Historical Flavour Mod is a mod based on the well known HPM mod. HFM Offers opportunities for a flavour-rich alt-history while still retaining the historical core of the mod. New nations like the East India Company, Mittelafrika, the German Confederation and the Spanish Vice-royalties are included, and numerous events and decisions have been added/tweaked for many countries. New reforms have also been added, such as Centralization and Colonial Policy. It also compiles and expands upon several disparate submods of HPM (notably the France and East India Company minimods). Download Link in HFM Github

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Download Link in HFM Github

Fixed a major bug regarding the German Confederation, rest of the changes are mostly balance changes.



  • Fixed the Peace of Prague AI Decision crash
  • Fixed issue causing the German Confederation to turn back into Germany
  • Fixed an issue with the wakhan_treaty decision/event
  • Added some sanity checks to make sure the AI ship spawning decisions spawn ships controlled by the AI.
  • Added sanity checks to make sure the Australia migration events only occur once.

Changes to Europe

  • Remade some Romanian Decisions/Events
  • The Hamburg Flavour events can now happen for whoever owns Hamburg itself, added event picture for the Sinking of the Austria event
  • Added alternate flag for Alsace-Lorraine
  • Added an event 'Brussels Peace Conference' - By Belsima on github
  • Added a flag for British Hannover
  • Changed the requirements for the Trans-Siberian Railway to allow the AI to get it more consistently

Other Changes

  • Reduced War Reparations tax hit to 20% (Was 25%)
  • 'Warship Commissions' - Now gives an unciv country the Imported Warship reform when the commissioned ship arrives
  • Increased the default production of Coal & Sulphur

Changes to China

  • 'The Treaty of Tientsin' - Now turns Qing to protestant, will now add a Missionaries modifier, this can be undone by Westernizing or the Boxer Rebellion
  • The Chinese substates now start as Autonomous Dependencies, now will use different flags when they're independent from the Qing
  • Changed Manchuria name and flag when its a vassal of Qing
  • Added a decision 'The Kiangnan Aresenal'
  • Added an event for the ascension of Emperor Puyi

Changes to Japan

  • Commodore Perry's Expedition now also removes isolation from the Japanese Substates
  • Added some buffs to help the Japanese AI

Changes to Middle East

  • Adjusted some Plurality modifiers & research progress for Egypt
  • The Anglo-Persian Oil Company now provides more benefits to Persia, costs more for the UK
  • Fixed some issues with the UDI of Egyptian Indepedence decision

Changes to Balkans

  • Wallachia & Moldavia now start as Autonmous dependencies of the Ottoman Empire, they will now use different flags if they become independent
  • Added event 'The Convention of Balta Liman' if Wallachia loses the Wallachian Revolution
  • Bosnia will now use a different flag if it is an independent monarchy, it'll use the old one if it's an autonomous dependency

Changes to Map

  • Adjusted some city terrain modifiers
  • Changed province picture for Old Tianjin

Changes to Africa

  • Added War name localization for the Boer War
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So this mod is dead...welp time to go back to HPM

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Any plans to update this mod so its based on HPM 0.4.5?

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When you play as carlist spain how can i get my colonies back. All south american countries are in my sphere of influence but i cant create vicerolaties.

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When you play as spain and you win the hispano-american war for cuba puerto rico and the philipines automaticly the united states get a event that gives them cores in your colonies and that is a problem because they can declare war against you for something that is not a real core of the US. For that reason spain needs an event to take cores in their colonies after the war.

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what year you get the event? never had the event as Spain or USA

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Bug found? I had a war with cb "acquire all cores" as Greece against the ottomans, me and the russians added another state to the war. The russians (as war leader) got their state, I got nothing.
Later on, the russians and british went to war against the ottomans to free the balkans in around 1880. The romanians and russians added another state for themselves. No balkan country was freed and the romanians and russians got their extra state.

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nevermind, it all works as intended :)

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