 total, and invented new unique builds for them.
  • Many other little changes.

Rev4modR1 by Big Daddy Jim includes:

  • New quests
  • Changed storyline
  • New locations, changed non-used old ones
  • New bosses and minibosses for monsters
  • Dual class system. You can swap your class and learn new skills!
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Might and Magic VIII: Echo of Destruction, also known simply as Might and Magic 8,5 has started
its world campaign. We proclaim ourselves an unofficial sequel and spiritual successor to Might and
Magic VIII: Day of the Destroyer; in order to be differentiated from the official but infamous
Might and Magic IX: Writ of Fate game.

Currently the project is in active development. The progress rate is not as fast as desired, for the huge amount of work sometimes overwhelms us, but we cannot afford ourselves to create an underqualified product, and we hope you understand. :)

Anyways, one of the main reasons for us to gain your attention is currently our need in new staff. The jobs we require are:

1. - Photoshop Artists (Texture making)
2. - 3D Modellers (New dungeons)
3. - 3D Modellers (New objects in low-poly)

If you feel yourself confident in your skills and desire to help your favourite game to prosper,
contact Maestro (Team Leader) at for further details.
Keep your hand on the pulse!
Might and Magic VIII: Echo of Destruction YouTube Channel
Might and Magic VIII: Echo of Destruction Facebook PageMight and Magic VIII: Echo of Destruction VK Page
Might and Magic VIII: Echo of Destruction
RSS Files
Improved Classes Patch

Improved Classes Patch


ONLY FOR THOSE WHO DON'T HAVE NEW_CLASS.EXE WORKING PROPERLY! For example, if the Barbarian cannot get the Leather armor skill on Grand Master level ...

Meteor Shower Patch

Meteor Shower Patch

Patch 7 comments

A small patch for Maestro Mod which fixes Meteor Shower spell. To apply, place the contents of the archive in the SOUNDS folder of your game and run the...

Maestro Mod Full Version

Maestro Mod Full Version

Full Version 1 comment

The final version of Maestro Mod for MMVII. The installation instructions are included in the archive - check for the file named License.rtf. Additional...

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Karol13 - - 24 comments

Trying to set Deadly Swarm spell as 'quick spell' results in following error: Sound Deadly Swarm Explosion is size 13016 bytes, sound buffer is 8500 bytes.

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7up - - 3 comments

Here is the official link to BDJ mod for MM7.

Please 5 seconds and press "Skip this add". Then you will be able to start downloading the MM7revMODF. It is 60 MB large.

Have Fun!

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starfall155 - - 11 comments

i have a problem... when i enter emerald island there are some strange dialogues... like dwarves under siege and then the doom bringer says that the gates are closed forever... also alot of dialogues bring up totally irrelevant responses to totally different things...
is emerald island supposed to be crazy like this or is it a bug...

runnin win 10 64 bit, installed your mod on grayface patch...
also... are the tweaked classes supposed to be unable to learn their main weapon class any further than expert as it is with some classes?

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starfall155 - - 11 comments

in addition... the golem cant be completed for mage promotion quest... i have all the 6 pieces inserted but the golem still wants more. even tried swappin heads but that had no effect -_-

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starfall155 - - 11 comments

i am also unable to finish cleanin out castle harmondale even though everywhere i can get is cleaned out... possibly monsters in areas i cant get to... at least not untill i finish the castle upgrade that comes after choosin a path -_-

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davidher123 - - 80 comments

This version on this site is a new version from the one created in 2008 and it is filled with bugs. I tried to play it and could not.

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Guest - - 688,627 comments

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

lordcorvin - - 12 comments

So I want to try your mod, but also want MouseLook enabled from the GreyFace's Patch. How Do I install this Mod? Because If I Install GreyFace's Patch first then yours MouseLook doesn't work anymore.

Other way arround and classes don't work then. What am I missing?

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Orzie - - 458 comments

I don't know if this is ever possible, because the project is old and it was not intended to be compatible with new GrayFace's patch features.

The new classes patch may also not be working because of your operating system or some other reasons - it is ancient.

Probably, you can find solution on

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garkeon - - 3 comments

Hello guys!
I would love to try this mod out, but I think I got a problem regarding new classes/races.

Firs of all I am running win7 x64, so when I tired to run classes.exe it gave me errors. Fortunately I have an old comp running XP x32, so I modded the files there and then copyed the files on my usable computer. Everything seemed fine at first, classes did change the appearance, and classes got new names, but I think it does not work, here is what I mean:
Even though races changed to Orc/Drow/Drake... visually they have the same stats as Goblin/Human/Dwarf. I don't know if this is a bug or if its supposed to be like this. The second problem is classes, even though they changed the names (So now I have Barbarian, Acolyte, Crusader etc) I think they did not really change - For example Barbarians description says that he uses Clubs and axes as main and likes to dual combo it with sword (I assumed that he would go GM mace and Master sword just like troll in M&M 8) but instead he learns GM sword, master mace, GM plate (Basically its Knight class from M&M 7)
I think that somehow it failed to patch the game correctly :( any ideas how I can make it work?
P.S. Can someone send me already properly patched class files so I can outright overwrite the original and see if it helps?

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Orzie - - 458 comments

Did you try GrayFace's MM7 patch? It should fix the compatibility problem.

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ralphonzo - - 13 comments

This is the purpose of Improved Classes Patch. Extract the contents of the archive to your install directory, then play the game using mm7_new.exe

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