I based this mod completely off of HPM (V0.4.5/V0.4.6), so most credit goes to its creators, mainly Arkhometa. I also used concepts from GFM and took a few inventions of HMPS, so my thanks also go out to their creators (especially SirRunner and AbrahamLincoln of GFM, also for answering questions on the modding server).

I made this mod to change the game from HPM, specifically to open up more nations to play at the start and weaken the great powers a bit. I changed most aspects of the game, and playing a game should result in a fairly different world at the end of the game from HPM.

I made a lot of additions and changes for the nations I made newly playable from the start, but I didn't neglect the other nations. The highlight is probably the changes to Ireland and the Celtic formable nation :) This mod also includes quite some changes and fixes ‘under the hood’, such as everything regarding pops, some AI behavior (in general and to events) and quite some more!

Also, I barely made the alt history lore, so feel free to think about it during your own games. There is some history in events, if you have any ideas for it you can suggest it and I can probably use it.

Please contact me if you find any bugs, but also for ideas of course, here or on discord (martijnlv40#4980). I hope you enjoy playing!

Lastly, I have listed the credits to music tracks I used in the changelogs!

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Changelog for each version


Two general things:

1) All music tracks I have included so far:

Mirage by Hayden Folker | Soundcloud.com
Music promoted by Chosic.com
Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License

All The Tea In China by Shane Ivers - Silvermansound.com
Music promoted by Chosic.com
Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License

Somewhere Nice by John Bartmann
Music promoted by Chosic.com

Dhaka by MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License
Music promoted by Chosic.com

Desert Caravan by Aaron Kenny
Music promoted on Chosic.com

Desert City by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License
Music promoted by Chosic.com

Zen Garden by Steve Oxen
Music found on Fesliyanstudios.com / Fesliyanstudios.com

The Butterfly. Kid on the Mountain by Sláinte | Freemusicarchive.org
Music promoted by Chosic.com
Creative Commons CC BY-SA 3.0

Might & Magic by Alexander Nakarada (www.serpentsoundstudios.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons BY Attribution 4.0 License

Grundar by Alexander Nakarada (www.serpentsoundstudios.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons BY Attribution 4.0 License

2) random_list and random are bugged; I changed them, so although chances may now seem weird in the tooltip, it actually better reflects meant chances:
The higher the option is in the list, the higher the actual chance is -so use this to help determine the actual chances in-game. This will make it a lot harder to determine the chances unfortunately, but keep in mind most chances are meant to be the same among all, whatever it may seem.

Changelog for 0.5.1:

- Some buffs on coring provinces:
Added slightly quicker coring of provinces when the militancy is below 1
Removed the slower coring of provinces when the militancy was above 2
Added slightly quicker coring of provinces when crime fighting is above 90%
- Added a modifier that slightly reduces the Great Fire in Hamburg mean time to happen when the crime fighting is below 30%
- Gave the option to The Netherlands to annex Limburg after 1890, even if the North German Federation (or Germany) has not been formed (yet)
- The Egyptian mercenary leader event can now also pop-up for AI if no player is a great power

- Replaced not having any unemployement as a condition for the population growth new national focus to needing less than 4 militancy, as the unemployement did not work properly
- Changed all crime fighting modifiers that required more than 99% crime fighting (which is impossible), to more than 98% (for pops and events)
- Fixed a socialism rising event condition to 10% socialism -this fired when you had at least 5% communist, but only on 20% socialist provinces; so sometimes it has no effect at all
- Fixed the draining Frisian marches (Dutch) event not correctly adding the flag
- Some localisation additions and fixes

Changelog for 0.5.0:

