Into the Halls of Valhalla is played several years after the incident of Capella and casts Commander Wesley McCrae, a veteran to the Second Shivan Incursion, now an exiled pilot to a remote world: Tania Australis. That place is a mess, everything is barely operational, GTVA regulations and control are distant, out of reach. You become a member of an exiled few who are no longer welcome in the core worlds. Your task is to oversee that the newest manufacturer of GTCv Deimos corvettes does everything as licensed, and provide support to them whenever they need it. Pirate strikes are common place. Not all cargo transfer reach their destination. As the ex-leader of the 70th Blue Lions elite fighter squadron, it seems you are the only one who can put things in order. Under your leadership, a group of exiled elite pilots form the 77th Blades squadron and start your tour of duty at Tania Australis.

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