Lost Industry 2 takes place in a Combine weapon factory.
Rebels in City17 are running low on usable weapons, ammo and supplies.
They decide to get the help of Gordon Freeman. The resistance members came up with a plan.
They want Doctor Freeman to sneak inside the factory silently, weaken it's defense systems

and give signal for the rebels waiting outside to begin their assault.

But the mission didn't go as they planned...

Gordon got spotted while he was inside the facility and the combine sounded the

alarm and the whole place went under lockdown.

Freeman, while fleeing from the combine, desperately trying to find

a radio where he can contact the leader of the operation got surrounded.

As he realized he was outnumbered, he jumped into a metal elevator,

pressed the button, and then started descending into the unknown.

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Steam: Peredice

Discord: Peredice#5822


  • Bérces "Peredice" Bendegúz Péter - [Project Leader / Level Designer]
    [Steam] [GameBanana]
    [ModDB Page] [YouTube]

  • Sára "Sáruna" Říhová - [~INNERCODE~r / Level Designer]

  • Andrew "Sears" Caleb Baay - [~INNERCODE~r]

  • Noah "ISSANN" Wood - [Music Composer / Voice Actor]
    [Steam] [Website]

  • MysterAC - [Particle Artist]
    [Steam] [Youtube]

  • Floris "Mr.Skeleton" Guldenaar - [Level Designer]

  • Aleksandr "alex_mmc" Lavrinovitš - [Level Designer / 2D Artist]
    [Steam] [GameBanana]
    [ModDB Page] [YouTube]

  • Gafar "Fluffy_" Neymatov - [Level Designer]
    [Steam] [GameBanana]

  • Mitch "Robo" Wensveen-----------[Special Thanks] ---------- [Twitter] [YouTube]
  • LambdaGeneration-----------------[Special Thanks] ---------- [Twitter] [YouTube]
  • FanA.-------------------------------------[Special Thanks] --------- [Steam]
  • Foofinoo --------------------------------[2D Artist] ---------------- [Steam] [GameBanana]
  • Sarang "SanoDash" Norbert ------- [2D Artist] --------------- [Steam]
  • Hector "Colds" Aparicio Sendra --[2D Artist] --------------- [Instagram]
  • Admer456 -------------------------------[Project Tester] -------- [Steam] [GameBanana]
  • TiberiusG --------------------------------[Project Tester] -------- [Steam]
  • BigMacDavis -----------------------------[Project Tester] ------- [Steam] [YouTube]
  • Bolloxed ---------------------------------[Project Tester] ------- [YouTube]
  • JanKaszanka ----------------------------[Project Tester]
  • DKgaming--------------------------------[Project Tester]


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2.000 Views - January 8th, 2019
10.000 Views - April 12th, 2019
20.000 Views - September 10th, 2019
100.000 Views - (only if)

Last update: 2020.01.27

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RSS Articles

Maps And Shaders

News 13 comments

Maps And Shaders

No matter how many weapons, effects or any other features you add to your mod, it's useless without well tought-out maps with combat and puzzles. That is why we are putting a lot of effort in them :D Most of them are close to being finished. And we are actively working on the last level.

Content of the article:

1. Images Of The First Level

2. Images Of The Second Level

3. Engine Effects Demonstration

Here are some of the latest pictures we are proud to share with you! :P

First Level

2019 09 02 17 04

2019 09 02 17 06

2019 09 02 17 07 01

2019 09 02 19 35

2019 09 02 19 37

2019 09 02 19 37 01

2019 09 02 19 37 02

Second Level

2019 09 02 17 10 1

2019 09 02 17 15

2019 09 02 217 11

2019 09 02 17 14

2019 09 02 17 11

2019 09 02 17 12

2019 09 02 17 11 01 1

2019 09 02 17 13

2019 09 02 17 18

Engine Effects Demonstration

Here we will show you some of the effects we impelemented to the engine for our mod! :D

Most of them are optional and can be fully disabled or adjusted - (Intensity, Color and Such)

Depth Of Field

Doesnt really work for FPS games. But also some people cant play without it. Choice is yours.

The gifs have to fit in the file size limit, i tried to get the best quality.



Smooths out your experience by getting rid of jagged edges.

Not performance expensive.

Helps a lot on lower resolutions.

My Video1

Godrays - Sunrays

Makes the sun cast a Volumetric Light effect so the sky doesn't look so empty.

The intensity is set to pretty high value in this screenshot for demonstration.

My Video2 1

Filmgrain - Grain

If you played or play L4D2 you are very similiar with this effect.

Makes your screen a bit grainy. The effect can be easily seen in dark areas.

My Video3


There are many, many more stuff and effects.

But its way too much to talk about here now.

So here is just a screenshot with some of the other effects enabled

(Chromatic aberration, Bokeh Blur and LI2 Color Crossprocessing Shaders)

My Video4 1

Make sure you leave a comment!

We would really like to hear what you think about our latest features!

Sharing this helps us alot, if like this, make sure you share it please! :P

Thank you all!
Until next time...

~ Sáruna and Peredice

The Charm Of Lights And Effects

The Charm Of Lights And Effects

News 19 comments

This article is purely about effects and the importance of them in the game.

Sound Design

Sound Design

News 3 comments

This article focuses on the sound design part of our mod.

The Brief and True History of Lost Industry 2.

The Brief and True History of Lost Industry 2.

News 3 comments

This Article focuses on the history and the current state of this project.

Lost Industry 2 - Development Update

Lost Industry 2 - Development Update

News 2 comments

This article is about the progress we've made in the levels and changes done to other general stuff.

RSS Files
First Playable Level

First Playable Level

Singleplayer Map

This is the first level of Lost Industry 2 If you'd like to try it, feel free to download it and put the .bsp in the ep2's map folder.

Comments  (0 - 10 of 27)

is this going to be on steam?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Peredice Creator


Reply Good karma+1 vote

looks awesome cant wait to play this :)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes

how do you download?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

what happened to lost industry one

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

nevermind I just read and played that

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Very nice, looking forward to more of this.
In the foyer where one enters the elevator shaft, there is a storage room [cleverly labeled "Storage"] that does in fact contain some useful stuff. I could find no way to get into it, though, except by noclipping. Did I miss something?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Peredice Creator

Thank you very much!
Did you ever try stealth and not killing the guards? :D

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Well, that's...interesting. Stealth is not used much in HL2 mods. I hope the full game lets the player know that there are rewards for finding an alternative to just killing every threat, because that is not something that is intuitively obvious.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Peredice Creator

There's a voice telling you to hide xd

Reply Good karma+1 vote
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