A submod for Gekokujo - Daimyo Edition, made by Aruda. This submod adds in new troops/changes to each faction, akin to Shogun 2 Total War (but not the same). Alongside new animations, tweaks, et cetera.

I uploaded this mod to finish what features I've personally wanted from Gekokujo, and as something to play with while waiting for the Sengoku Era mod to release.

Why did I upload this as a separate mod? Because I can't add it to the daimyo edition page, and I'm not going to add it to the original Gekokujo page since it's cluttered enough.

Submod Features General Changes

- All features present in Gekokujo and Gekokujo - Daimyo Edition.

- Added new unique troops or changes to each factions (e.g Shimazu Nodachi Shock Guards, Chosokabe Daikyu Archers, Oda Specialized Gunners, Date Mounted Gunners, etc) Click for more details

- Changed fort troops so they are more useful, each with their unique purposes in combat. Click for more details

- Added in 100+ more items (mostly aesthetic things, not full unique armor etc)

- In spirit of my old submod, I have changed all low tier units to give them a more 'peasant' and 'cheap' look

- Stat changes for lord, some lords move faster in the campaign map and can raid a village quicker, some have very high tactics skill.

- New animation for deaths, idles, movement, and some combat weapons.

- Tweaked particle system and gun sounds, guns go BOOM and smoky

- Visible bullets and arrows (mini tracer, but not exaggerated)

- Some adjustments to items (faster but more inaccurate guns, faster arrow drop, couched yari, etc)

- Added a small hotkey program (external) that helps you to quickly move troops in the party management screen as a quality of life feature. No more clicking + moving back and forth, simply point and press the hotkey.

- Tweaks like slightly bigger battle map, enterprise slightly more profitable, faster relation gain through quests, etc.

- New female faces, new hairs, new campaign map texture and icons, new battlemap terrain borders.

- Fixed some bugs with the meshes, removed 250mb files of unused daimyo edition textures.

- And a lot of other minor things.

KNOWN BUGS (I can't fix these bugs)

1- For some reason players icon gets bugged when player selects banner from the last 2 pages (last one is the one with the ship symbol) - STILL NOT FIXED HOWEVER THERES AN ADDITIONAL BANNER PAGE - THE LAST ONE- USE THAT TO CHOOSE BANNERS NOT THE ONE BEFORE THE LAST PAGE!!! (from Daimyo edition page)

2- Enabling random encounter makes sashimonos disappear.

3- Disappearing/Red error texts in sieges, you can ignore them

4- Text that says something like "player -1 int" every time you start a battle, you can ignore them, doesn't actually affect stats

HOWEVER, please do tell if there are strange mismatched equipment in troops, missing meshes, and weird textures, those are the only one that I can fix.


1. How to recruit nanban troops?
A. Rescue them from wako pirates
2. How to customize units?
A. Follow the morghs tutorial in Gekokujo Daimyo Edition
3. My troop culture is not changing!
A. Change it by going to the camp menu -> take action -> change culture, not through minister.
4. Where can I buy nanban stuff?
A. Otomo clan, they can spawn in shops but is pretty rare.


Special thanks for the contributors to this sub mod, and all of the people who also helped the contributors (you can see the respective credits of each mod in their own page that I have provided with a link).

- Phlpp for Gekokujo
- Aruda for Gekokujo Daimyo Edition
- Sugoroku Team for Sugoroku submod
- Life_50 Team for many assets from Life_50 mod
- 16th Century Team for some assets from 16th_century mod
- Mark7 for the movement and idle animations (Human Motion Set)
- Jacobhinds for some of the attack, idles and movement animations
- Darthmongol for the polearm slash and death animations
- Hoboistice for crouch anims et cetera (mbg_pastebin_anims)
- SiCH studio for Mount&Blade With Fire and Sword (boots asset)
- CulturedGuy's Female Character Overhaul
- Roal-yr for enhanced vegetations
- Kmin for horse meshes fix
- Dmitry194 for axe model, also check out his mod!
- Antonis (the senate) for helping me find the sources of the animations and being very helpful.
- Taleworlds for Mount&Blade Warband
- My cat & cigarette

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RSS Articles

Unit Rosters of Each Clan


Here, you can see all the roster of each clans.

Mastery of Polearms

20220312214215 1

Imagawa, Master of Naginata. Miyoshi, Master of Katakama Yari. Satomi, Master of Pikes.

The Imagawa Clan uses the Naginata to quickly charge at the enemy.
The Miyoshi Clan has the fearsome Katakama Yari to take out heavily armored enemies with their axelike spear.
The Satomi Clan has strong pike wielding samurai to hold the line.

On the other hand, the Saito Clan has a heavily organized Yari Ashigaru. With the most experienced Ashigaru wielding a shorter spear upfront, and the lesser one with long pikes on the back.

Mastery of Close Quarter Combat

20220312213137 1

Mori, Master of Katana. Shimazu, Master of Nodachi. Uesugi, Master of Nagamaki.

The Mori Clan had great success on sea thanks to its samurai class being good at close quarter combat with the katana.
The Shimazu Clan employs the Nodachi to the battlefield to quickly charge the enemy.
The Uesugi Clan has strong Nagamaki users to take out enemy cavalry with their very long swords.

20220312215324 1

Tokugawa, Master of Tetsubo.

The Tokugawa Clan had their samurai equipped with a blunt weapon called the Tetsubo, their highest rank samurai are very slow, but tough to kill.

