Crysis 1 Mod - adapting Crysis to FarCry 1 with alterations. Not a remake. This is a One level game. No new assets, weapons or gameplay features. PC version.

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nice work!
do you will continous bring in new troops or when and how often happen such airsupport drops ?

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infinite enemies, gives me FC2 flashbacks

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roadiereloaded Author

well one case is the patrols (they all start when the level is loaded) - so you have a heli - it drops troops somewhere, they go on patrol to some place (walking, maybe take a boat too) and the heli goes to that place and waits for them, the troops arrive and board the heli, heli flies back to base and waits and then goes on patrol again. This would loop until one of them dies and the script falls flat on its face :) - (which is the holy grail - how do I deal with grunts dying and then maintaining the routines with the remaining troops... you know how it is - heli flies when all 6 dudes have taken their seats, one is missing - heli never takes off ...)

the other case would be that the player is spotted by the AI and a Heli comes in and drops troops near the sighting place. In that case I have them fight the player and if the player gets away they need to get back in the heli and back to base OR if they all die the Heli needs to go back to base and be reassigned - groupID, patrol routine etc.

And that is a whole other problem - for it to work the level would need a grid and the heli would need to be ordered to the next landing spot near to the sighting of the player. That should be possible? : isPlayerSeen > PlayerPosition > NearbyLandingTagPoint > callHeli - but maybe this is really complicated to put into a flowgraph ...

And now to answer the question - the patrol drops happen maybe 3 times per game hour or even less as long as the player is undetected.
The airsupport drops only happen when the player is seen. (if I can implement that ...)
Maybe there is going to be a major movement with airsupport that happens during the game at some time - regular schedule but I don't know yet - that would be like a calculated thing again - an event that happens everytime, same location and same time basically ...

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notice the matrix 'glitch' on landing - this wakes up the AI so they can continue without the player 'watching'

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