Main stuff:
- Some extra stuff for New England
Added an event for a great power New England that gives them the possibility of coring the Maritimes; has a special assimilation bonus to core the Canadians in the Maritimes (comes out to normal non-new world assimilation)
Added an option for New England after coring New York that ensures they do not need to attack the USA right away (but are likely to do so still)
Removed accepted culture of Yankee from the event; added a special assimilation bonus for New England for Yankees in New York (comes out to normal non-new world assimilation)
- Map changes
Added Bouvet Island, a currently still unhabited, Norwegian island; historically 'annexed' in 1928; added an event to colonise the island as well
Passing the Pyrenees through the middle has been made impassable, also slightly changed one Spanish province's borders to account for that
Visual terrain changes in the Cree Confederacy territory
Changes to Formosa/Taiwan, the eastern province was actually not administered by the Qing until ~1875 (https://www.reddit.com/r/victoria3/comments/umn14k/eastern_taiwan_should_have_a_decentralized_nation/)
The eastern province is now uncolonized, with a life rating of 15
Changed the borders of the three provinces
Added a Formosan culture, replaces the already present Asian Minor pops. I took a few example names from all 16 different tribes; some pop changes as well
Added a event for the Qing to colonize the eastern province (likely to happen the nearer you get to 1885, after that it's free to be colonized ny foreign powers), will happen in about two-thirds of the games
- Changes to the Irish famine
Added a negative modifier for RGO output for the modifier all Irish cores start with
Slightly lowered mean time to happen for the event that kicks off the disaster
Added a slight plurality subtraction for choosing the lightest option to combat the famine
Added a second option to the agitations and emigration events that halves the duration, but costs some money
Added a small cost to the distributing food event
- Rhineland rebalance
Removed cannery factory at start
Switched steel mill and machine parts factories at start to the Rhineland-Palatinate
Changed industrial pops to accomodate the above changes, reduced total amount of industrial pops
'Emigrated' a ~10k South German pops from Kaiserlautern to northern Bavarian provinces
Slightly decreased literacy rates in Kaiserlautern compared to the rest of the Rheinland (to symbolise the fairly recent change in ownership)
Changed Northern Rheinland state 'capital' from Cologne to Aachen
- Some Cree Confederacy changes
Added some more leader names to the Cree culture
Added an event for the Cree Confederacy to colonise a province to the north-west of the nation, if they are at least 45% civilized (province has different terrain as well)
Very slightly increased the chance for the Cree Confederacy in 1838 to create their writing system
Writing system event mean time to happen reduced by every 0.4% intellectuals instead of every 0.8% (total reduction not changed, but is a slight buff)
- National focus changes, including an entirely new (perhaps OP, perhaps too weak) national focus
It increases pop growth by 0.1% monthtly - very unfortunately, it is not possible to use a lower value here...
Big debuffs: -15% throughput for factories and RGOs, and -0.1 prestige and -0.03 research points per province in the state
You unlock it by researching a new invention under the Experimental Psychology technology. This triggers an event which enables the focus (by giving a country flag)
Please let me know how balanced this is, and what you would suggest to change about it! I would really like to keep a version of this in the game, so don't just suggest to remove it
Changed the emigration push national focus from 15% to 20%
Removed the encourage labourers national focus, as it does not work. Use encourage farmers instead! This unfortunately does not show your labourers percentage in the state, and it of course shows the promotion to farmers when checking pop promotion
- New music tracks that can play for the Celtic cultures
- The Butterfly. Kid on the Mountain by Sláinte | Freemusicarchive.org
Music promoted by Chosic.com
Creative Commons CC BY-SA 3.0
- Might & Magic by Alexander Nakarada (www.serpentsoundstudios.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons BY Attribution 4.0 License
- Grundar by Alexander Nakarada (www.serpentsoundstudios.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons BY Attribution 4.0 License

Other changes:
- Added a liquidity event, if a country's treasury has over 7.5 million in cash during peacetime; this distributes one million cash over a lot of pops. Taken from HPM Plus: Moddb.com
- Slightly changed population (for culture proportion) in Valencijn
- Slightly changed population for multiple provinces in eastern Czechia
- Severely reduced the starting amount of bureaucrats in Belgian Artois
- Reduced reactionary loyalty in Sligo, Ireland from 10 to 5
- Removed the research post's immigrant attraction modifier (it didn't matter anyway, it's controlled in the general migration bonuses (max of 400 pops))
- The Netherlands now is an absolute monarchy at the start again. Tweaked the Dutch constitional reform event:
Force changes the country to a constitutional monarchy
Its threshold for firing is a 30% liberal population instead of 33%
AI more likely to choose the reform when the country changed to semi-constitutional in the meantime
AI more likely to refuse the reform when the average militancy is below 2
When refusing the reform: scaled consciousness for conservatives from 2 to 3 and scaled militancy for reactionaries from 0 to -1
- Increased the amount of techs countries that civilize from min:0.1/max:0.15 to min:0.12/max:0.18
- Factories can now hold 3k money instead of 2.5k
- Two new leader traits: Ordered (personality; +5% organisation and +1% reliability) and Mercenary (background; +2 attack and +10% reconnaissance)
- Tweaks to the excavations in Egypt
Added a new event to get a mercenary leader as a general
Slight tweak of AI chances giving rights to excavate in Egypt
Slightly decreased chance of AI pulling out when their team gets into trouble (event)
Changed money cost from saving excavation team from 200 to 2 days of 100% tax
- Some AI changes:
Slightly increased the amount of money AI will spend on army and navy
Very slightly decreased AI spending on naval bases, very slightly increased AI spending on railroads
Very slightly decreased the percentage of capitalists the AI prefers to have
Very slightly changed preferred AI army composition
- I've changed some province names in Ukraine -which have now changed in our common knowledge- to their Ukrainian names
- Increased flashpoint decay bonus for the lowest rank Great Power from 0.03 to 0.04
- Included 10 fixed flags, thanks Savs!
- Some small things I didn't list, other visual terrain changes across the map, extra localisation, added pictures to more events and decisions

