LE1 Community Patch is a simple, unopinionated, bugfix mod for Mass Effect 1 Legendary Edition. A spiritual successor to ME1Recalibrated, this mod makes small edits to fix bugs, and fix bugs only.

This mod has open permissions, and is open to contributions by all. If you have fixes to contribute, please contact HenBagle. You can view the technical details behind all bugs fixed on our GitHub issues page.

If you have bugs to report in Mass Effect 1 LE, please open an issue on our GitHub with reproducible steps, and a fix may be included in our next release!

You are welcome to base your own mod off our files or make patches with this mod without any permission from us, as long as you notify your users that you are using our files. Please also be aware of file dependency issues when creating a patch. Please contact HenBagle if you need assistance creating a patch for your mod, or using our files.

Join the Mass Effect Modding Discord Server to chat with the developers of the mod, or to get support!

Bugs Fixed


  • The medigel button is no longer clickable when the Command HUD is closed, fixing an issue where medigel would be applied at random in combat (#24)
  • Citadel Councillors are referred to as "Councilor Tevos" (eg) in subtitles, to be consistent across the trilogy (#8)
  • The twinkling on the Galaxy Map indicating a POI in asteroid belts has been restored (#11)
  • Various mercenaries and pirates across many UNC worlds (and Noveria) no longer wear pink and white visors, instead wearing visors that match their armor sets (#15)


  • Fixed Normandy music not playing after mission debriefs (#17)
  • Kaidan will not refer to the player as a Biotic if they are not (#14)
  • Ashley's post-confrontation dialogue if Liara was chosen will now be properly triggered (#30)
  • You can now choose the "Police" option from all investigate branches in Ashley's conversation about her younger sister (#30)
  • Choosing the renegade option "You were wrong" will now properly end Liara's romance (#16)
  • Admiral Hackett will correctly refer to Shepard's reputation when introducing the Major Kyle mission (#38)
  • Subtitles in Ashley's conversations, mission debriefs, and the confrontation will follow the spoken phrases - fixes ported from ME1 Recalibrated


  • Conrad Verner's mission will now properly set up the flags for import into LE2, whether charmed, intimidated, or killed. This requires fixing in LE2 as well (#41)
  • Elevator news report on UNC: Besieged Base now correctly reports on whether the hostages were killed (#2)
  • Citadel: Rita's Sister can no longer end prematurely by speaking to Rita (#45)
  • Citadel: Snap Inspection now shows up properly in the journal (#42)
  • Citadel: Presidium Prophet can no longer be failed by leaving the area before finishing the quest (#28)
  • Joker's "Size isn't everything" line in the Citadel intro cutscene now obeys the player's subtitle setting (#10)
  • Loading screen has been removed in the Citadel intro cutscene for a smoother transition to the embassy, and the cinematic has been tweaked so the docking foley audio lines up with the visuals (#10)
  • Squad banter about Anderson upon leaving Chora's Den no longer cuts off early, and will not overlap with Chellick's cutscene (#35, #36)
  • Fix bug that caused Hanar to glow with their speech effect when they should not be glowing. Also fixed on Noveria (#12)
  • Shepard can no longer ask Anderson where Kahoku is if you have already found Kahoku's body (#7)
  • Executor Pallin no longer goes out of frame or out of focus during his conversation (#3, #4)
  • Camera and gesture issues fixed in Sha'ira's initial conversation (#59)
  • Subtitles in the elevator news and banter will follow the spoken phrases - fixes ported from ME1 Recalibrated

Eden Prime

  • Fixed smoke and fire effects popping out just before the Nihlus and Saren cutscene (#34)
  • The Powell crate noise has been added to the shorter version of the conversation where you discover Nihlus, to match the longer version (#49)


  • A camera angle in the Krogan Battlemaster conversation no longer points directly at a crate (#18)


  • Feros: Geth in the Tunnels is no longer uncompletable if the transmitter is destroyed by tick damage (#22)
  • Julianna Baynham and Ethan Jeong will be properly set in their conversation locations, and Ethan will not be awkwardly turned away from the player (#47)


  • Opold will no longer glow with his speech effect when not speaking. Also fixed on the Citadel (#12)
  • Noveria: Lorik Qui'in will now only begin when you speak to Lorik for the first time, preventing the mission from being stuck in your journal if you obtain the garage pass without completing this mission. Journal text in Noveria: Leave Port Hanshan has been updated to reflect this (#46)
  • If Lorik Qui'in only has an ambient line to say, the game will not autosave before speaking to him (#56)
  • Squadmate banter will no longer cut out when entering the decontamination chamber (#19)
  • Camera angles tweaked so Ashley and Wrex are in frame for their reaction lines when you free the Rachni Queen (#62)


