The mod brings a fleet of pirate ships into the freespace universe. Flying chop shop civilian vessels, Pirates typically load up with retro weapons, gatling guns, mines, and dumb fire nukes. They use these weapons with great effect in the poor economic climate in the post Capella era. Raiding the border systems where the GTVA cannot afford a large military presence.

The GTVA is starting to incorporate more and more Shivan based technology into its ships. Drives become faster and shields get stronger. Small corvettes now bristle with a destroyer's firepower, combined with a rapid hit and run strategy, they hope to be prepaid to fight of any more Shivan incursions.

The Vasudans get some new improvements too. Taking notice of the pirates effective use of old school weapons, they begin equipping their new designs with similar weapons. Some Ancient and Shivan ships make an appearance in the mod as well.

Some other planned features include heavy use of the new lua scripting system. Features such as guidable missiles, remote controllable turrets, blindfire guns, and other features will be included.

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Improved Seker Model


The model has about 2700 polies and the new texture is a 2048^2 in size. I will post some new pics once i have finished the shine, env, glow, and normal maps.

 Im gonna do a simple cockpit for this ship. Much to my dismay, freespace has a new cockpit rendering system, so i will need to do a low res cockpit as well as a high res version for the internal view.  I had used the  show-ship + cockpit model technique till now. The new system may prove to be better, but if it clashes with my plans to have fully animated cockpits with panel gauges, i may just continue to use my existing meathod.

 The ship itself will mount 2 laser cannons, 1 gatling gun and will carey some small missiles in the engine pods. Her top speed will be between 200 and 300 mps. Her turn rate is brutally fast, so it will be a pita to control. Im debating the possibility of having newtonian or atmospheric missions in which speed is not capped. This depends on weather or not i can solve the colision detection problems in my atmo script.


I think this mod is dead-.-

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Well, the modpack is downloadable from here:

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