This is the deprecated MechWarrior 5 mod which preceded Living Legends 2: Armored Combat, a standalone follow-up to the award-winning Crysis mod MechWarrior: Living Legends.

This mod represents over a year of work, and we managed to host two public playtests before the Heroes of the Inner Sphere update broke it. You can read about our decision to go standalone here.

Since LL2 is no longer a mod, we have moved to IndieDB!

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Announcement FAQ


Greetings MechWarriors, and welcome to the very first of our news posts! Here’s an overview of some frequently asked questions we’ve received since announcing the project.

Who are you?
JPL Studios began as a subset of MW:LL Community Edition developers interested in continuing the project on a more modern and accessible game engine. Our all-volunteer staff now boasts a wide variety of backgrounds and expertise, ranging from self-taught amateur modders to industry-seasoned professionals.

What is this, a sequel to a mod?
Living Legends 2 is a fully realized successor to the greatest multiplayer MechWarrior experience of all time, featuring a tactical sandbox of combined arms warfare in the 31st century. We released a pre-alpha test build with our initial announcement, but it is no longer functional as of the recent update to MW5. The test build should be taken as a proof of concept, and is not representative of our final vision. We’ll share more on the current state of the project in another news post soon.

When did this happen?
Living Legends 2 traces its origins to the Community Edition revival project, when some diehard MechWarrior: Living Legends players acquired the mod’s source code and restarted development after a five-year pause. Ever since MW:LL returned to life, we’ve heard the cries of, “Just port it to a better game engine!” Now, after years of struggling with veritable LosTech, MechWarrior 5 presents us with a unique opportunity to realize the dream!

Why are you working with MechWarrior 5?
Edit: We're no longer working with MW5!

Where can I follow development?
With the beginning of a new era for Living Legends, we intend to be more transparent throughout the development process than the Community Edition team could afford. As such we’re planning to publish monthly updates on our progress here on ModDB, and eventually on our own website as well. You can also look forward to a series of Development Diaries diving deep into various subjects in the weeks to come! Finally, if you’d like to follow development on a day-to-day basis, or just to say hi to the team, join us on the official Living Legends 2 community Discord server:

Re-Announcing: Living Legends 2 Standalone

Re-Announcing: Living Legends 2 Standalone

News 5 comments

Announcing Living Legends 2, a standalone game! Goodbye MechWarrior 5!

April/May 2021 Development Update

April/May 2021 Development Update

News 3 comments

The first of our monthly progress updates. To start off, we're covering the first two months since our public announcement in one post.

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Living Legends 2 Mod Source Code

Living Legends 2 Mod Source Code

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Blueprints from our MW5 mod release. Most content has been removed.

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