Galaxy At War - Clone Wars is a total conversion mod for the Star Wars: Empire at War: Forces of Corruption 2006 real-time strategy that brings us the Clone Wars galactic conflict

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As it becomes a tradition to our mod, the regular overview of the past year :)

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Hi guys, it's the last day of 2018, so let's take a look back on how the mod developed during this year :)

(Here you can find the review of 2015, 2016 and 2017 :) )

Overall it wasn't a bad year for the mod, we got a new team member, responsible for map making and we showed some of his cool designs of the new maps. We made some important decisions such as changing the clone models and all the coding patterns, but this is for the best.

As usual the article will be in chronological order, but some of the content we showed in the last year will be skipped as it's no longer valid, e.g. old clone models.

In January, we had a good start to the year:

  • We showed the 442nd Siege battalion, now OBSOLETE, but the new ones are coming :)

  • We changed the model for the AV-7 with a better one:

The new model

In February we showed:

  • The new 187th Custom LAAT and pilots

A sneak peek to our current work

  • The Republic's space units got huge update, with most of them ready. You can check all units in this article

Article is comming

In March we:

  • Finished the coding for space and we did some extensive tests. We can say that space is pretty much playable :)

Space testing

  • We got some help from Delta730 for the massiff model and we finished the Coruscant Guard (now OBSOLETE) and the massiff model will remain after the rework. We will probably change the backpack for the search trooper, because of a lot negative feedback.

Article on it's way :)

April came with:

  • Finally finishing the V-Wing Phase III pilot

V-Wing Phase 3 Pilot

In the following months we did a lot of background work like coding, concept work, research and etc all kind of critical things for a mod to become a good one. And of course the unannounced work on the new Clone trooper model and animations. Because of that there is a huge lack of any visual updates.

In July we received the wonderful news that we finally will see the end of the Clone Wars. This show is so important to this mod and to me personally as SW fan, that I can't be silent about it

#Clone Wars Saved

  • Also HaloSentinel joined us as a mapper and we showed his first concepts for the Corsucant and Kamino maps

Coruscant new design

Announcement and finally something new :)

  • And on the last day of the month I finished one of the last missing vehicles for the Republic - the AT-OT

AT-OT ingame

In August we finally announced the new clones:

A major turn in the mod development

  • Officially showing some of the first types

New Clones Phase 1

The work on them continued into September

  • With a lot of new details and completely new animations for a lot of them

More Clones Phase1

  • And with the spontaneous idea I got to include the half B2s in the mod

Aim carefully

In October we:

  • opened with another map concept - Kashyyyk

Kashyyyk land map design

  • And I again added more clone types, regardless of the fact that i keep saying i won't do it anymore :D

I really can't stop doing it :D

  • We also introduced the new EWEB model and the generator I made for it

EWEB Concept

In November:

  • finally the work on the Phase 1 troopers was done. You can check it in this article

Important article is comming

  • And after the change in the infantry, we also had to change the vehicles with exposed troopers like the BARC Speeders. We also added the CK-6 swoop bike as cold BARC speeder

BARC speeders

  • The month continued with our first custom unit with the new models, the 5th Fleet Security

Guess the clone unit

Next unit has arrived

December opened with:

  • Completely reworked B1 Battledroids as we want to give the CIS the same attention the GAR got so far in our mod

Article is comming

  • Finally the Droideka and the BX Commando Droids were introduced in the mod with amazing models and animations that you can see in the video for the first and on the pictures for the second droid:

BX Commando Droid Vote

BX Commando Sniper and Vote results

  • We still have to finish the work on the BX captain's animations and I'll post an article about all special infantry droids for CIS :)

  • We participated in the MOTY 2018 and thanks to all of you, we made it to the top 100. Thank you!

We made it to the top 100!

The 104th battalion is comming

  • And the last thing for the year was the announcement of the Jedi Academy animations we are going to add in the mod and our little contest related to that. The winner Bucman55 hasn't chosen his reward yet and that's why we haven't announced it yet.

Well done

That's it, guys, the most important moments of the entirety of 2018 :)

I hope you enjoyed our work and will continue supporting us. I want to thank all 1,534 members that are following the mod, we really appreciate it.

Since it is already 2019 in some parts of the world, HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone, enjoy it :)

GaW team

HaloSentinel Creator

Happy New Year everyone, it was a fun year and i got to meet great people, so thanks for including me in this community!

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Nice review suerteto! Can’t wait to see what 2019 brings to this mod. Hope you have a happy new year!

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suerteto Author

Thank you :)

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Happy new year and many thanks for this review!

Always loved the details you put in your work, keep going !

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suerteto Author

Thanks :)

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Impressive! Most impressive...
The dark lord wishes you happy new year!

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