Half-Life 2: Short Stories is a team working on a group of modifications that take place in the same realm. A lot of the focus is on the story and gameplay, new innovative set pieces and puzzles. After the release of the first episode of Human Error, the team is planning to release more episodes and expand the characters and the world.

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the best mod!


zck2020 says

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Few mods pull of what this mod does. I have yet to play a mod that has combine gameplay better than this one. I love the section where you get to use the APC. Not to mention the multiplayer, which has new and original game modes. On top of gameplay I enjoyed the story. Though a few of the characters were less that pretty, it didn't really bother me all that much. It was also fun to get to see some enemies from Half-Life 1 reiterated in the source engine.

This is probably one of the most on the fence mods I've played so far, its got everything you'd expect for a winner. Its got a good setting, good concept, some great scenes, and new enemies, new combat elements, but it ends up feeling lacking by the end. First lets start with the good. Story is pretty decent for what we've gotten, its got charm, good voice acting, except for the song at the end (Phillip barlowe BLUEAGHHH!) characters that you can care about. And when I say good concept, you get to play as the combine but instead of something bland they give us human like personality. Apparently the civil protection employ citizens who are willing to work for the combine without needing to lose their "instincts" and become mindless drones who take orders. We instead got a rag tag bunch of ruffians, you as usual the faceless/voiceless protagonist and a tough minded gal, Phillip as the punching bag, and the egotistical one who blames everyone else for his blunders. Hard not to get into it. We even got some memorable out of story lines "I need to get laid" the tough gal snarks, and my favourite "you don't stop, your like a robot" which gave me a wry smile seeing as its a reference to our expectation as to what we thought the mod was going to be like. We aren't all mindless drones. Unforuntely the level design doesn't ever get great, its alot of corridors sectioned off into little manhack puzzles (using them to knock out the generators that the rebels have taken over, in order to powerdown the forcefields), realistic obviously for a university but not great to play. The first section in the streets was as expected, the 3rd section with defending the base, and last base is basically what people should have been expecting.

This is a multiplayer/coop mod first, singleplayer second. So naturally base defense is what your really in for mostly. It ends rather abruptly giving us scene that didn't really add much to the story. Whats worse is that its been 5 years and it still isn't finished & from what I hear, not going to be.
Its moderately long but it still feels like the potential for something really great was here. Level design and story possibilities, are just left to the imagination I guess.

The awesomeness in this mod canbe summed up in one sentence: You get to drive an APC. You get all the badass weaponry a combine CP should have.

It has very few problems, but still some. Anders' girlfriend's character model is just horrible looking. The gameplay is solid, excpet for it's biggest problem. It was too easy. I didn't die once in the game, even when I changed the difficulty from normal to hard towards the end. Vortigaunts, grunts, and the super weak rebels all died instantly with the power of my shotgun.


is the Opposing Force of Hl2.. Great work!

Great mod, perfectly made, and just a blast. I love it comepletely, but there are some glitches that need fixing. No glitches that get in the way of gameplay, but they're still there. Still a great mod though.



VB says

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Nice mod but it needs some server.

not finished


Before Entropy: Zero, there was Human Error. The mod that lets you play as a Metro Police.

Human Error follows Anders and his CP buddies on what appears to be just another day at the office. It turns out that the Resistance has done something to cause the Xenians to emerge. Yes, that means you get to fight a few of Half-Life 1 enemies.

Anders’ friends could use more work in fleshing them out. They are very talkative, even when bullets are flying over their heads and it gets annoying because of that. It’s also weird that they don’t even wear masks when they are fighting. They also could use more work with the AI since they barely either followed me or led me to the next part of the map. There is this one character who annoys the hell out of me, the Police Chief/Captain/Leader, he is much of a jerkass who pretty much hates you for simply existing. I don’t think the CPs are that ill-mannered to each other. I think I like Elois most, but in combat, she is as smart as a bag of rocks. She always rushes towards the enemies and proceeds to try to kick them to death. You have a six-shooter, use it!

You will also come across Anders’ girlfriend, who probably is a better character, as a hallucination from time to time. Although I have seen this gimmick in Dead Space 2, I still enjoy it.

The enemies you will face are the Resistance (Rebel scum!) and their Xenian allies. You will encounter the Vortigaunts, Alien Grunts, and Alien Controllers. The latter two is not the same as you remember them as the Grunts now doesn’t have armor and the Controllers send a wave of flame at you. The rebels also throw molotov cocktails too!

In this mod, you can only one of each weapon types at a time. One melee, one sidearm, and a primary weapon. You also get to control the Manhacks, which is awesome but they could have done more damage. You also come across a sniper rifle, but there’s no opportunity to use it well and you’d be better off using the SMG or the shotgun.

Level design is alright. But I think the college could do more than just the same hallways and classrooms. There’s also this part where you drive an APC, which is awesome for the entire part. I was sad when I had to leave my four-wheeled Resistance shredder.

One final criticism is the end battle. It doesn’t feel like the end that much and it was easy for me. I had no problem using my RPG to blast every Manta Rays out of the sky. So, when the ending arrived, it feels abrupt.

I enjoyed it for the most part, and I still recommend it.

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the best mod!

Nov 26 2010 by Fantasmagory