Half-Life 2: Short Stories is a team working on a group of modifications that take place in the same realm. A lot of the focus is on the story and gameplay, new innovative set pieces and puzzles. After the release of the first episode of Human Error, the team is planning to release more episodes and expand the characters and the world.

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Human Error Au-heppa 26  Au-heppa - read

Jan 8 2019

Human Error ending (*may contain spoilers*) Human Error marculaa marculaa - read

Dec 16 2012

Are you planing to make human error episode 2? Human Error lucky.peic BossN00b - read

Dec 1 2012

Problem implementing Alien Grunt in mod Human Error callmeSven callmeSven - read

Jul 11 2012

Level Designer Hiring Kruma AuraRPG - read

Nov 27 2011

Musicians & Concept Artisits for Water Hiring Au-heppa CzechDeath - read

Nov 22 2011

Combine APC and Stunstick Human Error Chyvak Au-heppa - read

Aug 14 2011

Few questions and tips Human Error NarodowyNR Au-heppa - read

Jul 20 2011

Humar Error Co-Op start up crash *READ MORE PLEASE* Human Error Hiukuss Hiukuss - read

Apr 17 2011

Human error starts half life 2 episode 2 when opened on steam Human Error philjt74 philjt74 - read

Mar 30 2011

Pink Textures and the word ERROR everywhere Human Error jds74 Au-heppa - read

Mar 26 2011

Idea team up mods hl2 shot storys and overwatch Human Error warbrand2 warbrand2 - read

Sep 1 2010

Bug on Startup, well close Human Error TJ3003 Silence(Sev) - read

Aug 5 2010

Nice Game! Human Error K05T4R pedro0930 - read

Jul 15 2010

Website Hiring Cameron:D Cameron:D - read

Jul 2 2010

a pair of suggetions Human Error Raxis5 Au-heppa - read

Jun 20 2010

can't advance after end of Ritual Human Error Spop15 Spop15 - read

Jun 18 2010

Video Editor Application Hiring Yogthulhu Yogthulhu - read

May 2 2010

"Human Error Coop" Test Mod Dev Diaries Au-heppa EricFong - read

Apr 12 2010

I made an LP/video walkthrough Human Error Tornum Tornum - read

Apr 9 2010

"Stalkers" room Human Error glenn5willie 11  EricFong - read

Mar 16 2010

Stuck at first Xenian rock Human Error KompressorIsCool EricFong - read

Mar 16 2010

Whats going to be in the next chapter Human Error coolestcats coolestcats - read

Mar 13 2010

Stuck in university Human Error Varsity Oskutin - read

Mar 13 2010

I'm stuck, help Human Error BababooeyHTJ Au-heppa - read

Feb 28 2010


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