- Found and fixed some more 'more than 100%' conditions that needed fixing
- Figured out that population_growth modifier does not go to the 0.01%s, so 'fixed' the following modifiers:
Moderate Irish famine debuff: local_artisan_throughput and local_factory_throughput from -35% to -40%
Treaty port buff: population_growth from 0.05% (didn't work at all) to 0.1%
- Slightly decreased amount of luxury goods filled needed for pops to promote to aristocrats, total bonus remains the same
- Fixed the NGF giving up their cores on Alsace–Lorraine if they do not border France
- Minor bug and localisation fixes

Changelog for 0.4.2:

- Changed a lot of numbers on the Irish famine
Changed how it operates with migration
Changed some modifiers to balance
Some tweaks to conditions and chances
Slight changes to the end of the Irish famine event
- Some general migration changes
Reduced the emigration bonus (so that pops do not migrate) when at low militancy levels
Added low emigration bonus (so that pops do not migrate) when pops are 'wealthy' (can buy a lot of their needed goods)
Added low (lower than the one above) internal migration bonus (so that pops do not migrate) when pops are 'wealthy' (can buy a lot of their needed goods)
Reduced the internal migration bonus (so that pops do not migrate) from having a factory in the state (can even be closed) from 0.3% to 0.25%
A couple of other small changes to migration
- Some promotion changes
Added small modifiers for promotion to clergymen and bureaucrats for uncivs based on their passed suitable reforms
Changed the interval for modifiers, such as the clergymen/bureaucrats/soldiers promotion that saw an increase every 10% spending, now changed to 5% intervals where possible
Also changed the interval on the modifiers based on % of certain pops present (for example clergymen used to give 1% artisan bonus every 0,8%; now it's 0,5% every 0,4%)
Also some other small changes to the promotion
- Other pops changes
Made conversion rate a bit more dependent on life needs, added everyday needs and slightly less on luxury needs
Slightly reduced general aristocrat support for voting reforms
Slightly increased general serf support for universal voting
Slightly changed officers rebel units (bit less cavalry)
Slightly increased officer government cost
Slightly decreased general support of bureaucrats for anarcho-liberalism
Increased interval for the support of bureaucrats for the ruling ideology from 50% administrative spending to 30%/50%/70%
Increased interval for all pops and ideologies based on plurality
- Very slightly decreased officer pops in Denmark, Montenegro and the Ottoman Empire
- Tweaked the pops on the Isle of Man
- Very slightly decreased ai building naval bases chance
- Changed the rgo in Sligo (Ireland) from timber to wool
- Increased the AI aggressiveness from '6.0' to '6.2'
- Decreased New England's starting prestige from 4 to 3
- Lowered needed British influence on the Netherlands to mediate Belgian independence from 60 to 49
- Fixed a free country cb bug (for crises)
- Fixed modifiers across all pops for ideologies and issues that used 'more than 100% needed' to 'more than 99% needed' so it can be actually achieved
- Fixed a migration problem for the Irish famine
- Fixed the population growth in the rebuilding province modifier for Ireland
- Fixed something weird on capitalist promotion from artisans and bureaucrats
- Some other small stuff I fixed along the way

Changelog for 0.4.1:

