Galaxy At War - Clone Wars is a total conversion mod for the Star Wars: Empire at War: Forces of Corruption 2006 real-time strategy that brings us the Clone Wars galactic conflict

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Alright, the end of the year is comming, let's celebrate it with the next clone unit the 104th Battalion

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Hi, guys, we were quiet during the last week, but the work hasen't been stoped. I'm close to a great breakthrough about the jedi, but we will announce it when we have something ready :)

In that time, I'm happy to present you the next clone unit - the 104th Clone Battalion. In the mod it will be represented by 2 units - a full company (107 CT, 8 RL, 8 Z6, 4 Medics, 12 CT Sergeants, 4 CT Lieutenant and 1 CT Commander, in total - 144 units) with three additional detachments - 2 sniper teams (2 snipers and 2 sniper spoters. in total - 4 units), 1 Jetpack squad (8 Jetpack CT and 1 Jetpack Sergeant CT, in total - 9 units)) and 1 Reconnaisence squad (4 ARF CT,1 ARF Sergeant CT and 4 AT-RT, in total - 9 units). That means a total of 166 individual inits to command, led by commander Wolffe. The second unit will be the Wolfpack, a platoon of clone Jet troopers with 3 custom clones.

The Company

All troopers:

- On most planets:User Posted Image

- Dark planets:
User Posted Image

- Cold planets:User Posted Image

Regular troopers:

  • From left to right: DC15s trooper, DC15A trooper, DC15s with backpack, Medic, Z6, Rocket Launcher, Sergeant and Lieutenant

User Posted ImageUser Posted ImageUser Posted Image

The commanding officer:

  • Commander Wolffe

User Posted Image

User Posted Image

Sniper detachment:User Posted ImageUser Posted ImageUser Posted Image

Jetpack detachment:User Posted ImageUser Posted Image

Reconnaisence detachment:User Posted ImageUser Posted Image

The Wolfpack

A full platoon, let by lieutenant:

User Posted ImageUser Posted Image

They have three custom clones as minor heroes- Boost, Comet and sergeant Sinker:User Posted ImageUser Posted Image

Other unique feature for the Wolfpack will be their custom transport:

User Posted Image

And last, but not least, only 3 days remain until the end of MOTY 2018, we are already in the top 100 thanks to you, but please support us again

We made it to the top 100!

Vote here for us or from the link on the main mod page. Your voice is really important to us!

Ok, that is for the 104th Battalion, we are expecting your comments and feedback as usual :)

HaloSentinel Creator

bloody fantastic

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that's a bit of an understatement. XD

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I have two questions, will each Battalion/Legion etc. have different stats? or is the makeup (varying units) be what diversifies them?

And I was wondering what each Battalion/Legion etc. would be best suited/outfit for a task or more simply do any what are each best at doing?

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suerteto Author

Zig92, thank you for your questions!
1) Yes, they will have some small differences in performance, that actually will be because of the custom units in each B/L, because their stats will be higher that the reg ones. E.g. overal the Torrent company will be better that a regular clone company, because it will have a lot of custom clones. But overal in reality the difference will be more cosmetic that game affecting.

2) That's why we have planned the different B/L with different detachements. E.g. 104th has Reconnaisence squad and Jetpack squad and it's good for offencive actions and fast attack on light targets. The 442nd Siege Battalion will earn their name with the complement of AV-7 Heavy cannons and mortar teams

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