A games of thrones campaign for Attila total war, but unfortunately on a European map. Attila total war mechanics best suit a games of thrones campaign, i hope you enjoy the mod!

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Kingdom of Westeros [Beta]


Kingdom of Westeros [Beta]

A GoT campaign on the vanilla map for Attila Total war

kingdom westeros sanmaya

Download the newest version on:
Kingdom of Westeros

Installation instructions

  • Step 1: Extract the files and put them in your attila data folder.
  • Step 2: Download the Ice and Fire mod
  • Moddb.com
  • Step 3: Select the Kingdom of Westeros mod in the Attila modmanager AND the 3rd file (Base Unit pack) and 4th file (Model pack) of the Ice and Fire unit mod. Be sure to put the Kingdom of Westeros file on top and you are ready to play

attila mod load order

What is done?

  • Renaming factions
  • Culture and factions traits
  • Changed religions
  • Campaign map overview
  • Changed Region and province names (still work to be done)
  • Changed startingpostions and armies
  • Change Resources
  • Mode compatible with the Ice and Fire unit mod
  • Rename separatists/rebels
  • Added some additional units

What still needs to be done?

  • Faction description
  • Change religion buildings and bonus
  • relocate and change Pentarchie and marib dam (becomes the Citadel)
  • Add more units

Help needed with additional units

I would like to add some more units, but it's not my expertise to make them

I would be happy to add some more units made by the community. If you wanna make a unit for this mod, just contact me here or add me on steam, my friendcode is--> 30123081

Made by

  • Sanmaya

With help from:

  • BarristanTheBold
  • Master Oogway

Credits to

  • Credits to Caligula for the Bolton and Wildling units and the zombie animation
  • Deputy Dropshot for it's Graal Knights (used as Westeros and Vale mounted and dismounted Knigths)
  • Velar for it's Velaryon Spear Archer (Missile unit w/ Spear)
  • jacobeest for its Jacobeast's Elite Desert Legionaries (used as New Ghis iron legions)

iron legions

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Kingdom of Westeros [Beta]

Kingdom of Westeros [Beta]

Full Version 4 comments

Kingdom of Westeros [Beta] A GoT campaign on the vanilla map for Attila Total war, compatible with Ice and Fire unit mod. (Required) Step 1: Extract the...

Dovakiin21 - - 87 comments


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MasterSanmaya Creator
MasterSanmaya - - 5 comments

well it's in a playable state, but i'm not gonna work on it anymore

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Guest - - 693,195 comments

Could you not just use the seven kingdoms mod to add in the units? It is dead anyway so it doesnt matter. No one should expect you to make all the units from scratch when they are already made. And im sure the owners wouldn't mind

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MasterSanmaya Creator
MasterSanmaya - - 5 comments

i could add them to this mod, but i really need permission first.
I do work together with the ice and fire mod, so i will make this mod compatible with their units soon

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