Changes and additions:
- Overhauled the coring events
Now work on a province scope instead of a state scope
Changed the mean time to happen, with some new modifiers to accomodate
Changed infamy and prestige gains for coring
Changed ai chances slightly
Nothing has changed regarding the conditions, so except for the scope, nothing has fundamentally changed
- Added a special coring event for the uncivilized Tukulor Empire, works per province, no intermediate modifier and does not need an adjacent core province
- Added a small colonise decision for the Tukulor Empire for Odienne at 35% civilisation progress; bit cleaner borders as well as just some flavour
- The Annals of the Fulani Jihad decision for Sokoto can now also be taken if Sokoto forms the Tukulor Empire, also very slightly increased research points you get
- Very slightly increased research points you get for the become Hausaland decision as Sokoto
- Some small changes to the flashpoint events prestige effects, and general flashpoint tension increase event will no longer pop up for uncivs (since they will not get a crisis anyway) + cleanup
- Very slightly increased promotion to bureacrats when having the bureaucracy nationalvalue
- Some changes and fixes to the political scandals events
- Music fixes
- Assimilation fixes in some new events
- Added some missing modifier for pops in regards to the bureacracy nationalvalue + some other pop fixes
- Fixed localisation for choosing productivity nationalvalue and added some explaination for both the productivity and bureaucracy nationalvalues
- Some other cleanup of code

Changelog for 0.4:

Main stuff:

- Some additions and changes for Japan:
Added Ryukyuan culture, added it to associated files and gave a tiny bit of flavour
Changed pop culture composition on Okinawa and Amami provinces specifically
Tweaked starting literacy for some Japanese states
Changed Ryukyu starting upper house composition
Reverted Japanese pop religions to vanilla values (about 75-80% Mahayana, 20-25% Shinto), with some changes the relative composition (a bit more Mahayana)
Added a conversion buff after using the decision to make Shinto the Japanese state religion
- Some additions and changes for Ukraine
Removed Ukrainian cores on Crimea
Added an event for Ukraine for potentially coring Crimea
Changed conservative party in Ukraine citizen policy from residency to limited_citizenship (relates to Crimea event)
Changed some Ukrainian province borders and reverted one province to Russian, changed pops and starting army accordingly; also some small pop changes to other (border) provinces
Reduced mean time to happen for romanticism event for Ukraine
Fixed two Ukrainian units originating from wrong provinces (now they spawn)
Fixed Ukraine not having an actually Ukrainian general (took the only one Russia had, gave the previous general Ukraine had back to Russia)
- Some additions and changes for the Cree Confederacy
An unique civilizing event, including a special tech school
Changed conditions for developing their writing system (small buff)
Some culture changes and pop additions in its provinces
- Three new tracks and changes in conditions for music
Added a music track for South Asian cultures
Added a music track for Japanese cultures
Added two music tracks for Arab cultures
Changed the Asian music track to be specific to East Asian cultures
Changed the African music tracks to be specific for Sub Saharan cultures
Few condition changes
- Tried to make an anarcho-liberal and bourgeois dictatorship a bit more playable:
Added a decision to bourgeois dictatorship which they can enact for a modifier (stability buffs and reduced factory input, but has drawbacks in governing)
Added an event to bourgeois dictatorship to change the nationalvalue to one more fitting for the government style, which can occur to all bourgeois dictatorships, but occurs more often for unsuitable nationalvalues
Slightly changed ideology and issues if the anarcho-liberal party is in power, the government is the bourgeois dictatorship or the country has the modifier (one each; should be small buffs to stability as well)
Small buff to aristocrat promotion (they still need to fulfill original conditions to promote in the first place)
Tiny buff to capitalist promotion
Slightly decreased emigration rates if the pops are 'wealthy' (if can buy most of their requested goods) when the government is a bourgeois dictatorship
Anarcho-liberals in the upper house now support removing political reforms in the upper house at 10% and 30% when the ruling party is anarcho liberal and the government form is a bourgeois dictatorship respectively
Tweaked enabling anarcho liberalism, also added a small increase in the free trade issue in one state of the country which invents it
Removed the option to disable anarcho liberals at game start
- Changed (fixed to traditional) possible Occitan cores (in decisions) and changed Occitan pop distribution across southern France to more historical regions

Other changes:

