Trigger Buttons

This mod allows you to trigger "ambush" events at a time of your choosing. At the earliest point a vanilla playthrough would allow one of the following events to occur, a button will appear in the CIC. Pressing this button will allow the event to proceed. Otherwise it will not occur.

  • Horizon
  • Collector Ship
  • Crew Abduction
  • Arrival message from Hackett.

Buttons for critical missions will appear immediately to the right of your personal messages terminal. The button for the Arrival message (as it may be need to be accessible at the same time as the critical missions buttons) will be around the corner and to the left of the personal messages terminal. Please see the media section for pictures showing the button location.

When you press a button you will receive a message asking you to confirm that you do, in fact, want to trigger the mission, and a reminder of what you need to do next (visit either the galaxy map or your personal messages terminal).

Note: this mod does not affect the crew's survival after they have been abducted. You will still need to rescue them immediately if you want them to survive. Delay the crew abduction until you are ready to launch the suicide mission.


Full support is provided for German, Spanish, Italian, Polish and French localisations. This should be feature complete but has not been robustly tested. If you come across any bugs, missed text strings, etc., please let me know.

Using this mod with Japanese or Russian should still function, but text from the mod (messages, button names, etc.) will appear in English. If you are able to provide translations into these languages and would be interested in helping, please contact me!

With thanks to the following for their translation work:

German - Herobrine24
Spanish - WarDrake
Italian - Krozt
Polish - TreoPL
French - Zagarah
Polish - TreoPL
Russian - RielDeley and Staminer
Japanese - Pikashi


Installing this mod requires the use of ME3Tweaks Mod Manager 7.0 or higher. This mod uses the mod manager's PlotSync feature to edit basegame files. This is not a drag-and-drop process.

Download the .7z file.
Import the .7z file into ME3Tweaks Mod Manager (M3).
Apply the mod to the game.
Play the game.


This mod may be deleted or disabled safely via ME3Tweaks Mod Manager. Select your LE2 installation, and then choose "Manage Target", you will see the option to disable or delete. It is important to use this method rather than manual deletion because this mod uses the mod manager's PlotSync feature to amend basegame files. If you manually uninstall, your Plot Manager will not be updated and your installation may become broken.

Existing saves and playthroughs

While this mod should be safe to install partway through a playthrough, loading an existing save on the Normandy, at the exact point the vanilla game would be triggering the critical mission, can lead to a softlock on the galaxy map. As long as you load a save that is not at the point of a critical mission trigger, you should be fine.


This mod is not compatible with the manual drag-and-drop versions of the One Shot Probes Mod or the In-Game Console. Please use the Mod Manager compatible versions of these mods.

This mod is compatible with Early Recruitment.

This mod is compatible with the DLC Timings Mod, as long as you choose the Vanilla Arrival DLC options. This will be automatically selected for you if this mod is already installed.

This mod is compatible with ALOV for LE2 - Relay Jump Remaster.

If a mod is not listed above but shares .pcc files with this one, it is likely to be incompatible. I am not aware of any such mods at this time.

Technical Information

See article.

With thanks to

Marcus22Khaar for technical advice.
ThaliaGraces for testing.
Audemus for working on shared compatibility.
MGamerz, SirCxyrtyx, HenBagle and Kinkojiro for development and maintenance of the toolset and mod manager.

Please consider joining the Mass Effect Modding Community discord:

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Mount: 4088
Conditionals: 4190 - 4193
State Transitions: 8710 - 8713
Bools: 8760 - 8764

Amended vanilla conditionals: 161, 361, 362, 737, 738, 739, 1149, 1152, 1155, 1533, 2026.

BioD_Nor_103CIC.pcc is a file shared between Trigger Buttons and Early Recruitment with sequences pertaining to both. These sequences are gated by in-memory bools for their respective mods (held in BioGame.ini). If you are patching this file, you can use the BioD_Nor_103CIC.pcc file this mod ships and make your changes directly. It can be shipped as part of your main mod. The file will behave as a vanilla file unless Trigger Buttons or Early Recruitment are also installed. You do not need to do anything except use this file as a baseline instead of the vanilla file, and to mount higher than Trigger Buttons.

Traditional patching will also work with this file if you would prefer not to include Trigger Buttons' sequences in the main mod for any reason.

I have currently left Trigger Buttons at a low mount point as the only package file that would require patching has been designed to make that a very easy process. However overriding this file without providing compatibility will completely break this mod's functionality and softlock the game for users immediately if they still have it installed. If you plan to override this file without providing compatibility, please clearly note that it is incompatible with this mod, and please let me know so I can state it here as well.

However, I hope most will instead provide compatibility with Trigger Buttons. I have an open patch policy to facilitate this so you don't need to contact me specifically for permission. I would, of course, always appreciate a heads up because it's nice to know.

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Trigger Buttons - v1.1.3

Trigger Buttons - v1.1.3

Full Version

Trigger ambush missions at your convenience via button press.

Trigger Buttons - v1.1.1

Trigger Buttons - v1.1.1

Full Version

Trigger "ambush" events with a button press. Allows players to delay Horizon, the Collector Ship, Arrival message and the Crew Abduction until a time...

Plot Manager - modder resource - Trigger Buttons

Plot Manager - modder resource - Trigger Buttons


Basegame plotmanager.pcc file - backup resource for experienced modders. Not needed for basic installation.

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