It is the year 2390. Lieutenant Nathan Miles begins duty in the 6th Terran Fleet, commonly know as the Wolf's Fleet. This fleet, having mostly autonomical command structure, is responsible for safety of strategic Alliance systems - the Wolf's Group, intensively colonized sector where multiple Ancient ruins have been found. Human- and Vasudankind are protected by their powerful navy, but despite that, times are not easy. Mysterious terrorist organization called Cerberus Legacy is rapidly spreading its influence in the GTVA, and their leaders are preparing an intrigue that may lead the Wolf's Group on the brink of destruction...

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Place 'Shadow Genesis 1.1' folder in your Freespace 2 directory, select it in Launcher and play. It requires recent version of FSO, Mediavps 3.6.12 and 1.0 version of Shadow Genesis.

Feel free to comment in the main SG thread on HLP:

- NB Agaddah – a new light bomber for the Nightmare armada
- Penetrator’s accuracy improved
- Little Boy is now weaker
- Stalker’s missiles have now smaller explosion effect
- Bug with Farael’s turrets fixed
- Hellion’s firing range is now longer
- Hestia’s max speed when hitting an afterburner is now higher
- Selkie’s speed with extra power diverted to engines is now higher
- Heron’s scanning time shortened
- It is now more difficult for enemies to disable invulnerable allied fighters
- New asteroid types added
- A set of 4 bonus missions between Act III and the Epilogue to unlock with at least 20/32 achievements
- Instead of unreliable and not working red-alert system of storing ships between the missions, we use ship save/load script by Admiral MS
- Some cutscenes have been reworked, ships’ and cameras’ position changed
- Grammar and language mistakes corrected
- Mission 03 “Departure” – dialogues last shorter
- Mission 10 “Dragon’s Entry” – player’s fighter is now stored, Delta and Epsilon are stored and do not explode if they are destroyed in mission 08
- Mission 10 “Dragon’s Entry” – Gamma assault wing added
- Mission 11 “Devil’s plain” – a rare bug with the Argus never departing fixed
- Mission 17 “Funeral Autumn” – access to Overwhelm missile removed
- Mission 18 “Hidden in Darkness” – bug with disappearing player’s fighter fixed
- Mission 18 “Hidden in Darkness” – player’s fighter from the previous mission is now stored
- Mission 21 “Through back door” – bug with Damascus sometimes not firing fixed
- Mission 28 “Helpful Hand” – the player has now more time to destroy beam cannons
- Mission 36 “Shadow Genesis” – soundtrack changed
- Mission 40 “Game in a trap” – an achievement message bug fixed

Shadow Genesis: RELEASE!

Shadow Genesis: RELEASE!


Afters many years of development, our project is finally released :D. Go and check out posts on Freespace modding sites. Download from ModDB is coming...

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GTSD Anchorage Superdestroyer

GTSD Anchorage Superdestroyer

Vehicle Model

The GTSD Anchorage from the Shadow Genesis mod. Released as a Gift for the Community :] Model: Aldo Textures: MediaVPs Mapping: Kobrar44 Conversion: FSF...


It seems that I'm too lame to play it.
I'm constantly getting stuck on way too many missions (I'm rarely getting killed, but I've very often no clue what should I actually do at given moment), now I'm just going to "put the mod on the shelf" and just wait for the next Blue Planet.
Dang it.

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Just played a bit but really nice so far. Btw your skybox is awesome :)

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Intriguing. Will watch this mod.

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