Half-Life: Source Anthology

(for lack of a better name, it's a working title)
Half-Life: Source Anthology includes the following titles in one complete package.

  • Half-Life: Uplink
  • Half-Life: Source
  • Half-Life: Blue Shift
  • Half-Life: Opposing Force
  • Half-Life: Decay

Half-Life: Source

Valve's Half-Life: Source was a mere tech demo showing off what the Source Engine was capable of doing back in 2004. Unfortunately it was a straight port taking little to no advantage of the technology the Source Engine had to offer.

My project sheds new light on the long forgotten title in regards to higher quality level design and geometry, better usage of the physics engine, and countless other features the Source Engine has to offer.

Half-Life: Uplink

Half-Life's demo will see the light of day once again, brand new level geometry and features, along side with compressing it all down into one map file!

Half-Life: Blue Shift

Blue Shift will finally get to see the Source Engine as Half-Life once did and it will receive a similar treatment in higher quality map design and possible features.

Half-Life: Opposing Force

Opposing Force will also fit comfortably within the roster of titles to be ported over. It too will get new polished level geometry.

Half-Life: Decay

Only seen once on the PC as an unofficial release, Decay will also be included in the Source Anthology. Ending this package with a proper Co-Op experience playing as Colette Green and Gina Cross, with the potential of being able to play through ALL the other titles in the package as a barebones Co-Op compatible experience.

Half-Life: Multiplayer

There will be three multiplayer modes.

  • Deathmatch
  • Team Deathmatch
  • Capture the Flag

These three modes will be fully customizeable, they will include all the original Goldsrc multiplayer maps, with possibility of user submissions. You'll also be able to enable or disable Half-Life: Opposing Force weapons and related content.

In Conclusion:

If you're interested in helping out in any way shape or form feel free to contact me via:
Email: jonahwoodside@gmail.com
Discord: woody#1714
Steam: Steamcommunity.com

Thank you all, and I look forward to working with some of you.

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Small Update

News 13 comments

Really Late, But Welcomed Nonetheless...

I don't got much to show for, I haven't been entirely focused on this project as I normally had been. Progress has slowed down substantially as of late and I only have myself to blame for that. I have ample motivation but I have been dealing with quite a bit of personal stuff and I've decided to try and take things as slow and steady as I need to in order to make sure I keep consistent progress going for development.

Here is some eye candy from the Hazard Course. The last time I touched these maps was well over 3 months ago, that should give you some reference on how behind I've been.

Hazard Course Progress

The biggest thing I want to capture with the recreation of the Black Mesa Hazard Course is the consistency among all the expansions. Interestingly enough, the keen eye of some of you would've noticed that the Hazard Course shows up in every expansion, including Half-Life: Opposing Force.

The difficulty comes into play when games such as Half-Life: Decay take full liberty of false perception and impossible geometry within the game world. I want to try and counter these impossibilities as best as I can and as I see fit. A great number of you probably haven't ever played Half-Life: Decay. If you were to pay close attention to Hazardous Course, (or just enable cheats and noclip outside the level) you'd notice that areas don't connect the way they should and this isn't the only map/area/chapter that has this fault. It's hard to call it a fault, but rather a clever usage of the game engine and also how the player will honestly never really notice these peculiar mishaps.

Areas in all Valve games overlap because of Level transitions or just by poor/rushed design. One of my set goals was to combine as many maps as I can while still being able to increase the complexity of the level geometry in each area. This issue with level transitions rears its ugly head quite often.

My efforts are there with intention to future proof the project in hopes that one day "Mega BSPs" or other forms of continuous stream of "load-less" map rendering technology comes into play. The few YouTube videos of all the maps stitched together show how extreme the overlapping of the maps truly are, some areas on the surface are actually below areas that are deep underground; I am to correct this from an architectural standpoint as much as I can. My knowledge of Source 2 is pretty vague and general, and I still don't foresee having the entire game world render at once being a viable option just yet.


I'm a true believer in keeping things pretty close to the chest when it comes to the development of this project; so in showing as much as I have already, I feel I've spoiled quite a bit. There's still a lot I haven't shown but this one was something I felt that was owed to the community as a whole.

My work is supposed to be an experience and screenshots never really do it justice. I'm against demos for mods like this one in particular and I don't have enough to show for a video.

To the great members of this community who have supported me through my hardships, I hope these will be enough to reassure you that I'm far from dead and that this project too is far from dead.

With the 1.0 release of Black Mesa Source and the surprise upcoming release of Half-Life: Alyx, the relevancy of my project is becoming even more non-existent then it was when it was first conceived 14 years ago. My extremely niche vision will be kept alive through me, and the very small select few who see my vision. I'm tired of seeing half-assed, shitty, ports of all these games and I want to be the one to serve them the justice they deserve. Seeing the continual bombardment of poor quality, lifeless, mods aimed to "port" Goldsrc content had driven me to post this new article showing old progress I've since made.


My efforts towards creating a new 'pickup/push' physics objects wasn't... entirely successful. This test was trying to combine the benefits of both the Half-Life 2 style and restoring of the Half-Life 1 style of moving "pushable" objects.

I imported my new testchamber into Half-Life 2 a long while back.

An old test of the newly rebuilt testchamber, it's come a long way since then so I feel comfortable posting this without entirely spoiling it.

End of Year Update

End of Year Update

News 10 comments

Some actual update on what's been going on including more screenshots of maps...

Another small update

Another small update

News 12 comments

Just more content to gawk over. Still very early on in the process...

Long Time No... Content?

Long Time No... Content?

News 25 comments

Not the best news, but there are screenshots to gaze upon!

I'm back to work!

I'm back to work!

News 9 comments

Good job for doing previous stuff, let's get ready to do new stuff!

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Jeez, why did I just find out about this mod now? Looking at Black Mesa and the original Half-Life: Source, I kept thinking "Damn, it would be cool if someone improved HL: Source" and only today I find it! Improving maps and the technical state of HL: Source, plus porting addons - sounds incredibly ambitious and interesting

Looking at the screenshots, all I can say about your work is just ******* amazing! I wish you good luck in the development, and the strength to reach the end with this project, because such a project is just what Half-Life: Source truly needs.

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A package including the Half-Life trilogy and a few extras in the source engine? And it's remastered?

Oh my god we are blessed

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Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

any updates

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woody Creator

I don't believe I'll be posting anything anytime soon. Still working on a lot of backend, invisible, stuff that's really boring and hard to write a post about.

I've also decided that I wanna try and keep a lot of the maps and assets a surprise for now.

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when do you think this will come out?

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woody Creator

no clue

Reply Good karma+2 votes

Can you do a quick progress update? I mean, it has been a while, so...

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I know i'm a bit late,but happy new year man! I hope you have a great year and dont get too much stress handling all these expansion, You're doing gods work.

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