  • Bloom and other VFX have been restored to the Mu Relay in the introductory cutscene (#64)
  • The Destiny Ascension's commander and pilot will not swap bodies between cutscenes (#6)
  • Fix subtitle appearing for Shepard's "Go!" line during Sovereign's destruction even if subtitles are off (#61)

Uncharted Worlds

  • UNC: Dead Scientists: Corporal Toombs no longer thinks the player was always on Akuze if you persuade him (#13)
  • UNC: Dead Scientists: Sole Survivor FemSheps get the same context from Toombs about Cerberus that MaleSheps do (#44)
  • UNC: Hades Dogs: Squadmate will now say "One base left to go, we owe it to Kahoku" after finding Kahoku's body instead of before (#33)
  • UNC: Colony of the Dead: Squadmate banter at the end of this mission will properly play, and your squadmates will be familiar with Cerberus if you have encountered them before (#44)
  • UNC: Depot Sigma-23: Squadmates will be familiar with Cerberus if you have encountered them before (#44)
  • UNC: Major Kyle: Final line of dialogue when speaking on the comm is no longer repeated (#48)
  • UNC: Espionage Probe: Fix incorrect subtitle (#1)
  • UNC: Espionage Probe: Elanos Haliat will now wear a helmet and visor when outdoors in the -72°C weather (#57)
  • Xawin and Mavigon: Turrets belonging to mercenaries will no longer be labelled as "Alliance Heavy Turret", instead as "Heavy Turret" (#29)
  • Nonuel: Thresher Maws and mineral survey are no longer out of bounds. Samarium mineral now shows up on the map once scanned (#20, #55)
  • Presrop: Corpses near a crashed mining vehicle now obey the laws of gravity (#5)
  • Nepheron: A salarian body is no long misidentified as a Cerberus soldier
  • Eletania: Fix Prothean Ruin map note not changing from Anomaly to POI (#51)
  • Altahe: Fix debris map marker to read "Crashed Probe" instead of "Escape Pod" (#53)
  • Solcrum: Add missing map text to Geth Outpost (#54)

See our release articles for all bugs fixed in post-release updates (there are many).


This mod is required to be installed with ME3Tweaks Mod Manager. Manual installation is not possible, as we take full advantage of merge features in the mod manager to be as compatible as possible with other mods. Install this mod before any texture mods.

To install, drag and drop the downloaded .7z file into the mod manager interface. Either install the mod immediately, or import it into your mod library, and then click "Apply Mod". You can also use the Vortex button to download the mod directly into the manager.


This mod installs some changes directly to basegame, so an easy uninstallation is not possible. You can remove the DLC_MOD_LE1CP folder manually or with the Mod Manager to uninstall the majority of this mod's changes, but several fixes will remain. To fully uninstall this mod, you will need to revert your game to vanilla from a backup.


The main download for this mod is in English. If you use non-English VO, please download the Non-English VO Localization from the optional files section to have bugs fixed in the game files specific to your language. These files require the main download in order to function.

If you play with English VO but with localized subtitles, you do not need the optional download, localized text fixes are included with the main download.

Thanks to our fantastic team of community translators, we have been able to translate appropriate text fixes to the following languages:
French, German, Japanese, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Italian


Project Lead

Fix Contributors

Danielle Bolick

Original ME1Recalibrated Authors

Special Thanks

  • Audemus - For creating the awesome Community Patch logos, and for your support from the start
  • Kinkojiro and rondeeno - For allowing me to port fixes from ME1Recalibrated
  • Mass Effect Modding Workshop - For providing constant feedback on the mod, and for the never-ending supply of new bugs to fix :D
  • Mgamerz, SirCxyrtyx, and Kinkojiro - For their amazing work on LegendaryExplorer, without which this mod would not be possible

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We've released the next version of our Community Patch mod for ME1 Legendary Edition. Here are the new bugs fixed with this version.