- Added an event for Greece if they become a Great Power for the first time
- Added a 5% artisan output buff to the technology shift work
- Gave the party issue planned economy a 5% RGO throughput bonus
- Gave Vizagapatnam to Bastar and removed its Orissa core
- Some small changes in ai choosing techs, including based on some decisions, events and inventions I introduced
- Very small flavour tweaks in pops for a few cultures I made with regards to issues or ideology etc, so that some cultures that previously didn't add much or anything now are different
- Changed some stuff on aristocrat promotion, it should now be a bit more dependent on actual 'wealth' of the pops (if can buy most of their requested goods) and a bit less on literacy (also added multiple thresholds (30%/50%/70% instead of just 50%)
- Changed pop promotion to artisans and clerks based on state bureaucrats used to be a small factor increase from 1%/2%/3%/4%/5% bureaucrats presence; now has smaller increments (0,2%) and goes up to 4% bureaucrats (as that is the highest % you can achieve); did not increase the actual factor when at 4% bureaucrats
- Changed pop promotion to officers based on literacy to not have a large positive change at 50% literacy, but spread out from 30-70% literacy
- Added an extra province to Madagascar, to make sure the map still looks nice if northern and southern Madagascar get split
- Reduced colonial points for level 5 naval bases to 140 from 150, the rest remains unchanged (colonial points at level now: 30 60 90 120 140 160)
- Slightly increased educational reform event happening for uncivs that have passed reforms that fit educational reform
- If you have any Italian state as a vassal when the nationalist rebels win, it doesn't get absorbed into Italy, you just keep it as a puppet
- Wallachia and Moldovia cannot unite by their choice if they are puppeted by a country other than The Ottoman Empire
- Decision for integrating Albania into Yugoslavia has more logical results and adds Albanian as an accepted culture to Yugoslavia
- Germanic culture countries which are not actually located in ~Germany no longer count as valid for the admit hegomony wargoal if it's the only country in ones sphere; it can still be taken by this wargoal if another valid Germanic country in ~Germany is sphered
- Changed some conditions in the Nobel Prize events (prestige amount, literature tech, some small mean time to happen buffs if more regarding the prize is researched), also fixed a small mistake
- Changed the new capital event for Persia (added some militancy/consciousness effects and changes in ai_chance)
- Added two new parties to Brittany which stay till 1880
- Changed Sicily starting upper house composition, starting reforms, party issues and region/state 'capital'
- Changed starting upper house composition for Two Sicilies, Tuscany and Britanny
- Gave a better terrain picture to the Taj Mahal
- Added picture to Great Power Portugal event
- Changed Austrian monarchy flag
- Rebalanced some Belgian pops (especially with regards to industry)
- Changed some pops culture in the Banat region to Romanian (the numbers are still not fully historical, but quite a bit closer)
- Tiny changes in Montenegrin pops
- Some other small changes to things such as modifiers in events and much more stuff like that
- Added a file with instructions for two ways to increase performance


- Fixed assimilation in the New World, specifically problems I caused with trying to change assimilation for New England and the Cree Confederacy the wrong way
- Fixed emigration to New Zealand (also a problem I caused)
- Fixed British capitalist emigration
- Fixed effect of Britanny/Ireland event, now only reducing militancy for Celtic pops
- Slightly changed border provinces between Two Sicilies and Papal States to be more historical
- Some cleaning up of files, to slightly increase performance
- Fixed Spain receiving the money offered by the Portuguese for Olivenca if they accept
- Fixed forming Flanders/Wallonia decisions
- Disabled already present Dutch Artois decisions
- Added Savoyard as an accepted culture to France when they obtain Savoie via Italy's decision
- Fixed Prussia not getting the sound dues modifier
- Fixed a naming mistake for discovering the source of the Nile
- Fixed some errors in Canals Construction
- Removed Saxony core on Gorlitz
- Did some more minor fixes

New music tracks

Dhaka by MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License
Music promoted by Chosic.com

Desert Caravan by Aaron Kenny
Music promoted on Chosic.com

Desert City by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License
Music promoted by Chosic.com

Zen Garden by Steve Oxen
Music found on Fesliyanstudios.com / Fesliyanstudios.com

Changelog for 0.3.2:

