Lost Industry 2 takes place in a Combine weapon factory.
Rebels in City17 are running low on usable weapons, ammo and supplies.
They decide to get the help of Gordon Freeman. The resistance members came up with a plan.
They want Doctor Freeman to sneak inside the factory silently, weaken it's defense systems

and give signal for the rebels waiting outside to begin their assault.

But the mission didn't go as they planned...

Gordon got spotted while he was inside the facility and the combine sounded the

alarm and the whole place went under lockdown.

Freeman, while fleeing from the combine, desperately trying to find

a radio where he can contact the leader of the operation got surrounded.

As he realized he was outnumbered, he jumped into a metal elevator,

pressed the button, and then started descending into the unknown.

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Steam: Peredice

Discord: Peredice#5822


  • Bérces "Peredice" Bendegúz Péter - [Project Leader / Level Designer]
    [Steam] [GameBanana]
    [ModDB Page] [YouTube]

  • Sára "Sáruna" Říhová - [~INNERCODE~r / Level Designer]

  • Noah "ISSANN" Wood - [Music Composer / Voice Actor]
    [Steam] [Website]

  • MysterAC - [Particle Artist]
    [Steam] [Youtube]

  • Floris "Mr.Skeleton" Guldenaar - [Level Designer]

  • Aleksandr "alex_mmc" Lavrinovitš - [Level Designer / 2D Artist]
    [Steam] [GameBanana]
    [ModDB Page] [YouTube]

  • Gafar "Fluffy_" Neymatov - [Level Designer]
    [Steam] [GameBanana]

  • FanA.------------[Special Thanks] --------------- [Steam]
  • Foofinoo --------[GameBanana'sThumbnail Picture] ------- [Steam] [GameBanana]
  • Admer456 -----[Project Tester] -------------- [Steam] [GameBanana]
  • TiberiusG ------[Project Tester] -------------- [Steam]
  • BigMacDavis ----[Project Tester] --------------- [Steam] [YouTube]
  • Bolloxed --------[Project Tester] ------------- [YouTube]
  • JanKaszanka ---[Project Tester]
  • Heitor-----------[Project Tester]
  • DKgaming-------[Project Tester]


1.000 Views - Dec 31st, 2018
2.000 Views - Jan 8th, 2019
10.000 Views - April 12th, 2019
100.000 Views - (only if)

Last update: 2019.05.10.

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RSS Articles

Hey there once again!

Its me sáruna. Today i want to talk about the effects that are in the game! When it comes to things that make the game great the effects are one of them!

Lightning or Particles.. They are both very important!

Lightning for making the mood and atmospere right. And particles for other factors like enhancing the combat and making the player more immersed in the game.

But you are here to see stuff and not to read my boring text right? :p

Godrays (WIP)

My Video

Godrays are perfect for making the skies not so empty! But it might be too much. Will see if we use them! :D

Indoor Lights

My Video2

Volumetric Light Effect. Very similiar to the Godrays, But its used indoors and usually with moving objects.

My Video4

Spot Light.

Glow (And Other General Effects)2019 05 11 15 30

2019 05 11 15 29

We also have a new team member! MysterAC
He is a experienced particle artist with a strong background. And he remade a lot of the stock Half-Life particles for the mod.


My Video5

Blood (WIP)


Grenade Explosion


RPG Explosion


I hope you like what you saw here! Comments and feedback is always appreciated :p

Thank you all!
Until next time...

~ Sáruna

Sound Design

Sound Design

News 3 comments

This article focuses on the sound design part of our mod.

The Brief and True History of Lost Industry 2.

The Brief and True History of Lost Industry 2.

News 3 comments

This Article focuses on the history and the current state of this project.

Lost Industry 2 - Development Update

Lost Industry 2 - Development Update

News 2 comments

This article is about the progress we've made in the levels and changes done to other general stuff.

2.000 milestone reached

2.000 milestone reached

News 1 comment

Two days ago Lost Industry 2 got 2k views in total.

RSS Files
First Playable Level

First Playable Level

Singleplayer Map

This is the first level of Lost Industry 2 If you'd like to try it, feel free to download it and put the .bsp in the ep2's map folder.

Comments  (0 - 10 of 13)
Peredice Creator

Just a heads up about the comments, first of all I'm really greatful for anyone who's kind enough to take time out of their day and post a comment to this project. I just want to say even if I don't reply to all the comments, I do see them, I read each and every one of them.

Thank you,

Reply Good karma+7 votes


Came across this mod today and the IMPACT FX really amazed me! I'll track this one. I love source and i'm happy to see the Mod game for it is still going strong.
(I should really pick up map design for the source engine again.. what a time!)


Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes

This is looking good!The weapons remind me too much of MMod, so you should maybe fix that.

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
Peredice Creator

I'm glad you like it! And fix what? Get another model, animate it differently, give it a different texture, just because it reminds you to MMod? That's ridiculous.

Reply Good karma+4 votes

Well I didn't know what term to use...

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Wow thats amazing! you are doing good! dont give up I think you can do it better.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes
Peredice Creator

Thanks, I'm glad you like it!
Dont worry I will not give up, We have come too far to give up now.

Reply Good karma+4 votes

Oooh, this is interesting. Tracking, good luck in development and I hope to see more!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+5 votes
Peredice Creator

Thank you for your kind words. You will see more I promise you that!

Reply Good karma+3 votes

Looking good!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
Peredice Creator

Thank you!

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