You are now properly able to toggle helmets when accessing the Squad screen using the hotkey (#63)

Wrex's holstered weapons are no longer clipping into his back when he is wearing heavy armor. (#118)

Fixed an issue where Elcor backs do not glow as strongly as they did in OT (#32)

Fixed elcor back glow

Fixed a faulty "Check_Player_Biotic" conditional, restoring several lines across the game where the player mentions being a biotic (#134)

Shepard's hair will be properly hidden when using the Crisis or Hazard Jormagund armors. This fix will not work for Ashley or Kaidan, and may not work if there are armor or clothing mods conflicting (#85)

Sprinting while getting in the Mako no longer causes the Mako to not have crosshairs (#23)


Fixed an issue when speaking to Ashley or Kaidan after Virmire where cut lines implying the conversation was taking place on a planet's surface could play (#117)

Fixed an issue where Liara refers to Kaidan with she/her pronouns after the confrontation

Garrus's final conversation where he thanks Shepard can no longer be infinitely repeated (#130)

The correct music will now play when escaping the Citadel (#135)

Filled a small hole to the void in Liara's room (#125)


Fixed an issue where a terminal in the Borealis in Zhu's Hope could become hackable again after getting the quest from it (#131)

Fixed a problem with a previous bugfix where Hana Murakami's control panel could become collisionless on certain ambient lines

Fai Dan's corpse now properly appears after his suicide (#124)

Fai Dan's corpse


If you choose to keep Opold's package for yourself, you are no longer able to turn it in to Anoleis to receive a second mod or the garage pass (#137)

Eden Prime:

Re-entering the shed with Dr. Warren and Manuel will no longer turn on the conversation lighting before you speak to them (#119)


Fixed an issue where the Turian buyer in the Wards Market refund conversation could be invisible in some situations (#129)

An inaccessible door behind a wall in Fist's office will no longer open/close when the player gets near it (#141)

Bring Down the Sky

Conversation subtitles in BDtS will now respect the user's subtitle size setting. Unfortunately all subtitles playing on top of pre-rendered videos will still be in medium font size. (#84)

Fixed a small geometry hole in the final area of the DLC (#114)

Uncharted Worlds:

UNC: Hostile Takeover: Fixed an issue where persuading Helena would not show you the proper message box and allow you to re-enter her base (#132)

UNC: Lost Freighter: Jacob's facial hair and eyebrows match his hair color, instead of being grey (#151)

Jacob's fixed facial hair

Nonuel: Fixed floating vehicle and interaction points outside the mercenary outpost (#145)

Fixed incorrect text mentioning "Scans from orbit" when surveying a Titanium mineral on foot (#143)

Fixed many misspellings, incorrect grammar, and incorrect numerical formatting in planet descriptions (#144)

The image of the MSV Majesty on the galaxy map will now match the description, and show as very damaged (#50)

LE1 Community Patch - v1.2 Update

LE1 Community Patch - v1.2 Update

News 1 comment

Release notes for the latest update for our community bugfix mod for Mass Effect 1: Legendary Edition!

LE1 Community Patch - v1.1 Update

LE1 Community Patch - v1.1 Update


Changelog for the latest version of our unofficial patch for Mass Effect 1 LE.

LE1 Community Patch - v1.0 Release

LE1 Community Patch - v1.0 Release

News 3 comments

Our community bugfix mod for Mass Effect 1: Legendary Edition is now released.

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition Going Free Through Prime Gaming in July; 5 Legendary Mass Effect Mods

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition Going Free Through Prime Gaming in July; 5 Legendary Mass Effect Mods


For Amazon's July sale event, several games - including MELE - are going free, so here's five Legendary Edition mods to check out!

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LE1 Community Patch v1.3

LE1 Community Patch v1.3

Full Version

A simple, unopinionated, community bugfix mod for Mass Effect 1 Legendary Edition. Install with ME3Tweaks Mod Manager.

LE1 Community Patch - Non-English VO Files - v1.3

LE1 Community Patch - Non-English VO Files - v1.3

Language Pack

Non-English VO files for the Community Patch. Fixes bugs in localized dialogue files. Requires the main download to function.

LE1 Community Patch v1.2

LE1 Community Patch v1.2

Full Version

A simple, unopinionated, community bugfix mod for Mass Effect 1 Legendary Edition. Install with ME3Tweaks Mod Manager.

LE1 Community Patch - Non-English VO Files - v1.2

LE1 Community Patch - Non-English VO Files - v1.2


Non-English VO files for the Community Patch. Fixes bugs in localized dialogue files. Requires the main download to function.

LE1 Community Patch - Non-English VO Files - v1.1

LE1 Community Patch - Non-English VO Files - v1.1


Non-English VO files for the Community Patch. Fixes bugs in localized dialogue files. Requires the main download to function.

LE1 Community Patch v1.1

LE1 Community Patch v1.1

Full Version

A simple, unopinionated, community bugfix mod for Mass Effect 1 Legendary Edition. Install with ME3Tweaks Mod Manager.


Hey man :)
Thanks for putting your community patch here on moddb.com.
Any chance that LE3 Community Patch will also show up here in the future?
How about LE2 Community Patch? Is it in the works, or is the current state of LE2 completely bug-free? ;)
Thanks again!

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