Here are all the things I did to change the gameplay, and that I think they are important :

Of course, that's a original world map, and I'm actually working on all the town's & multiplayer maps.

I added magic & rogue class, increasing importance of Agility & Intelligence in fight, and required Force for the equipment.

There are 6 discipline of magic : Fire, Ice, Light, Necromancy, Druidism & Chamanism. Each of these disciplines include 6 spells, including projectiles, power fist, summoning obstacles or creatures, shields, and mortal explosions. There are too 3 spells available in multiplayer : heal, summoning a portal and create a fog to blind the enemies archers (so, work only against players). When you have a big level in magic, you may buy some artefact launching a spell which may destroy an army of 50 units.

I increased the importance of Agility in fight : it will now permit you to become really speeder, to use bows, second hand weapon, nets, grenade & fire weapons. But if you focus the Agility, you'll not may use majority of armors, because they needs a lot Force to be weared, and if you want to have a great armor reserved for the rogues (which do not need lot of Force), you'll have to buy it very expensive (as the Mages robes, which are weak and expensive, but don't need Force to be weared). I also expended the weight factor of the greats armor, to make rogue's armor lighter.
I added left-hand weapons, which are just shields with another skin, and others properties : smaller but speeder and indestructible.

In multiplayer, you're not forced to be the same race as the faction choosed. You may, for exemple, be a Human in a Elven army, or a Dark Elven with the Orcs. There are two list of available class, for every multiplayer mod : magician, human fighter, human ranger, elven fighter, elven ranger, etc. for the Humans, Elven & Dwarven factions, and magician, orc fighter, orc ranger, goblin fighter, etc. for the Goblins, Orcs or Dark Elven factions. There is also two Tribesmen classes, available for each faction.
You may buy, in your equipment, one of 8 items available per race, permitting you to summon a regiment of units of your race. For exemple, when you take a Dwarven Warrior, you may summon a regiment of twelve dwarven, fighters and crossbowmen, whose go to fight at your side. It will permit to make great battles in multiplayer, where everyone will lead his own army.

I made a dungeon, but I have a little problem with a script. If someone can help me, I'll made a special mod only for multiplayer's dungeon maps, and it would be fun ! If you are a modder and want to help me, check this post :

I also replace gloves by cloak & shoulders, which will let you really choose your look.

And all the unit look, that I maid with models I found in many existing mods and I mixed, and often modified. To watch how it does look, look at the pictures. ;)

Overall, the mod is finish and I just have to adapt the population's race in any town, suppress useless textures, making a good balancing of the price & difficulty of equipment, readjust the shaders, and making all the town, village, castle & multiplayer maps.
After that, I'll upload it. (or before, if you really want)

I hope that my text wasn't too boring, and that you understood dispite my pitiful English. :)

Leave your comments about the pictures, and your impression after reading the description. Thanks !

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Hi all !
As I said in previous post, I made a dungeon map playable in multiplayer. In this dungeon, you'll play in co-op, running through the corridors of a necromancian temple, fight against hordes of undead & dark priests, defeat some abominable creatures, guardians of the temple, jump above emptiness, cross a labyrinth, solve some puzzles... Well, a dungeon !

Here is the concept :
You'll always spawn at the door of the dungeon. As you cross the dungeon, you'll open some cell's door : there are spawn points, you may teleport to at portals in the beggining of the map. So you'll beggin with the other players (3-6 players recommanded) at the entry of the dungeon. Make a well-balanced team, with warrior, archer, robber, magician.. And you'll have to adventure into the dungeon. Behind any door, you'll have to fight some monsters : sometimes it just on or two skeletons, sometimes it's a boss of the dungeon. To open the doors, you'll frequently have to find a hidden trigger, or to visit an other part of the dungeon to find how open it. The level of the monsters will be better & better as you progress in the dungeon.

To spawn the dungeon's units, I made a scene_prop item summoning a unit of the choosen type at his position. It works, but if the script summoning a unit is automatic, the units does'nt react to anything. If you have to set off this script (hitting the scene_prop, for exemple), it works perfectly but it makes the game lag.

Here is the script :
spr_summon 805371915 32 summon bo_summon 1
-40.000000 2 1972 1 360287970189640571 1770 2 72057594037927936 1224979098644774916

So I need some modders to help me, making a scene_prop object summining a unit after X seconds, because I think that this script would work if it is not sought from the loading of the map.

Here is the post I published about this problem :

If someone wants to help me, he'll permit to make a great bonus for this mod and I think we'll all be happy for this. :)



News 1 comment

The upload of the mod will be delayed, because during I made the last things I had to do (and I did'nt finish them yet), I'd have to back to school. I'm...

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Saigun - - 54 comments

Plz upload mate

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Guest - - 689,183 comments

Ok when are you going to upload it?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Heorl_256 - - 1,103 comments

This is never going to be uploaded.It is dead.

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Somebody? - - 74 comments


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D3D-D4N - - 1 comments

Is there an ETA on this? Quite simply, I can't wait ...

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Gabrielnatz - - 31 comments

Don't say released when you don't even have a 1.0 download.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+5 votes
Mizore_Shirayuki - - 38 comments

What do you mean with txt.file and not a module? (Sorry if it's a noob question)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
petourakis - - 14 comments

dude when are you gonna finish it ?

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Harosem Creator
Harosem - - 21 comments

In long time. I'm sorry, but an interaction between a cat and a coffee's cup made my Pc unusable since 2 or 3 months. I'm actually working on the safeguard of the mod, but I'm actually on a computer which cannot run M&B, so I can't finish or publish the mod yet

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Lørd_Mågñüß - - 52 comments

Keep up the good work, im really looking forward to a release

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