- Added a new province in Portugal (Douro region)
- Added an event for when Portugal becomes a Great Power for the first time
- Added an event (and associated modifier) for when Ukraine becomes a Great Power for the first time
- Slightly increased Breton culture in east Bretagne
- Added Russian cores to the three Russian controlled Ukraine provinces and slightly increased Russian culture in two of them
- Changed realist literature invention invent changes
- Changed life rating of Kiev and Christiana to 36 from 40, now Ukraine and Norway will get a decision to develop their capital
- Added pictures to and changed ai_chances of the Olivenca event chain
- Added missing localisation for Olivenca event chain
- Fixed a nationalvalue error in EconomicalEvents
- Fixed a few coding errors in Population_eff
- Fixed a few coding errors for pops
- Fixed a modifier error in the Irish Woes event chain
- Fixed few music tracks

Changelog for 0.3.1:

- Gave the Mughal Empire a starting army
- Made the integration of Corsica by a French decision not possible when Corsica is player-controlled
- Changed ai_chances for LiberalRevolutions events to help the ai choose the option more fitting to their situation and some tweaks to the mean_time_to_happen as well
- Fixed a few coding errors across a few event and decision files
- Fixed St Barths having (wrong) cores
- Fixed the Treaty of London when Belgium wins not removing all Dutch cores

Changelog for 0.3: (not a proper changelog)

Released new countries at the start: Ireland, Britanny, Corsica, Bohemia-Moravia, Rheinland, Westfalen, Ukraine, New England, Guyana, Ceylon:
- These countries all have their pops, techs, inventions, units and anything else tweaked accordingly and I added a lot of flavour in events and decisions which I will not list

More secondary powers: To accommodate having quite a few new potential or starting secondary powers, I increased the possible secondary powers from 8 to 10 (so up to rank 18)

Indian changes: Released a lot of provinces to Indian uncivs and tweaked the UK's spheres and alliances there as well

Changes/additions in provinces and regions:

Added over two dozen new provinces, highlights:
- Splitted the Ceylon coast amongst six colonisers
- Madagaskar now has two settled treaty port provinces
- Although the projection is off, added a few islands near Arctica and Antartica, which will be settled using events (after they have been discovered)
- Readded Jan Mayen and its easter egg (incorporated it in what I mentioned above)
- Some historical changes or additions that play into other changes, namely in Ireland, Zeelandic Flanders and in Artois (also: gave Belgium half of Artois and made changes and additions around that)
- Many more for flavour reasons

Changed some regions/states across the globe

Tweaked a lot of terrain and province borders, based on historical maps (notable: Ireland, Brittany and The Netherlands)

Reworked the Irish Famine completely, this includes events and pops balancement; I still wanted some form of this event in-game for balance and gameplay reasons, but I am aware it's fairly unlikely that without the British rule the famine would have occured at all.

Two new countries:

Added a Celtic country, which unifies the traditional six Celtic nations

Added a primitive country in Canada at the start, the Cree Confederacy; this is not based in history, and I could not find much information on such a potential country, so it's really made free-form

Added new terrain for flavour modifiers:
- Artisinal City
- The Nile
- The Nile Delta
- Himalaya
- Research Outpost
- Istanbul
- Rome
- Jerusalem
- Stonehenge
- The Pyramids
- The Taj Mahal

Added many cultures:
- Welsh
- Cornish
- Manx
- New Zealander
- Sardinian
- Sicilian
- Corsican
- Prussian
- Montenegrin
- Galician
- Frisian
- Savoyard
- Swiss German
- Swiss French
- Swiss Italian
- Romansh
- Luri
- Anglo American (New Englander)
- Implemented Occitan and Scottish cultures

Added a small flavour modifier for every religion; so every country has a small modifier based on its state religion.

Added three religions, implemented two:
- Totemist
- Druidic
- (Anglican; cannot find enough information about its spread)

Added a new issue: neutral stance on the military; implemented it across parties and gave it an associated event

Reduced the add wargoal jingoism requirement to 6,5% from 7,0% (HPM value) as a new issue is introduced

Weighted Universal Voting now has the same weight between middle and upper classes (just as Weighted Wealth Voting does)

Added a new national value: bureaucracy; implemented it across countries and gave it associated events; also made the national value matter in across the game (the same also goes for the productivity national value); by this I mean the value influences a bit more factors such as ideology or promotion.