20220312215854 1

Amako Ashigaru Marines.

On the other hand, the Amako Clan has Ashigaru Marines with their swords to match the fearsome Mori Clan in close quarter combat at sea.

The Ashikaga Clan had a similar approach, their ashigaru can rose the rank into a sword wielding honorary ji-samurai who guards the close streets of Kyoto.

Mastery of Bows

20220312215018 1

Chosokabe, Master of Daikyu. Asakura, Master of War Yumi.

The Chosokabe Clan uses the very slow Daikyu bows to snipe and dispatch armored enemies more reliably.
The Asakura Clan had great success on whittling down enemies with their strong bows.

20220312214540 1

Satake and Akamatsu Yumi Ashigaru.

On the other hand, the Satake and Akamatsu clan employs a dedicated unit of Yumi Ashigaru. Capable of filling in the need for a cheap high rate of fire missile unit with enough stopping power.

20220312210953 1

Nanbu and Urakami Mounted Archers.

The Nanbu and Urakami clan employs a regularized division of mounted samurai archers. Their hatamoto cavalries are also equipped with a yumi, so they are a jack of all trade units.

Mastery of Gun

20220312211341 1

Oda and Mogami Teppo Ashigaru.

The Oda and Mogami clan equip their Ashigaru with guns, and use them to the greatest extent. Capable of shooting enemies that the bow can't reach, albeit very inaccurate.

20220312213653 1

Date and Ito Mounted Gunners.

On the other hand, the Date and Ito clan employs a more regularized division of mounted samurai gunners. Their hatamoto cavalries are also equipped with a gun, and is a jack of all trade unit.

20220312211825 1

Ryuzoji Plug Bayonets.

The Ryuzoji clan's ashigaru employs a strange technique of drilling their blade into the barrel of their guns to make their teppo into a short yari. Perhaps they are influenced by China due to their close proximity?

Mastery of Horse


Takeda, Master of Armored Cavalry. Hojo, Master of Charge.

The Takeda Clan had great success on horseback due to their very strong mount, and the skills of their top rank mounted samurai.
The Hojo Clan exclusively uses the yari on their horseback to quickly charge at the enemy.

20220312213821 1

Otomo, Master of Mounted Gun.

The Otomo Clan's top dogs have very good combat skills, but also brings a carbine into the battle on horseback with excellent nanban styled armor.

The Warrior Monks of Ikko-Ikki

20220312215615 1

The Ikko-Ikki monks are the most versatile units, capable of wielding the gun, the yumi, the yari, the konsaibo, and most notable of all, the naginata.

Progress #1 : Map and Decorations

Progress #1 : Map and Decorations

News 2 comments

This article will show the map of the game and explain some of the new item decorations for player and troops to use.

Unit Rosters of Neutral Forts and others

Unit Rosters of Neutral Forts and others


Here, you can see the unit roster of each neutral forts.

Add file RSS Files
Gekokuko DER Patch 1 2

Gekokuko DER Patch 1 2

Patch 11 comments

New helmets and some minor changes, savegame compatible (will replace your edited troops)

Ambient Music Replacement (Experimental & Optional)

Ambient Music Replacement (Experimental & Optional)


This file will replace your music with ambient sounds & some music track that is combined with the ambient sounds.

Gekokuko - DER Patch 1 1

Gekokuko - DER Patch 1 1

Patch 3 comments

Small patch that contains new troops and fixes for Yeosong's helmet, laggy map, etc.

Gekokujo - Daimyo Edition Reimagined 1.0

Gekokujo - Daimyo Edition Reimagined 1.0

Full Version 16 comments

Full version of Daimyo Edition 3.1 + Reimagined Submod

Comments  (0 - 10 of 90)

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I'm fairly sure that the sakabato in the game should be one handed but isn't. This is an oversight/odd choice from daimyo edition, I think, but it's something I noticed.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

There's a persistent bug in Gekokujo line of mods where you sometimes become your companion (usually erasing your inventory and stats, other times merely overwriting your name and appearance). Anyone know any way to mitigate it?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

are the kunai supposed to be throwable? because when i found them on the see all weapons tab they had two versions

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

I realize development has stopped, but I've put ~400 hours into this submod alone and have zero issues. It's incredible!

That said, does anyone know how to disable enemies routing? Once I have a decent army with my ranged troops leveled, the enemy routes way too soon for my tastes. Yes I have googled but I can't find something that works for G:DE and/or RI. Thanks!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

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Hello Cokjancok, I am trying to transfer some items from this mod to another but I am having trouble finding the appropriate texture files. Do you know which textures and which specific brf file is associated with three barrel teppo(not the chinese one)? I transferred the newitems1.brf and the textures associated with that, but while looking through openbrf I cannot locate the listing for the three barrel teppo, just the chinese one. I can see the item in stores and equip it but it is invisible. The chinese teppo shows up just fine as does the three barrel nanban pistol.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

But which is more historically accurate? This, or the original Gekokujo?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Cokjancok Creator

I won't be updating this submod anymore because having no source code is a pain!

However, I am working on my personal Gekokujo mod where I pit 3 era of Japan to fight each other at the same time. Kinda like those "isekai" anime things. Samurai from Gempei War, Sengoku Period, and Boshin War.

I am also helping out Gekokujo Sengoku Era mod which is very promising.

Reply Good karma+9 votes

Best of luck.

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