Half-Life 2: Short Stories is a team working on a group of modifications that take place in the same realm. A lot of the focus is on the story and gameplay, new innovative set pieces and puzzles. After the release of the first episode of Human Error, the team is planning to release more episodes and expand the characters and the world.

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I made an LP/video walkthrough (Games : Half-Life 2: Episode Two : Mods : Human Error : Forum : Human Error : I made an LP/video walkthrough) Locked
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Apr 6 2010 Anchor

first of all: Really, REALLY cool mod. I really enjoyed playing it.
I'm an german Let's Player and I LP'd Human Error as my third project. Since I always send my done LPs to the corresponding team of developers, even when they're not german, you could consider this as the first videowalkthrough for Human Error(I didn't found any other on YouTube). Additionally, it may interest the developers to see non-playtesters playing their game.

However, here is the playlist: Youtube.com

I'll hope you enjoy it, even when you can understand nothing. :D

Apr 7 2010 Anchor

Thanks for postings. It's indeed interesting and fun to watch.

Currently in the second part, and oh, that gate. It's annoying, I should have made it more reactive to the APC.

EDIT: Had not seen the "Olivia appears while controlling a Manhack" bug before, but I think I know how to fix it. Also, even though I can't understand what you are saying, I think what you were looking for from the Options after that, was the Use key. The Manhacks are basically a vehicle, and you exit controlling them by pressing the Use key. It appears as a hint on the screen a sometimes.

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Apr 9 2010 Anchor

Thanks, it's really motivating to get feedback from an dev. :D

Yeah, I wanted to get out, but found the key later.

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