Added new inventions; the italic inventions are taken from the HPMS mod. The inventions mostly concern pop growth and surrounding flavour for specific nations or cultures (you can probably guess which by the name):
- Contraception
- Factory Employment
- Women in the Workforce
- Popular Prophylactics
- Late Marriage
- Birth Rates Fall
- Improved Saw Grinding
- Portuguese Settlers
- Scandinavian Schools
- Blitzkrieg
- Old Kaffee
- Swiss Direct Democracy
- Luxembourgian Steel
- Streamlining Old Processes
- Artisan Proficiency

Reduced pop growth as the game progresses (max: -0,13%), this is done based on:
- Inventions that unlock at certain techs (partial credit to Townes of the HMPS mod)
- Combination of year and literacy, with one modifier being dependent on your continent. This comes down to having a higher literacy later in the game gives you reduced pop growth

Reduced education efficiency at high literacy rates (max: -30%, at 95% literacy)

Improved Artisan efficiency to better keep up during the game, using inventions, terrain and a modifier in infrastructure (railroads). This is most likely not working (bugged in the game)

Tweaked triggers for crime and implemented not-used HPM crimes (Sicilian Maffia, Instigators, Kleptocrats)

Many new events that don't directly surround the new content

Many new decisions that don't directly surround the new content

Changed when music tracks play, to better mimic the situation in which you currently play:
- Some tracks are played more often when certain conditions are met, such as when you are at war, are fighting rebels, the CSA exists, etc.
- Added three tracks (so far), two to give flavour to Africa, one for Asia.
- With this I am afraid of specifically offending someone, so please let me know if you find the music to be too stereotypical or have any other complaints
- Royalty free, instrumental, general relaxing music in some spirit of the game is pretty hard to find without going into specific countries (which I do not want to do), so it would be much appreciated if you have certain music that fits regions/cultures.
- Credits for the music are at the bottom

Tweaked factory build time and some consumption rates of units, including adding some factories at the start to accommodate

Rebalanced promotion, ideology and issues for all pop types, to give some more effect to how your population is distributed and some differences in general

Rebalanced migration:
- Reduced emigration to the New World by a bit, most emigration should still go to the New World
- Made cultures, sphere and if the countries are neighbours (more) important

A little bit more infamy reduction for uncivs (-0,15 when not at war, -0,05 when at war)

Messed with a lot of other stuff, including life rating changes across the globe, the defines file, starting conditions (pops, army, alliances, etc.) and changing events/decisions already present to accommodate the changes I made

Fixed some mistakes (in my mind) in HPM stuff

random_list and random are bugged, so although chances may now seem weird in the tooltip, it actually better reflects meant chances:
- The higher the option is in the list, the higher the actual chance is -so use this to help determine the actual chances in-game

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FoN 0.5.1

FoN 0.5.1

Full Version

Small update on the previous update, with some slight changes and some fixes!

FoN 0.5.0

FoN 0.5.0

Full Version

Sorry for the wait. This update includes quite a few smaller changes, this update didn't focus on one big thing. It should give slightly better performance...

FoN 0.4.2

FoN 0.4.2

Full Version

I initially wanted to focus on a bigger update again, but found some pretty hefty bugs (who'd imagined they would still be in this mod ;) which needed...

FoN 0.4.1

FoN 0.4.1

Full Version 1 comment

A small patch with some changes in Western Africa, changes to coring and some fixes. Changelog can be found below and in a file in the download!

FoN 0.4

FoN 0.4

Full Version

A new update with some content and fixes. Changelog can be found below and in a file in the download!

FoN 0.3.2

FoN 0.3.2

Full Version

Another quick update with some content, changes and I believe all the errors should be fixed now. Changelog can be found below and in a file in the download...

Guest - - 698,752 comments

estaria bueno una traduccion al español o ya que un youtuber de tradujo el hpm al español

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Blafert Creator
Blafert - - 12 comments

Do I understand correctly that you want a Spanish translation and someone did that already? Where can I find it? I couldn’t find it using Google, but I’d be happy to oblige.

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Guest - - 698,752 comments

Developer is dead?

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Blafert Creator
Blafert - - 12 comments

Funnily enough I'm actually about to upload the next update! :D

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Adolfksp149 - - 21 comments

mucho texto

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Guest - - 698,752 comments

game crash suddently.

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Blafert Creator
Blafert - - 12 comments

Any more info? Which version of the mod (might be fixed already), which year, which country? Any other info you can give me?

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Blafert Creator
Blafert - - 12 comments

I see the first people have downloaded the mod, I hope you guys will enjoy it.
Again, if you find anything faulty (I'm very afraid of crashes :)), please report them and try to give some context so I can fix it!

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igorjogosneo - - 25 comments

ok :]

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