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The Week of January 13 2019

Heroes of Might and Magic III: The Succession Wars is a total conversion of Heroes III dedicated to the fairy-tale atmosphere and graphic style of its prequel, Heroes II. The modification adds a lot of new content, such as creatures, castles, and artifacts to name a few, and provides fresh gaming impressions as well as a great amount of nostalgic feelings at the same time.

Operation: Black Mesa is a total Source remake of Half Life: Opposing Force. Using the Source engine, the developers plan to recreate the Black Mesa research Facility as it was seen by Corporal Adrian Shephard of the H.E.C.U. Half-life: Opposing Force is still an amazing game, although it is not nearly as amazing as it was when it was released.


RELEASE: Doom Remake 4

For: Doom

Have you ever dreamed about seeing DOOM in HD or with modern feel? Well today you are lucky, Doom Remake 4 is basically a compilation of mods that make it look more polished and aesthetic. It brings you: High Resolution Textures with PBR materials, 3D models of every object and enemy, New HUD (modified DoomVisor), Brutal mods with plenty of blood and gibs.

HardQore brings fast paced, 2.5d side scrolling action to Doom3 & Dhewm3. Strap on advanced UAC weaponry and take on the Forces of hell in this homage to classic action platformers such as Contra, Metal Slug, Castlevania, Strider and Ninja Gaiden.

Dark Interval is a restoration/revision mod that lets you play Half-Life 2 as it could have been: with custom maps, new voiced dialogue, new models and textures, all based on Valve's early concepts. The mod is released in episodes, the most recent being Dark Interval: Part I - an intro chapter to the bigger story.

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H3SW v0.8.0 Beta

H3SW v0.8.0 Beta

Demo 91 comments

First stable version H3SW v0.8.0 beta. Requires clean Heroes 3 SoD or Heroes Complete to play. Partially compatible with Heroes 3 HD Mod by baratorch.

H3SW: 2013 Early Beta (ERA portable)

H3SW: 2013 Early Beta (ERA portable)

Demo 13 comments

Heroes of Might and Magic III: The Succession Wars Mod Early Beta 2013 (ERA portable mod) Attention: this version is strongly outdated!

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I always keep getting this error whenever I play into middle game session. Early game session did not have. Right now for me it is unplayable for its current state.


My Settings:

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Orzie Creator

To make the mod more stable, you will also need to fix the black font problem which is a error of HD Mod.

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Orzie Creator

This issue (EIP=0x00432EAF) is fixed in the upcoming v0.8.1 update. Described on our official forums:

The reason is somewhere in the AI behaviour. To fix the problem for your gameplay, you can do the following actions.

1. Press Tab and type the "wogeyeofsauron" cheat. This is a standard WoG reveal map cheat which works in v0.8.0.
2. Set Enemy Turn speed to the slowest one.
3. Press End Turn and see which enemy hero causes the crash, and after which action this happens.

It was confirmed several times that the broken enemy hero actually has any artifact from the Statue of Legion: Legs, Loins, Torso, Arms, or Head. So, your possible actions could include somehow removing this hero from the map either by outright killing the hero, or using a savegame editor.

Another option is to restrict all parts of Legion combo artifact in the Map Editor and start the game without them.

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This thing doesn't even work when it's installed. Waste of my time.

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Orzie Creator

Describe your problem.

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Then you did something wrong... Did you follow the "Description" on the download page properly?

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Im playing as a Blue Player and Red bot is riding my heroes xD
gyazo. com/766015f8502ce236dae2b077e6befb0f
As u can see there, bot attacked a stack with my Hero yet its me who have to fight :D

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Orzie Creator

Such things can happen in the vanilla game if you load a previously created hot-seat game with improperly assigned players.

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The mod's gameplay is terrible. Some unit stats are taken straight out from h2 i believe which is a really bad choice because they are simply too low. There's no point in building higher level creatures. Not sure if you are familiar with damage counting in h2 and h3. In h2 attack of attacker and defence of defender difference was usually lower so each point gave way more. In h3 the same units just deal laughable amounts of damage. For example take liches. They are 6 lvl units now so they should be as strong as cyclops, right? Nope, they are not even as strong as liches from the base game (and they were 5 lvl!). Seriously, just look at stats. The stat difference make them so useless that there's just no point in buying them. I want also to admit that they are fewer of them because they are 6 lvl now which is the second reason of higher lvl creatures being so useless. In h2 you can increase amount of troops by 2 flat. All troops. This obviously is in favor of high lvl creatures bcs you get 2 more centaurs for example as same as dragons. In h3 you get % increase. With castle you get 100% more troops. So you can get up to 4 liches each week. And they are like just 3 times better maybe than 2 lvl archers. And you get so few of them. Not worth the effort. Another issue I have with the mod is that everything is so slow. Every hero, every troop. Even dragons can get up to 12 speed i believe which is laughable taking faster h3 base units into consideration. Yes, this also means there are no fast lower tier units. Maybe gnomes are exception, but seriously, every unit is made slowest possible. Do you remember dragon flies, wolf raiders, griffins, cerbers or any fast lower tier units? forget it. Heroes are also terribly slow. To do anything in decent speed you have to rotate your army between many heroes which makes you unable to succesfully main one hero which provides lack of satisfaction. I played the same map on h3sw and h3hota, viking we shall go. In hota i did in two weeks that i couldnt do in a month of succesion wars. The last issue i realised is lack of "crazy" strats on certain factions. Do you remember behemoth rush? or wyverns on 1st day? Forget it. Here you have to build up your city so much to get any higher tier unit that it's just not worth the effort, as i said previously. Higher level creatures are made useless due to low stats and high building requirements. It makes the mod barely playable for me. It doesn't bring me any joy to play this. I tried. Maybe i will give it another try when they fix these issues. For now better try base heroes 2, its way better, i guarantee.

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Please realize that this is a "beta" which means it's still not even 1.00 (where everything has been set, including the units, battle system and game speed as well). So please don't try to show this in a bad light, thank you!

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1st i wanna thank u guys for your big job. U done really great work, but i agree with jarithompson opinion. This mod really have problems with unit dmg. 5 6 7 units are weak. I see that u take stats from heroes 2, but better it was to take heroes 3 stats to heroes 2 units. Anyway i like this mod, and if u guys make fix here this will be fantastic:) Sry for my english btw:)

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